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When Will This Baby Watch Be Over?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wow, well, I had a sense that Kate might not have her baby until a little more toward the end than the beginning of the month, but I did not see this coming. What a wait!!

The Telegraph has recently reported that Lindo Wing patients say the hospital doesn't let mothers go much beyond a week before they induce. I have been told, by a reputable source, (my mother!) that in general doctors don't suggest letting a pregnancy go much beyond a week because once the baby is fully developed the mortality just goes up the longer they stay in. I think we can say with almost 100% certainty that the baby will be here before a week has passed. I really think that Kate was probably due the 17-19 and so we will see Baby Cambridge before the 24th. I could be wrong, but that is where my money is, folks, and I think you will all agree it is a safe bet. ;)

Otherwise, they really, really stretched it when they said mid July... Which is not be saying they lied, just commenting that it would be a stretch, which I think is allowed. 


  1. Yes! When will the royal baby watch be over? :P
    I now believe they said "mid-july" with the intention to throw us off :P knowing the wait would kinda drive us insane, lol.

    I really believe it will be before Fri. the 26th.
    Anyway... I had not visited the blog in a while and just saw the section THE CAMBRIDGE COUPLE. Lovely collection of pictures :) Good job Jane.

  2. I'm so sick of waiting for this baby, but I really hope he or she doesn't come tomorrow, on July 22. I hate that date more than anything and don't want it associated with baby Cambridge. I really want to be happy for baby Cambridge's arrival, but I can not be happy tomorrow, so here's hoping that the baby comes on Tuesday or Wednesday. It would be a perfect way to make things better again.

  3. Irrelevant now, but in the UK generally doctors seem to wait about 2 weeks before inducing.

    Enjoying reading your blog btw; it's my guilty pleasure!


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