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Boodles Boxing Ball Pulls Royals, But Lacks Old Faithfuls--The Cambridges

Sunday, September 22, 2013

This evening, while William and Kate enjoy the the autumn weather in the Scottish Highlands at the Queen's Balmoral retreat, the annual Boodles Boxing Ball went ahead as usual in London.  Pippa Middleton was of course in attendance, joined by Harry, Beatrice and a pregnant Zara.  It was a star-studded affair. As usual, the Mail has pretty thorough coverage--see photos here.

Pippa has been writing for the Telegraph and one of her columns focused on her boxing workouts.  She trains at the same gym as the contestants in this evening's match. It sounds like a workout I could not complete. Sometimes I wonder if I can make it through my Pilates class. I am always impressed by Pippa's athletic prowess.
Next Saturday, I’ll be present at the Boodles Boxing Ball, a fundraising event in which 12 young guys who’ve been trained to box over nine months at Fitzroy Lodge will fight each other in front of an audience of 1,000. It’s a great cause.
I really have enjoyed Pippa's various forays into writing.  It is interesting to hear from the Duchess of Cambridge's sister in the first person, giving us some insight into the real personality of a woman often maligned as many easily attach their own judgements to her actions. I think it is wonderful that she is able to find a voice, be it through the Telegraph, Waitrose, Vanity Fair, or any other publishing medium. You might enjoy her full article here

I didn't love Pippa's dress tonight, but not every event can be a winner. Orange and black are tricky to pull off in my mind, without looking like you are attending a Halloween function. More importantly, she looks fit and happy...with Nico by her side.

Boodles is, of course, more known to many of us--and loved--as one of the events we would get to see pictures of William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton.  The two were regulars at this annual society staple. I LOVED her pink Issa in which she wowed and it still surfaces as one of her best looks pre-marriage. I have to say, not to sound like an old granny, but those were the days. 

Unfortunately, we haven't seen Wills and Kate at Boodles in some time. I suppose life moves past certain things, but I am hoping that they will pop in every year or so, just for old time's sake.

I am definitely hoping we will see Kate again soon. She always shines in cooler weather with her coats, boots, and scarves. Fingers crossed that after their Balmoral rest she will put an event or two on the calendar! 

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