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Kate Pops into McDonalds While Nanny Jessie Webb Watches George

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A month or so ago, there were rumors that William wanted to hire his former nanny, Jessie Webb, to help Kate look after George. The Cambridges are very jealous of their private life given how high-profile they are, and a nanny is a pretty intimate job. The thought was that Jessie Webb was already known and trusted and would be the perfect fit for the new family.  We didn't really have much evidence to confirm the story and it seemed that Carole and Antonella were handling the situation pretty well. But, then yesterday E! reported that Kate was snapped at a McDonald's in London with George and "the nanny."  At first people assumed it must be Antonella, but when the pictures were released it was in fact Jessie Webb!

Kate was pictured driving up to the service station was the McDonald's was also located.  Kate was wearing a fairly snug white T, skinnies, and her Sebago flats. She threw her Ralph Lauren jacket--most recently seen on her Anglesey farewell with William--and headed into McDonald's alone. Kate was not pictured with any purchases, and I think she probably just used their facilities. She looks a-mazing and she isn't that trimmed down so fast by indulging in French fries, no matter how tasty. Plus, she has the Tusk Gala in a matter of days, and I am sure she is anxious to look stunning on her first formal appearance since her pregnancy, so again it seems unlikely she was eating at the fast food store. 

I think it is really great that Jessie Webb was available to come back and help William and Kate. Kate looks rested and fit and having the extra pair of hands and eyes have got to make these early days much easier for her. As she very slowly begins to take on more engagements again, it will also be very helpful to have the help. Ultimately, Carole can't be around all the time and frankly the press would start to weave strange stories if she were. This seems like a healthy balance. I am sure Kate is enjoying all of Jessie stories from William's childhood. Read more about Jessie and her work with the royal brothers at an old Mirror story here. Read E!'s report here

Jessie Webb with a young William
William, Harry, Charles, and Camilla were among mourners this morning at the requiem Mass of Hugh van Cutsem.  Kate did not make a last minute appearance. I imagine there was more than one reason for this. First, for her own privacy, since she has been keeping a pretty low-profile since George's birth, and secondly out of consideration for the family. Having the Duchess of Cambridge there would have made the Mass a media circus and shifted the focus from Hugh and the van Cutsem family to what we all always talk about...what was Kate wearing?!!

Kate will be at the Tusk Gala tomorrow night and I am very, very excited for her appearance!  William and Kate may also attend a wedding on Saturday, which may afford more pictures. We shall see. 

We rarely bring up non-royal topics here, but the United States of America is marking twelve years since the September 11th terrorist attacks. Thoughts and prayers to families who lost loved ones, including many British citizens killed that day, and blessings and peace to the entire country on this grief filled anniversary.


  1. Dear Jane!

    Lovely post, thank you very much. I'm pretty excited about tomorrow:-)

    Thoughts and prayers to all families on this day and RIP for those untimely deaths. A.

    1. Thank you! So happy you enjoyed it. I am absolutely giddy with excitement for tonight's event!!

  2. I go along with many of those who made comments on the Mirror story; to whit, Jesse Webb is simply too old for the job. I suspect that her selection was, in fact, the choice of the POW, not necessarily Kates, nor Williams. Charles, after all, calls the shots because he is responsible for paying for Williams staff. And Jesse would, as nannys go, be cheap, I suspect. As for her proven discretion, well...if William and Kate have nothing to hide, no affairs, etc., then hiring a much younger, properly trained nanny, perhaps a Norland grad, would be wiser and better, from Georges point-of-view. Of course, she would cost more.

    I am not liking this choice AT ALL.

    1. Well, I agree she may very ell be cheaper, but she isn't too old in my book because I doubt she has been hired to be a surrogate mother. I think she is an extra pair of hands, babysitter, etc. There so Kate can leave George in the car and pop into McDonald's, or feed him perhaps while Kate naps, etc. I don't think PoW is dictating how Kate raises her family or runs her home in any way. She is clearly a woman who will do things her way--just like her mother. People who are hiding something are not the only ones who wish to guard their privacy. It is an invasion of anyone's privacy to have a non-relative in the home life. Wills was raised with servants, but Kate was not, so I think having someone who is closer to family than to a hired hand is probably very comforting. Anyway, room for discussion certainly, but that is what I think. Thank you for reading and for commenting!!

    2. She is not too old. People tend to think that way until they become that age themselves. She appears to be a lovely woman.

  3. @Anonymous 8:35am
    I have to completely disagree with you. First off I do not beleive Charles would ever tell William who to hire to help his wife out with the baby. William is his own man and will take care of his family the best way he know's how. Second just because charles might be paying for William & Kate expense does not give him the right to decide whois best to take care of their baby.

    So William & Kate hired who they wanted to help out with baby George. And I don't beleove sheis a live in nanny and will onlybe ther when Kate has engagements with William or has to be away for a few hours and can not take the baby with her. I beleive William and Kate still plan on being very hands on raising their baby together.

    I think it was a great idea for them to hire Jesse Webb and she will be great helping them with baby George.

  4. Hi Jane! Thanks for the pics! I couldn' t find them anywhere!
    You're right about kate using the facilities... Maybe she just had to go to the toilet!
    Anyway... Are we sure george was there too? Any pics of him?
    Perhaps he was in the car... Strange!
    Martina, Italy

    1. hey Martina! Yes, pretty sure. No pictures that I saw, but he is less than two months old and his mother AND nanny were there. There is no reason for him to be anywhere else. Jessie stayed in the car with him to the best of my knowledge.
      Excited fro tonight? I am!!

  5. I agree that at 71 it's a tad exhausting to have a newborn for a charge but as others have noted the Cambridge's do have another lady helping them (I forget her name) as well as close friends and family. I think she is probably helping with things like laundry and babysitting when Kate needs to look away for a moment (like having to use the bathroom during a long drive) etc. Lite duties and such.

  6. I think she is functioning in the "Grandmother" role for William - this is someone from his past with whom he has emotional ties - his mother is not available and nor would Camilla be appropriate. She is William's "Carol".


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