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The Cambridges and the Crawleys: William, Kate, and George, Matthew, Mary,...GEORGE!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

William, Kate, George
When William and Kate visited Los Angeles after their marriage, they met Jessica Brown-Findlay, aka Lady Sybil Crawley. They told her that they were big fans of the show and were eagerly anticipating the second season. Who wasn't? Wills and Kate are human after all. It isn't just the common folk who huddle around the TV every week to see what happens next for the Crawley family. 

Matthew, Mary, George

I haven't been following a lot of Downton news since it is summer, but I am very excited to see that Matthew and Mary's baby is named George! Although, we don't need to marvel too much at fate. It isn't as if they both named their sons Aelthelred. George is a very traditional, British name and was quite popular around the time that Downton is set and still is today within the Royal Family. Apparently, George Crawley was named after George V, and obviously preceded George Cambridge since the filming must be almost wrapped up, if not concluded by ow. Still, I think it is super, super awesome, and I can't help but think that Kate will enjoy it to. When fall rolls around and everyone cozies up to the tube with a cuppa, Kate will enjoy the heir of Downton matching the heir of Windsor. I will tell you what. Between George Crawley and George Cambridge, the name George is going to absolutely skyrocket in the charts. Heck, I might name my future little dude George at this rate...

Séraphine has released details on how Kate got her maternity wear, and what she purchased. Apparently an assistant called and ordered a catalogue for Kate to peruse. Once she had chosen her items, they placed the order and asked that nothing extra be sent in terms of freebies. Just a hassle to return. Séraphine also mentioned that some of the items were specifically for nursing, which seems like a little more information than they ought to have divulged, not that anyone doubted that Kate would nurse. I always wonder if Kate goes back to these stores that release statements on her purchases. I suppose when the next Royal Baby rolls around we will find out---too early to be thinking about that, though. In any case, on the website they list four "As Worn by the Duchess of Cambridge" dresses, but we have only seen two of the four, unless I have forgotten or missed something. If I were Kate and had been planning to debut the others in a few weeks, I would be very, very irked right now.  Even if she is just wearing them around the house, I am not sure the website should be saying she has worn them when no one has actually seen her wear them. 

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  1. completely unrelated to Kate but... Matthew Crawley is dead? I am a recent Downton follower and I can't believe he's dead!


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