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3rd Time & Still Charming: Kate Recycles Lace Temperley at the Natural History Museum Alive 3D Gala

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome back for a rundown of this evening's black-tie gala. The gala (a word I have recently discovered may be used very loosely) was a premiere of David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive in 3D. Let me just say, the Natural History Museum is absolutely stunning! It was built in the 1870's and is just breathtaking. Frankly, if we had all been there live it would have stolen the show. Presumably, many of you have been there, but in case you haven't, this is the trailer for the film William and Kate watched. It will give you a flavor for the movie in addition to the stunning photography of the building's architecture.

I had not heard the dress-code and was guessing that Kate would wear something short, since she seems to do that if she can. But, I was very pleased when she arrived in her stunning black lace Temperley. She has worn this twice before, which is entirely understandable given how absolutely beautiful it is. It was also a good choice to go with a long dress, because she was in the front row, and I imagine it was a more relaxed experience not having to keep the cameras in mind constantly. Obviously, we all love a new dress, but Kate is going to recycle sometimes and since that is the case, I am thrilled when it is a dress that I really thought was fabulous. This is obviously a winner for her, and it certainly was for the public. It was such a successful stunner that is was chosen as the dress for one of the Madame Tussaud wax figures. Tussaud. Creepy, you say? No comment from me...

Kate is certainly settling into this new hairstyle. Flat on the crown, straight and sleek, with just a hint of movement from the layering that is framing her face. I loved the bouncy curls of yesteryear, but I like this new, cool vibe as well. It is certainly easier to replicate. 

War Horse Premiere (L), St. Andrew's 600th Anniversary Fundraiser at Middle Temple (C), Natural History Alive 3D (R)
She carried no clutch, but accessorized with her usual diamond bracelet and the simple new necklace she has been recently sporting. The Natural History Museum provided their own fashion pieces. Since the movie is in 3D, everyone was given a pair of dark 3D glasses to help bring the animals to life. 

As usual, William and Kate couldn't have looked better together:

Like all things in fashion, sunglasses go through style stages. One year it is all about small and sleek, the next massive oversized Jackie O. Kate used to favor Coach's smaller, square-lensed ones, but in recent years, like us all, she has evolved with the prevalent fashion winds and moved to the oversized. For a brief second, these 3D glasses made me think I was looking at a circa 2006 Kate.

Polo in 2006
Frankly, it almost seems that the 3D glasses are working to stay en vogue themselves. These are actually an acceptable lens shape for 2013, if you don't want to go all Audrey Hepburn on everyone. 

This is not Kate's first crack at an event at the Natural History Museum, she was there in November of last year in her green Mulberry and gave one of her rare addresses. That was also a new hairstyle:

It is a good thing Kate loves children, because you just can't get away from them if you are royal These charming little ones got to have a chat with the Duchess, who per usual, gave them plenty of attention and interest. These two cuties are the 3 1/2 year old children of the production company's CEO. I will say that little Francis needs to be careful, he is ripe for an internet meme with that face.

Again, great recycle. It wasn't new and exciting, but it was classically lovely and a complete success. This dress just can't go wrong. It is the perfect blend of sexy and staid. Can those things go together... She looked glamorous, just the way a princess should. 

Kate Charms David Attenborough
I am just dying to wander through that museum now. It looks like something Harry Potter could have easily been filmed in. I don't know about the movie, but Kate sure thought it was good:


  1. Hahaha! Your comment about little Francis really made me laugh. Love it. Kate looked lovely, per usual. :)

  2. Hi Jane, oh how I wish we could have seen Kate in a new dress tonight, I was hoping for the McQueen she wore to the white tie reception that we didn't see. I think this dress is absolutely lovely on her but I'm a little tired of seeing it. That being said, I still think she looked lovely tonight. I am especially liking her hair, it's a little straighter, I've often wondered how she would look with stick-straight hair, and looks very easy to style.
    Both her and William looked relaxed and happy, so nice to see in new parents.:)

  3. Ewww dinosaurs are creepy things. !! If I wore those 3-d glasses and they "came alive" I would run a mile. I cannot understand why people fuss over orrible dinasours.?? Imagine one of them tapped on your windows in the night. ?? What a nightmare. .. and those oneself with big long necks and little stupid faces, big asses stompiing around eating all day long. I bet their poo must've deadly smelly. Oh im glad their gone.

    The royal couple looked good tonight. And Kate looked lovely earlier in the day. Her hair was great .

    I'm noticing a transformation of the duke and duchess. I think they're becoming ready for state duties. Kate is more looking regal. . They're due to move to Sandringham this Christmas. I would like to know how they will spend the Christmas period with baby George. His first Christmas.

    All the best. Jane


  4. is she holding a walkie talkie at the polo match?

  5. Hi Jane, I envy Kate's hair! What a difference $1,000 makes. It is a very obvious improvement from how it look on some of her previous engagements. It has been so cold in Los Angeles lately; the combination of the weather, indoor heaters, and wind has dried out my hair terribly.
    Back to Kate, she looked beautiful. She is sure getting her money's worth by re wearing this dress so many times. I wonder if William notices and gives input? Sam, care to give a male's perspective?

    1. I hate to say this....I might get locked up in the tower, but kate is looking incredibly sexy. Her hair, her healthy complexion, that beautiful dress , those shoes as she lifts the hem to elegantly ascends the steps. A little too much eye make up, but it doesn't take away her beauty. I feel completely helpless. I dunno if im falling in love. ....

  6. I've just noticed something when looking at the video footage. Kate accidently sits down first when invited too, instead of waiting for William to do so first. He is afterall the Duke and the most senior royal there. Protocol is very important and must be observed, , especially at public events. I think she was slightly distracted, but she has to be so careful or there will be tension because William is dutiful. To be a royalty is very hard work William was born into it. Kate must always work hard and remember detail. In the forces u don't forget to salute an officer. Its just the same as in the royal family. It's important to know protocol.

    1. Hi Sam,

      I don't think William minds too much, after all he is very keen that he and his wife are equals or maybe he is being a gentleman and letting a lady be seated first.

    2. Hi Lauri.

      It doesn't work that way. She must follow his lead prompts and established protocol. She's had etiquette training and probably made a slight slip up. I know Kate is responsible and William is modern about these things snd he'll probably correct her with s kiss and a hug. Kate is new so no

      Keep Calm
      Carry On

  7. I love this dress, I think it is honestly spectacular on kate, however I was a bit disappointed she didn't choose a new dress. I think three times to high profile events is a bit too much. But we can take this as evidence Kate doesn't have a stylist and makes her own choices which proves she is down to earth. Lovely hair tonight so shiny? And her make up and skin were flawless. I would love to know what products she uses. Also Jane, do you know when Kate's next engagement is? Please don't say we have to wait till xmas! I loved this appreance becuase they were together, and one thing I notice is how they are always smiling at each other, they seem so comfortable and happy in each others company. It's wonderful to see. Thank you for a lovely post jane!

    1. Bad news. She has nothing on the calendar as of right now. It is not expected they will make an appearance until the Christmas walk to church. That being said, there is the Queen's BP Christmas party, which is coming up very shortly. We should get car pictures...

    2. Oh thats such a shame! its been such a good week if appearances, well we will probably see Kate out and about as she shops for christmas bits. Looking forward to the car pictures even though we wont see her outfit!

  8. Dear Jane! I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! I love your blog, thank you for all the hard work! See younext year!A.

    1. Thank you very much! I so appreciate that you stopped by and read the blog, and am touched you took the time to comment! I am excited for 2014, hope to have you along for the fun!


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