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William Confirms the Cambridges are Moving Away from Anglesey

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

William was at the agricultural show in Anglesey today, his first official engagement since George's birth, and he addressed the crowd in Welsh and then English.  (He told an Australian couple that he hoped to be Down Under next year, so it sounds like Wills and Kate will be heading on an overseas tour come spring. Very excited!) The full recording is below. He makes some cute comments about his little George:

It is quite a poignant address, and what I thought was a very sweet and very sincere farewell from the prince. I think we will all miss the Anglesey chapters. As William said, it was their first home together, and we enjoyed very fun and I also, I think, special royal watching moments.  It was here they kicked off their tour of the UK after the engagement:

Kate went shopping with her awesome post-wedding hair:

And of course, some of my favorite shots of all, the beach walks:

This move definitively marks the close of whole "era" in William and Kate's life and relationship. Obviously, George was part of this shift, but the move away from Anglesey, this little, bucolic, haven where they began their marriage and lived in privacy like a normal couple, also marks the end of something special.  When they were married, William and Kate made it clear they wanted several years of privacy to live like any common couple. Crazy as it is, the two years have flown by and although I don't expect these two will jump full steam into royal duties tomorrow, they are absolutely one step closer, and this special honeymoon period is over. As William mentioned, they will return and return, and I am sure that they will always look back on these years with nostalgia and warm memories. 

Oh, Anglesey and Wales. I am going to miss you almost as much as William and Kate will... 


  1. So sad to see them leaving. Great post as usual. xo Lulu

    1. Thank you, Lulu! I am always happy when you enjoy the posts! I am really sad they are leaving Anglesey, it is life, but sad to see this period end.

  2. Wonderful post! You're right--these past two years have gone by very quickly...I'm sure they are thinking the exact same thing! Looking forward to seeing where the next chapter in life takes them

    1. Chapter! That is the word I was searching for! Yes, it is exciting to look toward the future, even if we enjoyed the past. :) Thank you for reading and commenting!

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