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Kate and William Leave Bucklebury, But Does it Mean Baby?

Friday, July 19, 2013

All reports currently are that William and Kate have left Bucklebury. Although, that set off a bit of an optimistic spasm, there has been no increased security at St. Mary's, so as of right now it appears it was a scheduled departure ad not the start of the excitement so anticipated. It is Friday afternoon, which seems like a logical time to go somewhere. Perhaps they have headed to London to see friends this weekend, or perhaps, as hypothesized, the due date has just recently been passed. (I kind of think of July 17th as mid July, and if the baby comes late that could put us off more than several days.)

Police outside St. Edward's When Kate was Hospitalized for Acute Morning Sickness.
It sure is starting to look like the Duchess of Cornwall may have been overly optimistic. :)  Unless something happens soon, I consider Friday the end of the week.  A Telegraph article claimed that certain nurses at St. Mary's hospital were told the due date was the 19th, which is by the way still mid-July to many minds.  Read the whole report here

Anyway, tension are high and royal reporters are speculating while trying to remain calm. Why would Kate leave Bucklebury at the height of Friday traffic? One correspondent claims he was near KP and heard a helicopter land although he admits it could be anyone on board.

I don't know! Perhaps she feels it starting and decided to go back to KP before heading the hospital, maybe this was planned. One thing is for certain, with every passing day the odds just get higher that TODAY is THE day.

All Quiet at St. Mary's

Again, as of right now, no increased security, which means no Kate.


  1. She very well could be in labor - most women prefer to do most of their laboring at home and only head to the hospital when their contractions are closer together. I guess we will soon find out!  So exciting!! You are right, Jane, about the odds getting better and better as the days go by :-)

  2. Dear Jane,

    I am in London, so have posted a special post on my blog about William and Kate and some up-to-date news from outside Lindo Wing! - post "Prince William and Duchess Catherine's Royal Prince or Princess."




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