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Rumors Swirl About Possible Pippa Engagement

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rumors have been swirling that Pippa and her boyfriend Nico have become secretly engaged.  The story started on Sunday in People, shared by Paul Harrison on Twitter.  This report wrongly states that Pippa is 30, she is only 29, but they are not the only ones to wonder if Pips is ready to take the plunge. Papers all over have been picking up the story as her 30th birthday approaches. 

In addition to Pippa's possible engagement, many are wondering if Harry and Bea will be engaged to their respective significant others soon. I don't expect Harry to beat anyone up the aisle, but I do think an engagement from Beatrice and Dave Clark could be coming sooner rather than later. If Pippa got engaged around the same time, it could make 2014 quite the year for weddings. 

As it stands, no announcement has yet been made, although Sunday People predicted it would come in a few days on Pippa's 30th birthday, September 6th. Even if she is about to announce, I don't expect them to fulfill the Friday timeline...

The Mail reported that Pippa was shopping in Kensington yesterday with no ring, which is not surprising, but she looked stunning even without a special sparkler. She has had the occasional fashion faux pas in  my book, but this is picture perfect:

At some point, Pippa will get engaged to someone, and so the next question surfaces. Will Kate stand up as bridesmaid (matron-of-honor?) for Pippa at the wedding?


  1. It seems that Pippa has been working very hard building her career(s) and while she would probably like to marry, I don't know if all the press pressure is helpful.

    While it would be great for Pippa to find a man who she could share her life with, her and Nico have only been dating 6 months or so, what's the rush?

    All in all if the story is true, then congrats to Pippa and Nico and if it's not true then I wish the press would back off and let them move at their own pace.

    Thanks Jane for all the wonderful posts!!! Your site is the first one I go to when I turn on my computer in the morning.

  2. I'm not a fan of Pippa's but my goodness those Middleton girls have got a toned figure. When you look at them, you see willpower and dedication !

  3. Hello!
    I have to agree with you Silver Bunny. I'm not also a big fan of Pippa. She isn't particularly pretty as her sister is. If she was an anonymous woman I wouldn´t turn my head twice, I´m afraid. I do like her style though and I’m sure she is a nice person. She does know how to put a dress, that’s for sure! If the rumors are serious I think is quite soon. Maybe she is becoming tired of her single life or being left for second place in the Middleton’s hierarchy.

  4. Where is that dress from??
    I want it and I need it...


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