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Remembrance Day 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

As anticipated, Kate was at the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph on Whitehall this morning, watching from the balcony. I was excited to see her wearing a new coat, which was to be expected. She wore the same DVF to her first two Remembrance Days. It was a beautiful coat, and I had no problem with the recycle, but three times might have made headlines. She chose a Temperley London coat this Sunday.

Anytime Kate wears a coat on a balcony like at the Trooping or on Remembrance Day, I hope to see it get another wear so we will have the full view. Unfortunately, I don't think we ever saw the black DVF out and about, although that is not to say we won't in the next ten years. I like today's coat, and I think I will like it even more if we get to see the whole design. Temperley is marked by whimsical and unusual touches, and that was the case with the front panel that has a shine and pattern ticketed into it. The detailing wraps down along the skirt. I have included two very large pictures so you can see the detailing better, since was lost in the shade of the balcony.

This is not a coat I would have chosen off the wrack myself.  The shine of the paneling took me aback briefly and I wasn't sure what I thought of the neckline and collar. I do love how for these formal occasions Kate makes these unusual choices that elicit mixed responses at first and then really look great. I particularly like the back of this coat and am hopeful we see it to greater advantage soon. 

Last year she recycled her coat, and pulled her hat from its appearance William's passing out parade at Sandhurst. This year a new coat, but a more recent recycled hat. We saw this one best when she wore it on her Jubilee kickoff engagement with HM and the DoE. 

Kate looked beautiful today as she continued to sport her new hairstyle. It isn't just the part, these banana curls that frame her whole face are certainly a departure from her usual blow out and bouncy tips, and genuinely can be classified as a "new-do." I like it. I think women need to change up their hair. I am not in love with it for the long-term, so I comforted by the fact that most of us try new fun things and almost inevitably revert to the normal after a few months. It is possible she won't, and we will get used to it. They are certainly lavish. This morning, her long curls and hat made me think baroque hair, or 17th century England. Google image "James II"...

The trickiest thing about Remembrance Day is attitude. If you smile you run the risk of headlines claiming you are laughing through what should be a solemn service, if you don't smile you run a whole different risk: looking like you want to kill your niece-in-law.

Watch that spread on Tumblr. So, yes, it is a tricky day to be a royal, but the best course of action seems to be to act normally, switch it up, so you have happy and solemn stills. As usual, Kate navigated it perfectly. I love this picture below. She is so fantastic in black.

Kate looked happy and relaxed watching her husband from the balcony. William looked pretty great himself in his grey/blue military dress coat as he placed a wreath of poppies. 

From what I can see, Kate has worn a different poppy pin every year::

Remembrance Days 2011, 2012, 2013
Countries all across the Commonwealth thank the fallen today as they mark Remembrance Day, and in the United States it is Veterans Weekend, as well. Because of the wars that have engaged both nations, the young royals have not been untouched by the conflicts and by loss. William left a touching note at the Cenotaph that reinforces the mood and the reason for this event:

For Jo, Lex and all those who have 
made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our 

The Duchess of Cambridge sings at the Remembrance Day ceremony in 2012.


  1. I do like the coat but I thought it was leather at first. Now that I see the details I understand it and like it much better.

    Great job as always!

    1. I thought it was leather at first, too, and when I realized it wasn't I warmed to it. We had a similar thought process... :) Thank you!!

  2. She looks great! Yay Kate is back! Beautiful and loved the hair and what a lovely stylish coat!

  3. Lovely post. Her coat looked terrific I loved it. But for me still her the 2011s look is still the best. She really laughed a lot and messed with her hair but if she is comfortable with it, go with it.A.

  4. This year's coat appears to be navy and not black. I'm not sure I like the color as I think black would be more appropriate. I'm also not a fan of the new hairstyle.

  5. I too thought the coat appeared to be navy, not black, but I am not picky about such things. I do like the coat on her. I too wouldn't have reached for it on the rack, but she wears it wonderfully. I love the back of the coat and am too hoping that we get to appreciate that at a later date to full effect. The hair is not doing it for me. I feel it is too long and is dragging her face down and aging her unnecessarily. Something has changed on her face between 2011 and now. I can't put my finger on it. Her eyes look different - larger somehow.

  6. I just wonder if she is doing her own hair now because I am not a fan though it looks much better than the other day. Also, in certain photos, her makeup seems much heavier. Perhaps it's the post-baby stress/lack of sleep, but her fresh-faceness (for lack of a better term) seems missing. She is lovely, but in the last week she has seemed tired looking. George must be having a bad week because post-baby photos playing volleyball and at the Christening she looked fabulous.

  7. No, I decidedly don't like her hair; forgive my being Jewish but those long curls remind me too much of old rabbis' sidelocks ! The coat is terrific though .... x

  8. I do not like her hair this way at all. It looks like a child's doll's hair and is not flattering at all. Very immature hairstyle in my opinion, and not nearly as flattering as a straight blowout with bouncy, curled ends or a sleek updo. I also found it inappropriate for this type of somber event as from the pictures it appears that she played with it during the ceremony quite a bit.

  9. Love the coat - don't mind the hair with the hat - hate the makeup. Looks like heavy theater makeup. She really does look different -- I wonder if the pregnancy rumors are true and she is trying to disguise morning sickness. She still looks unwell to me.

  10. I am undecided about this coat, I generally don't like clothes with two differant types of fabrics used in one item. Howver, I do like the collar and the cut of the coat.
    When she first wore this hat, she wore it at a jaunty angle but here she wore it straight and I'm not loving that look. And I liked what The Silver Bunny said about her hair, I knew those ringlets looked familar but I couldn't remember from where.

  11. ADORE her ringlets. How refreshing that she breaks out of the box and is not afraid to style herself the way she likes and not following some boring politically correct hairstyle. I love how it softens the severity of the occassion with the whole black/blue It does look a little Dowtan Abbey but I LIKE IT!!!


  12. I really like her coat! It reminds me of a tuxedo jacket. I wonder if her Whiteley black beret-hat would have been a better choice. Kate has the most beautiful selection of coats and hats; she wears them well after all. I agree with everyone who thinks that she should go back to Richard Ward-if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I love my hair stylist, she knows how I like to wear my hair, how much to cut, etc. I only let HER cut and style my hair since I have plenty of stories about disastrous hair cuts.


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