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Zara Phillips Announces She is Pregnant with First Child

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby Cambridge won't have to worry about having royal playmates. Zara Phillips announced via Buckingham Palace that she and her husband, Mike, are expecting their first child. Zara gets along very well with William and Harry and has often been photographed horsing around with them after family functions, so it stands to reason that Kate and Zara have been friends for years, as well.

Chelsy, Zara, and Kate watching Polo
Cheltenham 2007 as William and Kate hit the rocks.

Chatting at the Diana Concert
Zara and Mike announced their engagement a month after William and Kate, and were married the summer after the Royal Wedding in Edinburgh. 

Kate, Wills, and Harry at Zara's Wedding
Christmas morning at Sandringham 2011. Mike, Zara, and William, Kate, and Harry

Royal babies everywhere...


  1. Congrats to them on this exciting event!

  2. I KNEW it! When I saw her at the queen coronation' service I bet that she was pregnant! Congrats to them Martina, Italy

  3. Awesome news for Mike and Zara! And some of these photos I've seen of Kate and Zara actually hanging together are new. For instance, at the Diana concert and at Cheltenham. I was starting to think that perhaps they only get on for the sake of William. Ok, in all the photos, of course William is also there..still, a heartening post all round, thanks.

  4. It is good that there are so many children in the family .I think that children Kate and Zara will probably not see each other too often, but you can see from Zara likes Kate :)

  5. Super news! I love Princess Anne and her down to earth family. I have often thought that Anne would have made a great queen but I suspect that she likes it just the way it is.


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