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William Snapped on a Train Heading to Stag Weekend

Monday, August 12, 2013

We are still waiting about for the pictures o Baby George to be released. It was reported in the Mirror this morning, that the Cambridges may opt out of a formal photo shoot with Baby George, and instead just release a few chosen snapshots from their private album. 

I can't say I am excited about this plan. It would be neat to see relaxed family photos, and I appreciate that William and Kate want to be a more modern couple, but sometimes it is right and good to focus on the royal and historical part of the equation. These photos are destined for the history books, so I think they should be given the formality and weight of a professional shoot. As with all news reports, we can't know for certain until the Cambridges make a move in one direction or another, so we shall see.

Speaking of moving, the whispers are now circulating that Kate and George will join William in Anglesey sometime in the next few weeks. I had thought that William left Buckelbury to return to Wales, but he actually took the weekend to join pals in Devon for a Stag Weekend. The Sun has a picture exclusive, which you can view here, of the Prince on a train heading to Devon. Now, however, he will return to Wales and take up duties again at the RAF base there, and we wait to see if Kate and George join him. 

There are also rumors that the Cambridges will then make a brief visit to Balmoral so that Prince Philip can meet George. Again, these stories could be factual, or they could be just rumors. I think they will have to think about security and privacy concerns on both these proposed destinations.

We should see pictures of George, professional or not, very soon.


  1. Wonder if they are releasing informal snaps now with the expectation they will do a formal shot at Balmoral with the much expected photo of all 4 generations? Queen, Charles, William, and George...

  2. I think they'll get around to official photos. Even modern couples have professional photo shoots for their babies.

  3. William never seems to tire of the infantile behaviour of his cronies. He seems to spend an excessive amount of time at drinking
    parties-- stags, hunts, bars, etc--with his buddies, and if there are women around, he has no compunction when it comes to
    flirting. His emotional immaturity is appalling, given that he is a husband and father. How Kate puts up with it is beyond me.

    Who cares about the release of a few photos; its the state of Kates marriage that bothers me; that, and Williams apparent lack
    of personal integrity.

    1. You should rather care about the baby photos and probably it would fill your life with some joy which you are pretty much in the need of. A.

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  4. Thanks Jane. I think it is a good idea to publish some family photos. But I'm sure they consider a bit more royal thing when he is a bit older, even I read there will be this family reunion in Balmoral. It would be such a nice gesture to have a photo with the Queen and his ailing husband. A.

  5. I love this.. I think its great that william is going for an ordinary weekend away with his friends! Let the Stag Party events begin!

  6. It has occurred to me that the reason for releasing personal family photographs, as opposed to some taken professionally, is simply that William spent too little time at the Middletons for a proper shoot to be arranged. After all, no one except his protection officers and some police guarding the gates--and, of course, Kate and her parents--really knows how much of Williams two week paternity leave he actually spent with Kate and George.

    1. Beatrix in New YorkAugust 14, 2013 at 11:12 PM

      Anon 10:45,
      Where else could he have been? Do you believe he spent more time partying?


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