Thursday, July 25, 2013

Prince George Heads to Bucklebury to Visit the Middletons

This is quite a late post--I can't always get enough internet--or power, apparently--while on vacation, to blog. But, I was able to follow a little on my phone and saw the announcement that Baby Cambridge is officially George Alexander Louis. I LOVE it! Obviously, I think they had already named him when they left the hospital, but I could be wrong. I also think it is nice that they only chose three names. I am a big fan of tradition, but I don't mind shortening to three. It can be a little overwhelming. 

I thought they would stay at Kensington Palace for the first two weeks. All those stories that they would go straight to Bucklebury? Well they did!! They left the Lindo Wing and returned to KP where, as I suspected, Kate's siblings showed up to see the baby, as I am sure they were dying to meet him. The Queen came to visit the next morning and almost directly afterward, the Cambridges left for an "undisclosed location" which turned out to be Bucklebury! They were photographed leaving KP smiling and waving, a protection officer driving, William in the passenger seat and Kate with George in the back.  I was very surprised when they waited just long enough for the Queen to stop by in the morning to greet her grandson, before they booked it to Berkshire.

Well if there was anyone in doubt about whether William truly enjoys his in-laws, I hope that has been dispelled. Clearly, if William is willing to spend his first two weeks bonding with his little family AND his wife's parents, they all get along extremely well. We always kind of knew this, he seems to love spending time with them at their home, holidaying together, including them in big events, etc, but this is certainly the ultimate signal. As mentioned earlier, though, the Middletons really expanded when they moved. They have 18 acres, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. Although, I doubt Kate is ready for tennis just yet, I can imagine she might take advantage of the pool in this heat. They certainly have plenty of room to relax, enjoy the country, and have more range of movement safe from prying and/or curious eyes. 

We can't see much of Kate, other than she is obviously happy and can't take her eyes off her little prince. She is wearing a Séraphine maternity dress and those gorgeous Givenchy sunglasses. I think the polka do dress from the magazine was also a Séraphine.... 

Harry made headlines by saying he hoped that William knew how expensive he is as a babysitter and that he would teach Prince George to "have fun."  Hahaha, as Kate sees imaged of Vegas flashing threw he mind, I wonder if she is telling William that Pippa might be the better speed for a babysitter. ;) We all love Harry, but my gosh, the Monarchy can only handle one every few generations... 

More great photos of these two (I mean THREE!!) leaving KP at the Daily Mail, here. One thing is for sure, we will always know when the Cambridges are in Berkshire, the security description is intense! 

Well, we will probably hear from our favorite royals in a few weeks after they have gotten some alone time. Although, you never know what may pop up... 


  1. Kate always looks elegant and simple, low profile too, despite being a mother now....

  2. I just bet Harry will be the best uncle ever! I can just imagine George having a whale of a time with Harry when he is a little older.


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