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Middletons Call 999 to Rescue Lupo

Friday, July 19, 2013

Well, it is almost time to call it a day, but the most interesting news was that a photographer lurking close to the Middletons' home heard someone calling "Lupo" and then the scream of a dog in distress. His fears were confirmed when it was revealed that the animal rescue had been called to the home because a pet dog on the property had gotten his head stuck in a gate.  Whether it was in fact Lupo or not can't really be known, given the Middletons have more than one dog, but it just adds to the drama of these waiting days.

Poor Lupo, hopefully the little scamp has learned his lesson. This must have happened yesterday, since we are all pretty sure that William and Kate decamped, although to where is still unknown. There just isn't much more to say. We wait, and watch, and wait, and watch. 


  1. Poor pup! But, as we wait and watch something interesting finally happened on the Sun's nanny cam and then it went black for the night. Don't these people know that babies come in the middle of the night!

  2. Well, what a lot of excitement ! I am glad the dog is Ok, I canNOT bear anything happening to animals. You must be be out of your mind with all this suspense; I can't remember so much press madness with Diana's babies ! Hang on there, Jane !xx

  3. clarence House has issued a denial that Lupo or the Cambridges were involved


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