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[Updated] Carole and Mike Middleton Attend Red Cross Charity Dinner

Friday, November 8, 2013

Anthony Andrews and his wife, with Carole and Michael Middleton
While we were all distracted thinking about Kate, her parents were at a charity dinner last night for the Red Cross, The Telegraph reports.  It sounds like a really great arrangement:
Mr Middleton and his wife Carole began the night with a £350-per-head dinner at the home of one of the foreign ambassadors who hosted simultaneous dinners across London before the guests descended on the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel for the evening's entertainment.
So they had all the benefits of an intimate dinner setting, but all the excitement of a huge party.  And it seems they had fun. The Telegraph ran with a big picture of Mike Middleton in a conga line. Anytime there is a news story that includes Michael Middleton, I am excited. He is the lowest-profile Middleton. Kate was so silent and reserved year, after year, after year, but William swore that she is hilarious with a wicked sense of humor (which I completely believe).  Michael seems to be just such a dark horse, not grabbing the spotlight, but a riot in private. Pippa once wrote about the Middleton Christmas celebrations:
He buys a new costume each year and typically gets a bit carried away – a couple of Christmases ago, he appeared in an inflatable sumo outfit. It’s endearing, really, and only quite embarrassing.
He always has a friendly welcoming smile on his face. He seems very level and confident with this whole, pilot, to millionaire, to daughter being dated by a prince, to royal-grandfather situation. A man with aplomb. 

Kate may have had a bad hair day on Thursday, but her mother certainly did not. I love these bangs on Carole! She usually is sporting bangs, but often they are swept to the side a little more. Having bangs myself, it is hard to wear them fully across the forehead as she is below, but getting them to lay right for special occasions is certainly worth it.

Carole was looking fabulous in a gun-metal grey dress and a long dangling necklace. Is that a giant gold acorn? The acorn is a central theme of their family's crest... These long hanging necklaces are certainly en vogue right now, but it reminds me of the dangling necklace Kate wore shopping the other week. I don't think Kate's is an acorn, and it is considerably smaller, still I wonder if there is a connection between these two pieces. 

Kate shopping at Zara Home
Mike and Carole were pictured standing with Anthony Andrews and his wife. (see first photo of the post) The paper identified Anthony Andrews as an actor in Brideshead Revisited, but much more importantly, he is the one and only Scarlet Pimpernel. The 1982 version with the breathtakingly beautiful Jane Seymour. If you haven't seen it, I have now told you in time for the weekend. 

Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour in the 1982 Scarlet Pimpernel 
He also played in the King's Speech, another more recent worthwhile watch. So, the Middletons looked great and it would seem it was a successful fundraiser. The Daily Mail has pulled through with plenty of pictures, so click here if you would like to see a better view of Carole's dress.

[Update] Reader Elizabeth rightly points out that this dress is the dress Carole wore to Kate's wedding reception on April 29, 2011! I had no recollection of Carole's dress that night at all. I think I was so caught up in Kate and Pippa's choices, I was on Royal Wedding overload. Great, great eye, Elizabeth! This makes this event waaaay better. I am also excited because the picture in the daylight is a better shot of the dress. She certainly added more bling for the wedding. I have to say, I like it! This also tells us the designer, Temperley, if I remember rightly. I think both Carole and Pippa went to Temperley for their dresses, and this certainly has many classic Temperley elements.

Carole and Pippa were spotted outside Temperley's boutique before the wedding, which set speculation running wild about Kate, but they also dropped into many other brand stores including legend Oldfield.

I think we were all so focused on the actual wedding outfits, we weren't thinking about evening wear. At least, I wasn't.


  1. I must say carole middleton fascinates me. She is very chic and elegant and very age appropriate. It's easy to see where Kate and pippa get thier elegance and grace from. There has been a lot of negative comments surronding her working class background and humble beginnings but I think that makes her all the more likeable. Go carole! Does anybody else think pippa looks like carole and Kate looks like Michael?

    1. Me too! I think she is a remarkable woman. Her calm in the many storms her children have weathered, particularly Kate, her carriage and way of handling herself. Obviously she is organized and made a beautiful home, and her girls clearly have inherited her fashion. I see both Pippa and Kate when I see Carole, but I think I would agree. Pippa and Carole/ Michael and Kate. Kate got his cheeks, I think...

  2. Hi Jane, it seems that Carole is wearing the same dress she wore to Kate's wedding reception. She is as thrifty as her daughter, or vice versa! I think Pipa looks more like Carole and Kate resembles her dad.

    1. OOOOhhhh my gosh!! You are right! I didn't notice that at all! I just updated the post. So, so glad you noticed that!

  3. Jane,
    By the way, when you have time, you should dedicate a post to Carole's fashion and style. I think she taught Kate well; simple is more and invest in classic pieces. They dress a like, in fact mother and daughter even share dresses and hats!

    1. I will definitely give it some thought! :)

  4. I agree with Elizabeth I would also love to read a post abou CM. When I see your post this morning I thought what a contrast to the previous post. CM looks amazing here.A.

  5. Kinda off topic, but why do people keep saying Michael was a pilot when he wasn't?

  6. Carol looks beautiful but I think the dress hasn't aged well ... contrarily to her ! She is a model for the mature woman and I can't remember an outfit that looked out of place on her. Looking forward to that Carol post too !x

  7. Jane, I can always count on you for the most interesting posts! I know this blog is mostly about Kate but I really like that you also include her family on occasions. Also, the other Kate blogs are strictly about her clothes and fashion so when Kate hasn't been out and about in awhile, they don't write anything, but thankfully I can come to your site and find such great posts! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  8. What a fascinating post! It's interesting to see where Kate and Pippa get their sense of style and thriftiness from. I always tend to see a lot of Pippa and Carole resemblance. And so I figured Kate must look alot like her Dad. Now that you say it - I can actually see it.


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