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[Update 4] Kate Has Been Admitted to St. Mary's in the Early Stages of Labour

Monday, July 22, 2013

It is absolutely confirmed that Kate is in labour at St. Mary's! In the early dawn hours, around 6am, a the convey from Kensington Palace arrived at St. Mary's. Prince William drove with Kate to the hospital surrounded by their protection officers. The Clarence House announcement makes it sound as if she has gone into labour naturally and not that she is being induced. Further updates will follow...obviously...

[Update]  KP has confirmed that Kate has gone into labour naturally, so she was not induced and that everything is progressing well. They checked in through a side door around 5:30am is the word I am hearing now.

[Update 2] KP Did NOT confirm that the labour came naturally, so she may have decided to induce. Someone rightly speculated a few days ago that they would probably prefer to get Kate into the hospital under cover of darkness to avoid as much press as possible. Kate's pre-dawn admittance seems to suggest just such a plan and could point to this being the royals choice and so an inducement. On the other-hand, it could be natural and they just got lucky. Right now, all speculation. She was completely settled in and had seen her doctor before it was confirmed she was actually there, so they are doing their best to control the situation.

[Update 3] Good morning, United States, Canada, etc, etc... If you were up last night or woke up, you already know, but if you are just tuning in, the DAY HAS ARRIVED. Here in Europe it is already halfway through the day, and thank goodness, too, since it is about a million degrees out. So far no more news, and frankly it is very unlikely that we will hear anything until the birth is officially confirmed. Charles and Camilla are in Yorkshire and after they were asked about the situation they said they know nothing and are waiting to here.

Earlier this morning, right as the news was breaking there were conflicting reports of when exactly the Duke and Duchess arrived at the hospital. First reports said 6am, then some said 5:30am, and even some said 5am. Now, there is speculation amongst the reporters and photographers that the royal protection officers may have done a dummy run earlier before Kate and William followed. Given how high tensions are on this royal birth and given the tight security, that does not seem entirely impossible, particularly since the hospital is saying around 6am is when Kate actually checked in.

Rumors began circulating shortly after, but Kate's admittance was only confirmed after she had settled into the Lindo Wing and had seen her doctor. If all these things are true it seems to point to a natural birth at best or possibly she is being induced, but either way a calm situation. If the police had time to do a test run, that means it was not a "mad dash" as some have reported. Again, respecting Kate's current condition, they have not released whether this is natural or induced.

[Update 4]  Well, I hope the next time I update it will be to tell you that the labor is over and delivery has happened!  What has happened since I last updated. Earlier this afternoon William's aide was seen entering the hospital with Marks and Spencers food supplies. Maybe for William, maybe for staff. I think it should be noted, and actually one of you pointed this out in the comments as well, merci beaucoup, that the two photographers who saw Kate entering the Lindo Wing at a side entrance chose not to photograph her, and I have to say that is a real class move. As you all know, I believe the royals are pretty fair game, but sometimes one should use one's sense of decency. Just like the photographer who snapped her topless should have taken the high road and NOT taken those horrible photos, I applaud the two who gave her privacy at this exceptionally personal time. Bravo, kids, bravo.

It is sizzling here in Paris, and I hear it is even worse in London, so I definitely tip my hat to all the waiting photographers. Apparently it is a level three heat warning in London, and the weather reporter at this moment is saying it will be a pretty muggy night.

Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, returned to Buckingham Palace today from her weekend in WIndsor and many are crowding around the Palace to await the official word that will be posted, per tradition, outside when baby Cambridge arrives. I am so, so happy that the reigning monarch will be in residence when the news breaks. There is something so special about this extraordinary Queen being part of this special and historical day. She must feel so proud and so happy. A woman, so steeped in tradition and dedicated to her institution, this is a big, big day.

Really, there hasn't been much news. We wait and we watch. I find the PUSH updates absolutely vulgar--those will not happen here. I do not speculate where in the birthing process the Duchess of Cambridge may be.

Loving the Daily Mail's headline:


  1. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with so much accurate information! I was fortunate enough to hear about the start of Kate's labour via my late night newscast here in Vancouver BC, Canada. I guess I'd better get some sleep though, but I've been waiting not so patiently since July 1st. I hope that Baby Cambridge is born by the time I wake up! :) Bet Kate hopes that too!

    Deborah in Vancouver Canada

  2. Thanks for update, Jane!!! My bet is a girl:-)Anett

  3. I think she probably went into labor naturally. Labor seems to start quite often overnight - it seems to be an evolutionary thing since darkness is safer when in a vulnerable position.

    Inducing someone also doesn't start labor right away. It usually takes quite a few hours after that for labor to start and sometimes it doesn't really work.

  4. Yay, THE DAY is finally today :D
    I feel for the press right now. We just got out of a horrible heat wave in NY and I read it was about 92°F early in the morning, outside of the hospital :S Ugh! I hate the heat.

    Interesting interview. The photographer who broke the news chose not to take pics of Kate. I think that was awfully nice and considerate. I think the press + paps have been quite respectful of William and Kate (OK, PAPS were stalkers when she was the girlfriend. I saw pics of like 20 of them jumping all over Kate, as she walked out of her apartment) but I think they have changed towards them. I hope this helps the relationship Will+Kate have with the press :)


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