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The Middleton Women and Animal Prints: Carole at Wimbledon

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Carole and Mike attended Wimbledon to watch the Andy Murray play. I guess if Kate can't go, everyone else in the family has to get out there and bring a blow by blow report home. Carole was wearing an animal print dress which has spurred me to make a point that has long chaffed. Animal print is ok. I know a lot of people aren't fond of it, I myself was once among you, but the jungle fever got me several years ago and now I have to hold myself back. All the Middleton women have indulged. Par exemple...

The Pipster has worn animal print judiciously, maybe cautiously? Accenting with a scarf, or maybe a blouse.  Side note: that looks like a Katherine Hooker coat. Whether it is or is not, this is just beautiful. 

Can't say I love the blouse:

Kate wore the occasional animal print before she became the Duchess of Cambridge.  What is this, zebra?

This dress is bold, I have to say. Not only is it animal print, it has pouffy sleeves, and it is shiny. That's a lot going on. Thankfully, she was at AFRIKA! AFRIKA!, a show focused on the arts in Africa. I think it was a circus...literally not figuratively, but we are off topic.  As I say, bold, but reasonable. 

Covered looks more subdued.

Kate kept her spots hidden for a while, but we saw them peeking out. When she visited Cambridge...

...and same dress to the wedding in Switzerland:

Then, just to keep us on our toes, and maybe to remind us she can still be a wild woman, she went all Dalmatian print to christen her cruise ship. 

Still, the prize goes to Mama Middleton. I love this dress because of the blue that is incorporated into the print and how nicely she accented that with the jacket. It is very pretty--to my mind. Animal print is ultimately, a matter of preference and requires good taste to pull off. The Middleton girls have been doing pretty well with it.

P.S. Michael and Carole were in the Royal Box last week, as well, and she sure likes her blue. Like Mother like daughter. Kate wears blue more often than any other color.


  1. I really like the style of Carol, even fun dressing up with the rest of Pippa also not to mention here about Kate who is an absolute favorite of this issue. We are waiting for the Royal Baby Cambrigde. Thank you for replacing my blog in the section'' Links''. :)
    greet and welcome:

    1. I think Carole is so lovely! Obviously well-discplined and super chic. I definitely want to be as stylish as she is when I am that age. No problem, happy to link!

  2. I've never seen a picture of Kate in the Zebra dress before, looks beautiful :-)

  3. Yes, she was (and still is) quite the hottie. Not hard to understand what William sees in her. ;)


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