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Feast of St. Andrew: Scotland and the Cambridges

Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's the Feast of St. Andrew and so the National Day of Scotland. One year ago today, Kate was undertaking her last engagement at St. Andrew's Prep School before it was revealed she was pregnant with George! I expected Kate to have a little girl and to name her Alexandra, so I only briefly considered the possibility of a boy. I privately voted for George, but I also thought that Andrew might be a very strong contender. Of course, I wasn't really thinking about the family association, which certainly would have directed me away from the choice... I was thinking about how St. Andrew locations have played such prominent roles in this couple's life. From the small St. Andrew's church in Berkshire where Kate was baptized, to St. Andrews School near Pangboune where little Kate was enrolled after her family's return to the UK from Jordan, all the way to the most crucial location, St. Andrews in Scotland, where William and Kate fell in love. It is certainly a day to celebrate St. Andrew and the Cambridges. 

Speaking of St. Andrews, The Express is reporting that the little pub where William and Kate would hang out in the early days of their relationship has been put on the market now that the couple who have owned it twelve years are ready for a change of pace. 
Linda said: “We bought North Point 12 years ago, which was the time that William first started university at St Andrews, and he became quite a regular customer with his friends.
“Kate was also a customer with her friends and some rumours started circling around the town that maybe there was something going on between the two of them. Then they started coming in for coffee together a few times.
“They didn’t have anything major, just coffee and cake in the afternoons after lectures.
“There’s a bit of a town rumour that their first date was here, but I have no idea if that’s true.
“People come around here all the time and ask us which seat they used to sit in and they all want their photographs taken there, which is really crazy.”
Kate and William were so low-key that Linda claims some of her staff didn’t even realise they were serving royalty at the time.

Wills attended a motorcycle event today in Birmingham and received a little toy motorbike for George. It is actually super cute, with a G cypher and fake coat of arms, probably pretty close to what the prince will receive when he reaches 18. I always wonder if the Cambridges keep any of the gifts they receive.  Usually, I assume they don't--certainly when they are getting stuffed animals--but this was really cute. I would be disappointed if they didn't keep the little polo stick and this cool bike. George will complain once he is older, if they don't. Locals in Anglesey said they often saw William and Kate riding down the country roads around their farmhouse on his motorbike. Unfortunately, I have never seen a photo of this, although certainly believe it. William used to come to polo games on his motorcycle and zoom around London. Aside from the obvious fun of that mode of transport, it was also rumored he enjoyed the relative anonymity. 

I loved when William and Kate returned to St. Andrews after their engagement. It was such a poignant day. Imagine the thoughts going through Kate's head, returning to the place it all began so many years before. Not just to think about how she started at St. Andrews as an ordinary student, and was then returning with Diana's sapphire ring on her finger, but all the years in between when the royal relationship was up and down, the scrutiny of the press and the fans as she hat to publicly work through that private process. It certainly paid off--for us all! I hope the Cambridges have a bottle of champagne tonight to celebrate St. Andrew's Day! 


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for such an interesting post!! I really enjoy these types of posts and you never disappoint! I really like the picture of Kate and Will walking to classes at St. Andrews, I love the natural look of her hair, I wish I had wavy hair like that.
    I wonder if we will see her McQueen black tartan coat dress around the holidays? I loved the look of it on her and hope to see it again.

    1. Thanks for reading! I really love to just reminisce sometimes. Usually these posts are a little less popular, but I know plenty of you are just like me: love remembering!
      I like that photo, too! They look soooo young! Aaaahh!
      I think it is certainly possible we will see it again. She loves tartan and it is a beautiful--and no doubt expensive--dress.

  2. I was surprised to see how overweight Kate was (in the picture of her and William walking to class) - she even had a double chin :) I've never seen any other pictures of her being so chubby. I wonder if she had them all removed from the net.

    1. Hi, I've seen this picture in full length and Kate really doesn't look all that chubby. Although she might have been suffering from the "freshman fifteen", where college students usually gain some weight as they are out of the house and on their own and can eat all the junk food they want.
      Lol, wouldn't that be great, if she could remove all the unflattering pictures from the internet? I think most celebrities and those that live public lives would be lining up around the block to get their hands on that bit of tech.

  3. love these posts as much as the posts about fashion! Thank you Jane.

    1. Thanks, simmy22! I am glad you all enjoyed and commented!


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