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Kate Mixes MaxMara and Orla Kiely to Battle Sexting and Addictions at Place2Be

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kate braved the blustry winds today to attend forums presented by one of her patronages, Place2Be, on their work with children fighting cyber-bullying, self-harm, and various addictions.  Kate was particularly interested in asking how to fight sexting.
Kate had other interests, too, said Byron. "She was at a engagement yesterday and they mentioned sexting. … She was interested in what we do and my colleagues' work on addiction." (via People)
Kate got involved with Place2Be in the hopes of proactively battling damaging habits and behavior, by reaching children before they get involved. To the clothes...If you were disappointed about Kate wearing an identical recycle yesterday, today she was all in new pieces. 

This asymmetrical jacket is MaxMara, while the pleated skirt is Orla Kiely. Kate accessorized with sensibly warm Cornelia James gloves, and wore tinted stockings and McQueen pumps. I really like this whole assemble! The MaxMara jacket is particularly lovely.  What I think is extraordinary is how perfectly the blue of the jacket and the skirt match, despite the different labels. They look like they could have been made for each other! That can be such a tricky, tricky match; I am very impressed! Kate loves these asymmetrical zippers, and this reminds me of her beautiful Temperley coat:

Kate's skirt flirted with a bit of a Calgary situation, as the unruly winds whipped it about.  Thankfully, it didn't develop into the problem we saw in Canada. It does give us a sense of the skirt's movement, which is lovely!  

She was a little bold pairing a lightly different shade of blue suede shoes and matching clutch. I would probably be more comfortable with more of a contrast, but I think she pulled it off, and it was fun to see her switch up her shoes. 

via Twitter @RoseSkyNews

via Twitter @VixSmith_Mirror
To me, this is also her second day of hair success. The half-sweep is very flattering on her, and puts her beautiful bone structure on display, while of course highlighting her delicate drop earrings.

I meant to update yesterday's post on William and Kate's visit to Only Connect, but life got busy. Kate did look tired at times, but she didn't look worn out and haggard. Every young mother I know with a child under 6 months is pretty tired, and we know that Kate is a hands on mom, so she is not passing the nightly feeds and fussy time off to the nanny. I thought seeing these two together-- tired, but happy--was just lovely.

I love Kate's timing. Yesterday, the excitement of a joint engagement was enough and she recycled a fabulous dress, but she saved pizazz for her solo visit today with a whole new ensemble. Many of us were rattled after the Poppy Day Supporters event, but she has bounced back from that, barely missing a beat. We will see Kate again at the SportsAid's One-to-Watch Ball on the 28th. For those of you in the United States, that will be Thanksgiving Day. A little holiday treat, I'd say.


  1. I love pleated skirts so much! She looks wonderful.So happy she didnt wear the nude pumps again or the usual black suede pumps. And you're right, she looks rested in comparison to yesterday.Those stockings were a brave choice. The rip so easily but luckilly she doesnt have to wear them all day in public so no real chnace of them ripping. N

  2. Loved today's look!!!! The jacket, skirt, shoes, hair, everything was perfect!! Kate looked much more back to her old self today, maybe George got a good night's sleep?!

    You made a good point Jane about how we were so rattled by the Poppy Day event, it is pretty silly to get so upset about one bad hair day! I think we got so spoiled the last 2 years by Kate's hair and fashion perfection that we forgot that she is human and a new mom and therefore will have the occasional bad hair day (or bad makeup, bad fashion, etc)! I really found myself being pretty judgemental and am vowing to keep that in check. Again, thanks for making that point and reminding us what is really important, the health and happiness of a little royal family.

  3. Superb ensemble ! I'm a navy blue addict myself and sometimes go for the total look too .. I actually like it that her hair is going grey, I wonder if she'll go the whole regal way and not dye it ... I'd love that, it would show real self-confidence ; great photos as usual, Jane !x

  4. It's a nice outfit, don't get me wrong but enough with the boring colours! She should stand out and wear some brighter colours! Put a little glamour into it, Kate!

  5. Put glamour into a visit to a charity for addictions and problems??? I dont think so. She is right on with her outfit with the cut and enough flare IMO for the day. Her skirt was very young and flirty. I give her a ten for good taste yet current and up to date style and for blending her color choice with the colors of the childrens uniform. A+

    1. What would be wrong with for example, a nice suit? That could be understated, yet glamourous and elegant at the same time if you do it right. And it wouldn't distract from her charities. There are lots of ways to change it up and still be understated. Even thigh high boots, which for example Queen Mathilde and Queen Maxima have worn frequently in the past!

  6. I think she looked great today. Loved the brighter shade of blue on her accessories. Her hair looked wonderful.

  7. Hi Jane,

    I just read the post regarding Kate's previous engagement for Poppy Day and yikes people really have concerns with her appearance and the amount of time that she works. I adore Kate, but I have opinions about her work ethic as well. I hope that her appearances are heading in an upward direction - today'sevent, as well as yesterday's really make me hopeful.

  8. Love everything here. Especially her hair! She looks great :)

  9. Hi Jane, great post as always. I was also admiring the seamless pairing of the skirt and jacket. She looked terrific today. I would love to replikate this outfit! Her hair style completed the look, very classy and polished. I have to mention how engaging Kate is with children. She is probably a hands on mom and that would explain why she seems a bit tired. As a new mom, I imagine she was very interested in the lectures today.

  10. Hi Jane! Fantastic as always! Could you tell me what sexting is?:-)

    1. Hi martina, sexting is sort of phone sex but through text, or the sending of sexually explicit images or words.

  11. I think Kate looked beautiful today, I love her hair up like this really suits her face. And I love her in navy. She looks wonderful


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