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I Am Born: Wills To Play Polo Match as Whispers of Royal Tour Circulate

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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"I am born."  Gone with the Wind has a scene, fraught with tension, where Melanie, Scarlett, and the other women wait for their husbands to return home from their illegal activities. To pass the time calmly, Melanie begins reading David Copperfield beginning with the famous first chapter, I am Born. A lot of time passes, given how far they get in the book...

I am starting to feel like I am in that room waiting, but waiting for my phone to buzz announcing Baby Cambridge's imminent arrival.  Today I jumped across my office when my phone buzzed a notification from Twitter--obviously it was not THE text. As we wait, we grasp at any possible bit of news, hoping it will give some clue to when the baby will make his/her appearance.  Most recently, the buzz is that Prince William has confirmed he will play in the Jerudong Trophy Polo Match with Harry, which raises money for his various patronages. William and Harry both played last year when the match was actually moved earlier in the day to allow the princes to get back to the Olympics and watch Usain Bolt compete. 

The Royal Trio Watches Usain Bolt Compete in the 100m

As we kind of grasp at straws, it has been suggested this is proof positive that Kate will not deliver Saturday. I don't know that is proof of anything other than the couple is attempting to live life normally as they wait the birth of their first child. It also proves that William is confident he can make the 100 mile trip from the Cotswold back to London in record time with a police escort, should the need arise...

Meanwhile, if you are feeling major Kate withdrawal, know that there have been whispers of a tour in the spring of 2014. Possible location? New Zealand and Australia--presumably Baby Cambridge--fast approaching a year old-- would accompany the couple. Diana and Charles took William to Australia when he was around 9 months old.

Australia would be a good choice for the couple to take the new heir.  After the wedding, the royal family was very shrewd to send the wildly popular couple, at the height of the hype, to Canada, a major country in the commonwealth. Australia would also be a strategic choice. 


  1. Pauline Oak HillsJuly 9, 2013 at 11:18 PM

    Hi Jane- Just call me old fashion but I think if a man's wife is about to give birth you don't go off some 100 miles away and play polo. The article stated that William want's to spend as much time with his wife since he is still working 4 to 5 days a week in Anglesey. But then when he has time off he goes off and play's polo. Is this how the English men treat their wives? And then I start to think about Andrew & Fergie. Their marriage fell apart becuase Andrew was away so much with the Navy. Well William is gone alot and has been gone for most of the Duchess pregnancy.

    I am not saying it is wrong to play polo but when you are gone as much as William is and your wife is ready to give birth you just go away & play polo. This is just my opinion and you might not agree with me. I just feel sorry for the Duchess. And it seem's William is just thinking of himself and what he wants to do and not anything about his wife.

    1. Hi Pauline!
      Well, I hear ya, but I have a few thoughts. First, distance--we aren't talking about a trip to Paris, or maybe a quick trans-Atlantic flight to NYC, he really is taking an afternoon to play a charity match in fairly close proximity to London, and that leads to my second point, it is for charity. I think it is important to William and to Kate that they both make these charity events when possible. People are excited to see both these two and it certainly raises money for their causes. Lastly, I myself have not had a child, but it seems all my friends are these days and I have noticed that babies seem to come in their own good time, and the first one can be quite late. Life has to be normal while you wait. So, although it is important that he spend time with her, I think he isn't too far, he has obligations to his charities, and I get the feeling Kate has a sense of when Baby will come and if she happens to be wrong, Wills will be by her very quickly.

      I don't know if that mitigates any of your objections, but... I try. :)

      Thanks for posting, by the way!

  2. I agree Jane Barr, Primips like Kate may take up to 24hours before delivery once her labour starts.

    1. Première fois? Yes, her first time could take even more than 24 hours, or it could be quite fast. Mother nature will decide. Looking forward to Baby Cambridge.

  3. mmm.. i don't want to say unpleasant things... But i've noticed that P. William is not so careful about his wife... (i dont' know if this is the right word, sorry I'm Italian)... I mean.. He stayed besides her during the first months of pregnancy but from their few public appearance I felt something akward and strange going with them... I feel sorry for Kate... Is it just my wrong impression?

    1. Hi Martina! Happy to hear from you. I think you are probably picking up on his tension toward the press,which we all will have to get used to, because it isn't ever going away. But, I don't think you have to worry about William and Kate, he seems pretty attentive. I wrote a little more on this topic in my latest post, so let me know if you agree!

  4. I agree with you Martina. Basically they live separate lives such back in the days they were dating. After the is born he goes on a paternity leave and goes back to work, funny.....:-( A.

    1. Well... i don't think that they have separate lives but I've noticed that they behave strangely with eac other... If you look at the last appeareances she tries to speak and smile and laugh with him bu he is always so serious! And he doesn't pay attention to her!

    2. Unfortunately I couldn't find a better for living away from your wedded husband?! But maybe I lack more Englsih words:-)

    3. Well, I appreciate you points, but I don't think this is a sign of trouble. Their lives will settle down in several years after he leaves the military. It is pretty usual for military families to have periods of separation.

  5. I agree with the comments made by Pauline, Martina, and anon at 7;44. William appears to be a spoiled, selfish brat. Perhaps he
    blames the French fiasco on Kate, unfairly IMO. Perhaps he is upset by the behaviour of some members of Kates family, in
    particular, Pippa and Uncle Gary. The latter does not abide by the aristocratic code of silence, and Pippa mentions Kate often
    in her written work. But i think it may go deeper than that. William seems to be cutting Kate out of both his personal - her non-
    appearance at the Percy wedding, his inclination to vacation with friends sans Kate,etc. - and public life - again, her non-
    appearance at his polo games, and the fact that he so often excludes her from events. IMO William has utterly failed to be
    a decent husband and will no doubt fail at fatherhood. I also wonder about his fidelity, or lack thereof, given his two main role
    models - his father and grandfather - neither of whom would win a prize for faithfulness in marriage. If William is cheating, it
    would explain the awkwardness between them.

  6. I think that is everything in your imagination! A pregnant woman is not a sick one!
    No serious reason for a husband to stay all day long with his wife! They are young and have their interests, and it's health to go on doing the same things ever!
    And then, they are royals, a Duke and a Duchess and they cannot smooching during an official engagment!

    Sorry if there are mistakes in my english!

    1. Chiara, we are of one mind! I agree with all your points, well said! :)

  7. I agree with you the spoilt thing. The other is hopefully only imagination. It would be a shame if it is so early over.
    On the other hand I must emphasis she has a lot to put on her shoulders. She will be alone with the baby for quite a time (alone means without husband not her family).
    But we don't know what is going on at the background. Maybe she knew and counted everything when she said yes.
    I remember once Diana said after the wedding she was so left alone. I hope history does not repeat itself. A. from Aus

  8. Hi Jane- Thank you for your great insight to this beauiful royal couple. But I am still having a hard time thinking that William is being faithful to his wife. And the reason is because there are pictures of William at a stage (in May or June) party with another woman. And then there is a picture of him at his lst polo match again flirting with another woman. We all know how much the royal men love women. I was hoping that William learn a lesson from his parents mariage. Now I am not saying his is I am saying this is what it look's like. He also stated that he has learn from the past.
    And he has been alone in Anglesey all of his wife's pregnancy. He see's his wife when he can so tht lends me to beleive it is like 3 days a week.

    I jsut hope he is being a good husband and that he will leave the RAF and be closer to his wife and their baby. Youcan not be a good husband & father if you are 300 miles away 4 to 5 days a week. Any idea what his plans for the future are? I hope he does what is right and move full time to London.


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