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Buckingham Palace Break-in and more...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What has been going on at Buckingham Palace?!  All sorts of craziness. The Telegraph begins:
Senior officers will have to explain to the Home Secretary how a man managed to scale a 12ft fence, evade dozens of armed police, apparently kick down a door and make his way into the state rooms, which are accessed through an inner courtyard of the Palace.
Ooops. Thankfully, the Queen is still on holiday at Balmoral--maybe security was a little lax because of that? The man set a motion detector off which alerted the police to his presence.  So, the police are in hot water and have some explaining to do. It seems this guy was only on hand for some light burglary, but in these days of unrest, he could have had any number of objectives. BUT, there is more.

Yesterday, Prince Andrew, fresh from a Spanish holiday, was taking the air in the gardens when security mistook him intruder.  I have read different reports, but one said that guns were drawn and Prince Andrew quickly found himself on the ground before the mistake was realized. Not a happy prince. Scotland Yard released a statement that no guns or force were used. The police apologized and Prince Andrew released a statement thanking them for their apology.  I sense a new Johnny English plot-line on the horizon...

William with his Spencer aunts at the funeral of his former nanny in October of 2012

What does this all have to do with Kate? Nada, really. William is about to begin, by all reports, his final week at RAF Anglesey. I wonder if they will pop up to Scotland afterward?  They did not head north for the 16th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. Instead, the couple took Baby George and went and stayed the weekend with his maternal grandmother's sister, Sarah McCorquodale. 

I expect Kate will be glittering on the front page of many papers very soon as she will accompany Prince William to the Tusk Gala on September 12th. That is right around the corner!


  1. I think Scotland Yard has some 'splainin' to do! Yikes!

  2. Getting really sick of hearing about Tusk Trust, especially from a man who apparently enjoys big-game hunts in Spain, % the Duke of Westminster. Utter hypocrisy.

  3. I think Prince Andrew needs to chill. The police were only doing their job and it looks like they made a genuine mistake. Better to challenge everyone that let someone slip through the net. Of all the RF, Andrew is the one who I really can't warm to - he's far too pompous.


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