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[Update] Michael and Carole Visit tHeir Grandson, Prince (unknown) of Cambridge

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Well, there has been some exciting activity at the Lindo Wing. Michael and Carole Middleton dropped by to meet their first grandchild, a prince, and the future King of England. So, so cool. When I watch the royal wedding I always wonder what emotions were going through Michael's mind as he gave his daughter away, already an emotionally loaded moment, but also as an English man to see her marry the heir to the throne, become a royal and know that her path will one day lead to a crown. SOOOO amazing. Now, he visits his first grandson, with such huge historical ramifications. I love, love, love it. Look at Carole's smile, she is one beaming and beautiful grandmother! That's an Orla Kiely dress, a label Kate has worn several times with much success.

Meanwhile, it has been back and forth on whether Kate's hairdresser was or was not at the Lindo Wing. I don't think she was earlier when first reported, because she just recently showed up, along with a woman carrying a carseat and a suitcase--presumably with clothes for Kate, William, or both. Whether this means they are about to leave or are prepping for the night and the morning to come is unclear. 

When the Middletons emerge, they will make a statement.  Update will follow...
[Update]  I don't think the Middletons were properly briefed. Carole seemed a little nervous, who wouldn't be, and there seemed to be confusion on where to stand and whether they were going to stay anything or not. She did take a few questions, but answered each one with an adjective, not a lot of detail. "he is beautiful." and "It is all coming back." As I say, they seemed unsure, so I don't think they were briefed correctly. Video will follow later tonight. I am off for the next few hours, so I may very well miss the steps scene, but I will post later tonight after I watch the replays.

Have fun!

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  1. Dear Jane, "From Berkshire to Buckingham" Blog + Readers:

    You are going to love this, I posted my photos and thoughts from the Lindo Wing as I was there! :)

    "Rose Knows" Link: or "The Birth of the Royal Prince."

    Emilyrose Schiller


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