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Is Kate Upton Taking Style Inspiration from Kate Cambridge?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It isn't that I am a Kate Upton follower. I certainly am not a Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Edition reader. But, she is here and she is there, and it is hard to follow the fashion world and not know who she is. Today an article about her caught my eye because fascinators always catch my attention, no matter who is wearing them. So, I briefly perused the photos of her at the Melbourne Cup and one picture in particular struck me. I think this Kate is emulating another Kate. Upton's creamy peplumed suit and angled black hat are definitely deriving their inspiration from Kate's Trooping ensemble. We can't see Kate Cambridge's shoes, but let's be honest, we can almost be certain they were nude pumps. 

The red outfit was a fun stretch, but not too much of one! If you were Kate Upton and you had an invitation to the Melbourne Cup, fascinator required, you know you'd start rooting through pictures of the First Lady of Fascinators, the Princess of Perfect: Catherine Cambridge.  

It was a wise move that paid off, in sea of women lost in the fascinator field, K. Upton definitely looked the most put together. If you have seen Upton pouting at the camera in a bikini close to the Arctic circle, yes that happened, you will think it most unlikely that HRH Princess William of Wales could pick up any style pointers in return, but then again, something unusual like Upton's daring blue hat might be just what Kate needs at the Ascot Ladies' Day. I would love it:

Anyway, you have probably heard the bad news. The Winter Whites Gala for Centrepoint at KP will only be hosted by William, Kate is not slated to attend. I guess it is a cozy night in with George instead. She never had actually been confirmed, but it was widely assumed this would be a joint event. Goodbye fabulous evening dress opportunity. Still, not to fret too much, we will see her tomorrow, and I expect to see her the 10th for Remembrance Day, and then the 19th and 20th, as well. 

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  1. If Kate Upton is looking for a role model for dressing like a lady and still look fabulous, she certainly found the right person. I am sooo dissapointed that Kate will not be attending the Winter White Gala! She didn't attend last year due to morning sickness and William said how disappointed she was, I felt sure she would attend this year. Her attendance would have brought much more press coverage to the event and Centerpointe as well.


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