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William and Kate (and George) off to Balmoral?

Saturday, August 24, 2013
I was surprised by the mixed feelings the pictures of the Cambridges drew after their release last week. Whether or not it was ever on the actual programme, it was widely reported that William and Kate would have official portraits taken before Will's return to work, so many were wondering if a photographer would travel to Bucklebury, or if they would go there, and on and on. Whether true or not, I did read that William and Kate chose not to have anyone interrupt their privacy, and so released what they then termed "family photos" as something to hold the public over until actual formal portraits are released around the baby's christening. Frankly, it all sounds legitimate to me.

The lighting wasn't perfect, and they weren't drastically different from the smiling shots at the Lindo, but I do think they are special photos of the royal couple. I loved them. I did expect more of a close up on George, but honestly, was just as happy to get fun shots of William and Kate. The addition of Lupo and (Tilly) the Middletons' dog, just added to the more intimate nature of the pictures. Lastly, William and Kate already smiled on the steps of the Lido Wing and plan to release Christening photos, so we were rather lucky to get these photos at all. If there were no formal photos on the books, I wouldn't be pleased, but of course there are. And as one reader rightly pointed out, even non-royal couples do the whole formal photo shoot, so I have no doubt those will be forthcoming.

It has been a little lonely in terms of royal news since then.  William and Kate are rumored to still be planning a trip north to Balmoral very soon. Actually, since the rumor also claims they would go toward the end of August we are pretty much right around that time now... Royal aides said the visit would be private, of course, but it is likely, but not certain, we will know when they are there. Perhaps they will be spotted at church tomorrow? Given the recent media storm, it is possible that William will want privacy next weekend, on the anniversary of his mother death, so that may be when the couple decide to retreat to the vast seclusion of the Queen's Scottish estate. In the meantime, ever the perfectly polite pair, thank-you cards were sent out to well-wishers. 

Obviously, I loved the Royal Wedding and all the various components. There is an article about Fiona Cairns in the Daily Mail today that I really, really enjoyed. She talks about the stress of making the wedding cake and all the many details that Kate wanted incorporated. Apart from the national symbols, Kate apparently chose well over a dozen different flowers and foliage to grace her cake, each with a meaning from the Language of Flowers. So, so lovely:
Although she said hello to Prince William, it was Kate who sat down with her to go through ideas. ‘She was one of the most clued-up brides I’ve had,’ says Fiona. ‘She had very definite ideas about what she wanted. The cake was to tell a story, along with the dress.’ Kate gave Fiona detailed instructions about how she wanted 17 different blooms and foliage included – each one having a different meaning or symbolism.
Fiona also made regular visits to the room where the cake would be displayed, to replicate intricate detailing from the panelling and coving. It took five weeks for her team to prepare the cake, but it could only be assembled in the two days before the wedding. ‘We were given a room at the Palace and we worked round the clock,’ she admits.
‘The others all held it together brilliantly – I was the one who got emotional at the end.’ She got to attend the wedding, but wasn’t present at the cutting of the cake. ‘But the royal pastry chef – who had made the lily-of-the-valley on top of the cake – called me to tell me when it had been cut. And she was able to report that good things were being said about how it tasted. There was just this real sense of relief.’
It was a great article, I really, really enjoyed it. Read the whole piece here. I may need to buy her book...


  1. Dear Jane! Thank you for the wonderful article, wording, I love and agree with every words you wrote about the family photos. Nice to have them.
    It is also very nice to have you and your blog! Have a lovely weekend! A.

  2. Dear Jane:
    I love the emails and the article about Kate, William it is so interesting I really enjoy it very much. I love to see how Kate & William are doing.
    I hope you have a great weekend.
    Janet R

    1. everyone it is now preferred "William and Catherine!!" and i don't blame Catherine for wanting her name to be in full, rather than short !!!

  3. I am not surprised some comments have come in about the lack of formality and quality in the 'family' photos released...but after all those on the outside don't know how things have been going since the birth. Maybe George is barely sleeping - maybe Kate is suffering from some post postpartum hormone let down and bursting into tears at the drop of a hat? There are lots of things that can go on after a birth and this couple likes to keep personal things just that...personal and not in the public. So what if they did not sit for formal pictures (yet)...there will be many down the road.

    I do hope they have a nice time showing George off to the Queen again and to Prince Phillip for his first meet and greet of his great grandson!

  4. The cake was amazing Fiona, you and your crew went overboard with its perfection!


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