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Anmer Hall Improvements + Armored Cars

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Secretly, I thought today would be the Queen's pre-Christmas luncheon, but... it was not. It has to be soon, though, because HM is booked to head for Sandringham very soon. It will probably be tomorrow. I am looking forward to the car pictures. In the meantime, though, I have been meaning to go over sundry news items on the Cambridges. 

Work at Anmer Hall is in full swing.  The couple are having the roof replaced and the bright tiles caused a bit of a dust-up in the papers. As you can see from the earlier picture, the roof is fairly subdued, but apparently, the locals were upset when these quiet tiles were removed for rather loud replacements. 

In this shot, they do look a little radio-active:

Attitudes vary among locals, as the Express reported:
As one disgruntled resident put it: “The building dates back to the early 1800s but it looks more like a Barratt home now. It’s not an eyesore but it does look completely different.”
Others aren't worried:
“If they are Norfolk tiles they do weather down quite quickly, so I am sure it will look fine in a year or so.
 “People are looking forward to them moving in but we are used to the comings and goings of the Royal Family.”
From my perspective, if William and Kate decided to move to my neighborhood, they could put blue tiles on and I would find a way to justify it.  I read somewhere else, as briefly mentioned in the Express, that these tiles are apparently traditional for the area and will quickly blend in better.  

The royals have special deals with various car companies. Audi is a big one, William has often driven beautiful Audis, and it was speculated that Kate while a royal girlfriend was leased her Audi at a preferred rate because of her relationship with William. An Audi executive was even invited to the Royal Wedding. 

William and Kate leaving polo in her Audi

Kate was caught driving AND talking on her mobile. :(
Of course, Range Rovers are also a royal staple. Kate's parents' have owned Range Rovers and she was certainly pictured by plenty in her single days at polo matches. Now she is a royal, she often switches between an Audi and Range Rover. 

It must have been a pretty exciting coup for execs when their brand took center stage to drive the most hotly anticipated baby of 2013 away from the hospital:

Since then, Kate seems to have switched mostly to the Range Rover, probably because it is bigger and safer with her new little addition.

The Bentleys and Jaguars that the Royals move around in for official engagements are of less interest to me, and are often borrowed from the Queen or Prince Charles.

But, when William and Kate drove to the Diplomats' Reception, not just Kate's tiara was making a statement, it was hard to miss the big embroidered Bentley on the headrests of the couple's ride. 

William is privately leasing this Bentley (shared with Harry) for use at public events, and it is quite a Bentley. At $400,000+ with a top speed of 200mph, the Flying Spur boasts more than the usual luxury car. The Mail reports:
As for special features, the hand-crafted walnut interior, the champagne cooler and the wi-fi internet capabilities are more luxuries than purely practical.
William and Kate are also understood to have opted for quilted leather seats which heat up and have a massage function.
In addition to the perks, the car has triple glazed bullet-proof windows that are about 1.5 inches thick, as well as hardened armored steel, and tires that won't deflate if punctured, Hello! reports. Vulnerable areas such as the fuel tank, radiator, and engine also have special protection. So, it seems that although this car has lots of fun aspects, it is primarily meant to keep this increasingly high-profile couple safe as they arrive and depart from engagements where their presence has been announced long in advance. Given the state of our world today, this is a very comforting development.  

I expect to be back in the next few days for a run-down of the Christmas luncheon. Oh, speaking of Bentley, a company that holds the the Royal Warrant, you might enjoy this article about the Royal Warrant. 


  1. Unexpected post, thanks,I love cars and I was fascinated pretty much:-)) A.

    1. Great! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi Jane, thanks for the unexpected but interesting post. I'm glad to see that the new roof tiles will age nicely, as they are a little bright. But I agree with you, if they lived in my neighborhood they could choose any color they wanted and I'd love it. :) I really liked the section on the cars, I wondered how they could afford all these high dollar vehicles and leasing them sure makes sense. Plus, the car company profits from association, I know I would love to own any of these vehicles and I'm sure others feel the same and if they can afford them then they'll buy them.
    By the way, it was nice to see Kate driving Pippa to Wimbledom (I think I spelt that wrong), just two sisters off to enjoy watching some tennis.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the drive to tennis was unusual and very fun! I imagine they wanted a special girl day. We see them together so infrequently now!

  3. Take a look at the new wood on the roof dormers at Anmer Hall. The one dormer looks completely rebuilt. Wow, there must have been some badly needed repairs to that building.

    1. Hopefully, William is the kind of guy who always keeps his windows up to snuff... :)


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