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Kate's Hair Stylist & Pippa's New Workout

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kate at the Ward salon with Pryce in 2011

It has been hard for me to figure out what happened to Pryce after he split with Ward. Although, Kate was photographed visiting another salon while pregnant, where both Carole and Pippa are known to go, The Telegraph's Mandrake has reported that Kate still gets her hair cut and colored by Richard Ward. 
Sadly, Mandrake hears that Pryce has not been able to retain his most famous client. “Richard Ward still cuts Kate’s hair and she has her colour done at the salon,” one of Pryce’s fellow crimpers tells me.
Pryce was a protégé of Ward and styled Kate's hair for her wedding in addition to accompanying her on her tour of North America, but it isn't clear to me that there would be any reason for Kate to follow Pryce rather than staying with Ward. It is Ward's salon and the Middleton women have been going for years. If Ward gave Pryce the responsibility of his highest profile client, it doesn't follow that Kate would abandon the whole salon for him. Pryce commented on Kate recently and his remarks were very gracious. Just given the fact that he styled the Kate's hair for the Royal Wedding should keep him with a fairly steady clientele for years.

In her fortnightly column in The Telegraph, Pippa is out testing a new workout craze in London, hydro-spinning, which is exactly what it sounds like: spinning in water. An over-simplification is that the added resistance of the water is apparently easier on the joints than traditional spinning. Pippa mentioned how great of a workout it is for mothers after giving birth. My bet is that the Duchess of Cambridge has or will try this workout at some point. Maybe Pippa and Kate will use the pod for two?
...The hydro-bikes are in fact suitable for all physical abilities, as the cushioning effect of the water means less impact on feet and knees than you get in normal spinning classes. Indeed, early versions of these machines were designed specifically for post-injury rehabilitation. According to Delphine it’s an ideal activity for strengthening joints and muscles and is particularly good for boosting post-pregnancy muscle tone (from about four weeks after birth).
Pippa was recently photographed attending the Sugarplum Ball in a floor length Temperley. Nico was along, too, go course, and the two made a pretty glamorous pair.

Looking forward to seeing Kate at her own ball this week!

Telegraph articles
Richard Ward/James Pryce 
Pippa's Hydro-spinning


  1. Hi Jane, I have to comment on Pipa's dress, it is kind of daring don't you think? Maybe it is the placement of the embroidered shapes? Well, I don't think Kate would ever wear a dress like this; it would border on being vulgar and in poor taste. But Pipa can take risks with her fashion style. I like conservative pieces so I could be wrong. Is this a hit or a miss?
    By the way, I recently bought Pipa's book Celebrate (it was on sale) and I think it is quite lovely. It is a hefty size, 400 pages, with lots of beautiful pictures. Despite all the harsh criticism towards the book, it looks like a lot of work and thought went into developing it. Her writing style is quite charming. I can't wait to try the recipes, Toad in the Hole looks like it would be a tasty dish.

    1. I love Celebrate, too! I laughed when you said you wanted to try Toad in a Hole, because I was just thinking about that recipe today. It looks like great food for cold weather!

      For me, the Temperley was a miss. Dresses that deliberately trick the eye like this are not attractive to me. It's too bad, many of the elements are so pretty. I like the shape and the pattern, but the two toned "faux see-through" is not to my taste at all. I think you can be daring without being obvious. Kate's Issa dresses before she married were good examples of the right mix of sexy, but tasteful.

  2. I like the shapes and pattern on the dress but that's about it. I'm not sure why I don't like Pippa but there's something about her that rubs me the wrong way. I'm sure she's a lovely person but she irks me! Nico looks a bit.. I don't know.. Weird? LOL. I'm usually not this judgemental!!

  3. Thanks for the post Jane! To be honest with you I'm not a fan of Pippa's style. Maybe she has a lot of money but when it comes to style herself I think she is very far from Kate. For me a bit try hard. Also a little bit of less eyeliner which runs in this family would serve her right. A.

  4. I think this dress on Pippa is most definatley a hit! I love Pippa's style and she has a great petitie figure. She looks beautiful in black with her hair up and is lucky that she can take risks that Kate cant. However, she still has to look polished and elegant at all times as she represents the Middleton family and they are royal in laws. Overall a great look on Pippa. Thank You Jane, I do love all your effort and hard work and fabulous posts about Pippa, she fascinates me and I enjoy hearing about her life as well as Kates.

    In relation to the hair tidbit about Kate I hope whoever has the responsibilty of doing her hair sees her soon for a cut and coulour and advises her on how to incorparate more updos into her hair styling, she looks fabulous with her hair up and its so long, to long i think.

    Jane, your wonderful!

  5. Rina I feel the same way about Pippa, I dont know why I dislike her. She can't help the fame and fortune that has come with her sister's marriage to William but I dont like how she has suddenly "blossomed"into a serious socialite / fashionista/ writer / chef / everything really. She has some good ideas and people wouldnt hire her if she was totally useless but I just think she gets far too much credit for her work because she is Kate's sister. For a Language and Literature graduate her writing is less than medicore. I am studying Language and Literature as well and I really thing she could be more creative with her writing and she could actually make the articles a lotmore exciting even if it is just writing about dinner, cookies, parties and now hydro-spinning. I know I am being very critical and negative which is not nice but im just not liking Pippa at the moment. N xx

  6. If Kate is still using Richard Ward for her hair cuts and color, I wonder why it hasn't looked very good as of late? Maybe she hasn't seen him much since the baby was born, or maybe someone else is styling it for her engagements. However, I did like the look of her hair for her last engagement, the half up, half down style. I think it is a very flattering style and always looks neat.

    I do admire Pippa for taking a completely surreal situation, being known for your bum and brother-in-law, and making something out of it. I think she is in an unenviable position and is trying to make the best of it, she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. That being said, I don't know what she sees in her mirror! She has a great figure but the outfits she selects just don't flatter her. They either look frumpy or shapeless or just plain odd. She seems to be much more muscular than Kate and that may be the part of the problem. Also, please someone take away her black eyeliner!! It is such a hard look, I think a soft gray or brown with a little smudging would look so much better or even no undereye liner at all. Kate used to have a similar look but has softened it since her wedding and it looks so much better.

    Thanks for the great post Jane! I enjoy getting the inside skinny on Kate and the Middletons.

    1. Totally agree about the eye-liner. I wish Kate would try a nice bronze/gold or even an olive colour and maybe only wear it 3/4 of the way and smudge it out. I think that would look so beautiful with her eyes.

    2. Rina,
      I hadn't thought of a bronze/gold color but I think you're right, that would be gorgeous!

  7. Maybe Pippa is Star Strucklike everyone else by our USA red carpet celebs. I think now the norm is EVERY dress has to be see through with cut outs of some kind. The most popular are the ones that are cut out on the side from top to bottom so it looks like they have no underwear garments on. Kate does not seem to idolize our stars here in the States thank heavens. I do love Kate's long flowing locks and hope she does not turn her hair into some kind of politically correct corporate board room ready shoulder bob like so many women succumb to. If you have glorious glamourous hair let it loose and let it shine IMO.

  8. I think Pippa is a babe...

    I like sporty posh girls. Pippa to me has a polyenesian islands look. I can't place her genetics, but she is beautiful and healthy looking. The boyfriend doesn't suit her. He's more posh country set. Pippa would be better off with a European royal prince.

  9. Sam. I think this is my favorite comment. :) Pips is a babe for sure.

  10. I forget im a guy at times. I like beautiful wimmin'. My manners forgets me sometimes..(smile).

    Keep up the good work Jane. Us Kate fans can't get enough.

    Always read ur blog.


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