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Kate Recycles Orla Kiely for a Visit With William to Only Connect [Photo Updates]

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I was crossing my fingers that Kate would show up in something that really was perfect today. I wanted to love every element, and I almost held my breath in that second before I saw her. Then there she was in one of my absolute favorite, and what I consider one of the most flattering, coat dresses she has worn! The brown Orla Kiely that she wore to Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford in February of 2012, what a fabulous engagement. It is so wonderful to see her in it again. As I mentioned earlier this month, this is an absolutely fabulous silhouette on our Duchess, a lovely pattern, great color, etc, etc. My day is made. Was William in the Falklands for this event? I feel like he was... If I were Kate, I would want to rewear this on a joint engagement, just so my husband could see how awesome I looked in it in person... 

Kate in Oxford, February 2012

Today, Kate's hair was also looking gorgeous. I am loving it today She still is keeping the more relaxed, layered waves, instead of the bouncy blowout, but her part is more to the side and the beautiful layers are framing her face perfectly. It appears she has very sensibly not bowed to the media frenzy and dyed her hair, but has probably utilized the quick-fix sprays that tone down the roots if you are putting off a full color treatment, as the mother of an adorable little prince would want to do... Her hair looked great! 

William and Kate were visiting Only Connect, a charity in London that helps disadvantaged young people, as well as prisoners, and ex-offenders. They are not patrons, to my knowledge, but were visiting because of their keen involvement with youth programs. 

I love this picture of Kate in the background smiling at William as they arrive:

Kate accessorized with the same Aquatalia boots, and clutch that she wore to Rose Hill, it was a flawless recycle, with only her hairstyle changing slightly. She really looked picture perfect today. I was just scrolling through Orla Kiely's Facebook page last night, which does not do this lovely label credit, and thinking how both the wonderful pieces Kate has chosen from Kiely have suited her.  The grey dress she wore on her outing with Charles and Camilla was also Orla Kiely:

She looked rested and relaxed, smiling and happy. Everything about this appearance hit the right balance of young mother with bigger priorities, but still looking every part the modern princess. Well done, Kate; I can't wait to see her tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous coat and what a fresh face !x

  2. Great post! The dress is my fave too, I love Orla Kiely and that grey dress looked also good on the Duchess. Overall I think she looked pretty tired, I wish she would visit her hair saloon maybe for the ball at the end of the months. I did not like her hair at all but at least she did not part it in the middle:-) It was great to hear from you again! A.

  3. AAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD she's back! She really did well today with her appearance. The past few outings have not been on my favorite's, but today she is looking refreshed, relaxed and in her element. Good on her! I actually prefer this coat more on the second outing with it. She fills it out more. It is great pattern and cut, I agree. The picture of her smiling in the background at William, I think really sums up their relationship. Her hair is looking SO much better. I was not liking the middle part and the curls that she had sported on the last couple of outings due to them aging her unnecessarily. She really nailed it today. I didn't realize that she will be out again tomorrow! How exciting :) Good job, Jane.

  4. I LOVE her hair today and I think that the boots are great! I like the dress in theory but in my opinion, it's just a tad too... girlish on her. The way the top has the big buttons all the way to her neck and the cutesy bird print, sigh. I think there is just a few too many girly elements and that Kate is a women. Also the tights kinda add to the little girl aspect of it. I do love the grey Orla Kiely and thought that was beautiful because it had just a little bit less schoolgirlish elements to it. However, any day seeing the wonderful Catherine is a good day. I thought her makeup and her arm candy were also wonderful :). Can I just point out, no blue tie on William today!!!!! Purple! So fashion forward! Yay!

  5. Hi Jane, great post! I'm so glad to see the photos you posted of Kate, the ones the Daily Mail posted really made her look tired and not too happy. You know, I liked this dress when she wore it the last time, it seemed to fit in well with the children. But at this event, not so much. I agree with anonymous, it's a tad girlish this time. However, it's wonderful to see that she is able to fit back into her pre-pregnancy clothes, I'm sure she's thrilled about that!

    I am still not loving her hair. Granted it looks better today than it did the last time we saw her, but still doesn't quite have the wow factor for me. I am still seeing some gray roots and the highlighting (ombre tint) around her face just don't due her justice. I do understand that she probably doesn't want to color her hair yet if she is still breastfeeding, so hopefully some time in the future her wonderful chestnut locks will be back.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!!

  6. Hi Jane! Although I like this dress and the overall look, I wish Kate would have done something different today. Perhaps she could have worn her hair in an up do, worn different shoes or added a blazer. But the nice thing about Kate is that she seems to be very humble and unpretentious. Many want -to-be celebrities should learn a thing or two from her!

  7. Hi Jane! Thanks for the pics! This dress is one of my favourite too! And I think i was appropriate for this sort of engagement! To me she looks very tired and her roots still were a bit grey but she looked very nicely!
    Martina, Italy

  8. She looked lovely! I think choclate brown really suits kate. I think they are involved becuase princess Diana sister is involved I think she founded the charity. The article was on the telegraph website. Thank you for your hard work Jane your posts are always so quick and informative!

  9. OMG I just love the photo of her & William looking at each other. The look on their faces just says it all. The love they have for each other is for real.
    Great post Jane.


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