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When Will We See Prince George (And Kate!) Again?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Now that we have all seen Kate and William and baby George, we want to see them again! It is expected that the couple will have an official photo call with Prince George right before William goes back to work after his two weeks of paternity leave. I would be surprised if we see anything until those two weeks are up. This is the most privacy the couple can expect with George...maybe ever? We haven't really met him, we have seen pictures, but no one has gotten a chance to see any great shots of his features or seen his personality in action. 

Diana and 6 month old Prince William 

As a royal, he will continue to be photographed and the world will watch from a distance as he matures and grows until everyone will feel like they know him, just as we all have a sense of William's personality and now Kate's.  But, for the moment, George is all theirs, and I don't think they will be keen to end that any sooner than they have to. Two weeks will fly by pretty quickly!

Queen arrives at Balmoral. via Daily Mail 

Meanwhile, Her Majesty has flown by private jet to Balmoral. I have a complete obsession with Balmoral. The summer into fall holiday seems too idyllic, I LOVE the moody highlands, the Barbour jackets, the bucolic surroundings. I want to unpack my heavy scarves, heat some tea, and watch Downton Abbey just thinking about it. The Queen is no fool, she loves her yearly holiday in Queen Victoria's favorite castle. Balmoral is the personal property of the Monarch, which makes it even more of a retreat, I would think, and with over 50,000 acres (around 20,000 hectares) she has plenty of room to enjoy the freedom. 

When the Queen returns from her holiday at Balmoral, we will probably then see the christening of Prince George, although, I hope we will have some Kate sightings before then!


  1. Hi Jane- thank you for a great post. I just can not beleive that the baby is here already. It was jsut like yesterday that they announced they were going to have a baby and the Duchess was so sick. But now they are proud parents to a beautiful baby boy. And just so in love with each other. Yes I have doubted William's love for his Duchess but I do hve to say you can tell that they are more in love now. Having baby's do that to couples sometimes.

    I love the way William has his arm around his Duchess and pulling her tight against him. And the look's he gives to her and the looks she gives to him it just melts my heart.

    There is a picture of William holding his baby boy and it look's like he is about ready to give him a kiss on his head, just so cute. And the way the Duchess look's at her bundle of joy, againit just melts my heart.

    I wish them all the best. And all I can say is watch out paps and media people do not cross the line with either the Duchess or the the baby boy or you will pay the price. William will come after you spiting fire.

    1. Pauline is right. Kate and Will are really in love, Kate has such a glow about her.


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