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Kate Still in Bucklebury? The Queen Wants to Go On Holiday: We Still Wait

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still no baby. The reports from the frontline remain primarily unchanged. Bored and hot seems to be the theme. The Queen was out and about and mentioned she hoped the baby comes soon so it arrives before she leaves for her annual holiday at Balmoral. I love have relaxed the Queen is. She isn't picking her words too carefully, she is just matter of fact, let's hope soon... Cute.

There was an article in the Express by a well-respected royal reporter who said that William and Kate were at her parents' home relaxing. 
Surrounded by a police ring of steel and cocooned in Kate’s comfortable family home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, the royal parents-to-be were able to have some quality time together.
“They are just enjoying spending some private time together. They are very relaxed. They are calm. They are both really on top form,” a royal source said.
The couple plan to spend the next few days dividing their time between Bucklebury and their two-bedroom cottage at Kensington Palace in London, until Kate, 31, goes into labour.
Sounds like a plan. Read the whole article here. [As of this post, Richard Palmer says that the police presence in Bucklebury seems to suggest William and Kate are still there... ]

If you really want to "be there" and need to know you aren't missing any action, check out the Sun's live feed of the Lindo Wing. Warning: never was an unchanging door so very addicting. Use with caution.  Live Feed Article with Video  It is soothing.

Sooo, speaking of people wanting to head on holiday, I am on mine and will now get back to it. Hopefully, when Baby Cambridge does finally make the grand entrance I won't be too remote for internet access...  Still waiting to see if Camilla will be right!


  1. Jane Thanks for taking time to up date your blog. I hope we have a baby soon. I can't even imgine how the Duchess is feeling. I know when I was pregnant with both of my boys it was during the summer in California. And man was it hot and very uncomfortable. And no air conditioing. So I feel for the Duchess.

    So let's all pray that she has a very safe and speedy delivery. Plus a heathly baby.

  2. Thanks Jane,for keeping us entertained as we wait for Baby Cambridge. I'm very much hoping we will hear news of the birth of the baby on Thursday. Both of my babies were a week or so early, so I never had this dreadful waiting period.

    Deborah in Canada

  3. I only wish you a very pleasant holiday, enjoy yourself and have a goood time.:-) Anett

  4. It's nice to hear that queen is happy with any baby and looks like the world have to wait for 2 more weeks to know whether its she or he.

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