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Dress Like the Duchess: Great Royal Style Substitutes from JCrew & Boden

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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We all love Kate's stunning style, but sometimes the price-tag is a little high, the item sells out too quickly, or perhaps it was a custom piece that was never available anyway.  Although, it is always fun to purchase the actual brand and style that Kate wore, the majority of the time we put together wardrobes that are inspired by Kate's past choices or look like something the Duchess would or has worn. Today I want to quickly let you know about some great pieces I think are good repli-Kates of the latter variety.

Today, JCrew is the source of two fabulous pieces that will have you feeling like a princess in no time. The Seville Wedge Espadrilles are great shoes to copy Kate's Pied-a-Terre wedges. She loves her Pied-a-Terre shoes and wears them often. She has them in blue and beige, in fact she chose the beige Pied-a-Terre when she left the hospital. Just like Kate's Pied-aTerres, JCrew's wedges aren't too high, so they are comfortable and practical for daily use, but still add a little glam factor. Unfortunately, although JCrew has these in both colors, they are almost entirely sold out of the blue, and close with the beige. If you are larger size, though, today is your lucky day! Click on the picture to be taken to the JCrew website:

If you are bummed because they are out of your size, JCrew has another fabulous item that will fit well into any women's closet anxious to emulate royal style.

With a color that closely matches Barbour's classic olive, similar pocket placement and detailing, the Downtown Field Jacket is a great substitute for the long ago sold out Barbour Kate sported much of last year. A little glossier than the real waxed jacket, it is classic and country chic. Again, click the picture to be taken to the website:

Kate's Dalmatian print dress on her last engagement before giving birth to George divided bloggers, fashion fans, and Kate enthusiasts everywhere. Some loved the look, others won't stand for animal print no matter what. 

If you were cheering Kate on in her daring fashion move, run on over to British brand, Boden. They have a tunic dress with sleeves and similar neckline in a lovely Dalmatian print. Because the print is a little larger and the spots are more spaced, this cold be pulled of by someone unsure if Kate's more intense pattern is doable.

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  1. Kate is an amazing woman. I admire her for all she is. I personaly like Kate the most when she is is sporty and everyday dressed as a young and beautiful woman should be :)Thank you for your great blog!


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