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Christmas Highlights Kate Has Come Into Her Own As a Full-Fledged Royal

Thursday, December 26, 2013

There was some very interesting footage from yesterday morning, view it here. As the "tape rolls," the Queen steps of out of St. Mary Magdalene Church and is shortly followed by Camilla and Charles. Harry walks out, inelegantly but charmingly struggling into his coat, and William and Kate directly follow together, as William adjusts his tie. Other members of the family pour out behind them. They all sort of mill about slowly making their way toward the steps and the waiting crowds as the cameras click furiously. Oddly enough, none of them seem sure what exactly to do. The Queen starts to move toward the waiting line of children anxious to present their Christmas flowers to the monarch. Then she turns and calls one of her family members, a very particular royal, to come down and mingle with the crowd: Kate. 

Just last week I stumbled upon an article at The Telegraph reporting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had joined a board meeting of their foundation this month, and I was about to click away because that is old news when I noticed the next line:
The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry was established in 2009 as the main vehicle for their charitable activities, but it has enjoyed a dramatic change in its fortunes since Kate Middleton married into the Royal family in 2011, with donations shooting up almost tenfold.
The foundation raised £4.8 million in 2011, compared with just £629,000 in 2010, before William and Kate announced their engagement. Almost £1 million more was raised by the American wing of the charity, most of which is not included in the figures.
The foundation's donations have increased tenfold since Kate joined the royal family!! Incredible.  As Kate continues to touch greater numbers of people her popularity continues to skyrocket, taking William, Harry and the whole British Royal Family with her. Richard Palmer, of The Express reported from Sandringham that there was an even bigger crowd gathered at the church than the first year Kate joined the royals and that police were expecting 5, 000!  

At Sandringham yesterday, the Queen called Kate over and sent her off to accept flowers. It is not clear to me if the Queen had been told the flowers were for Kate, or whether as the shrewd keeper of the Windsor brand, she knew on her own part of what was generating the buzz and excitement of the gathered crowds. What struck me even more in the video was how the others grouped about by the foot of the steps and talked and watched as Kate worked her magic on her many admirers, accepting flowers, laughing, chatting, and wishing "Happy Christmas" to person after person. William was teasing Harry about his beard, Sophie and Eugenie stood behind the Queen helping her with the bouquets she was receiving. But, they all watched as the stars of the show took center stage. The morning certainly seemed to be all about two popular and powerful women. The second longest reigning monarch in British history and the girl from the home-counties.

Popularity is power. That is part of what makes the British Monarchy so much more impressive than any other monarchy still in existence. They are the most popular monarchy! It must be a little surreal to be Kate, the relative newbie, the daughter of self-made millionaires, to be more royal than her fellow royals. In just two short years Kate has really stepped confidently into her role as wife and partner of the future king. Kate fits like a perfectly cut puzzle piece because she isn't the outsider anymore, she isn't the commoner struggling to keep up, she truly is William's Princess. 

William and Kate take a Christmas morning walk arm in arm.


  1. Beautiful day, beautiful family. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! It was a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Kate is not only beautiful and young, but just a great woman in general. People can tell how much she cares about the people, her charities, her family, and of course her husband. William could not have picked a better bride and I really do think it will work out for them, which makes me so happy. I really don't get those who don't like the monarchy, look at what they do for this country! It really is wonderful and I hope they will be around for a long time. God bless the queen! Hope you had a Happy Christmas Jane!

    1. Thank you, my Christmas was lovely. Hope you have been enjoying the festive season. Thanks for reading and commenting!! Happy New Year!

  3. I love Kate's tartan coat; if it didn't cost ... 7,200 dollars or pounds, whatever, I'd get one for myself ! And didn't you just love the Queen's orangey coat, it was gorgeous too ! xx

    1. I am right there with you. Too expensive for me, but so, so beautiful! Bonne Année à vous et à votre famille!

  4. Jane, Great article. I had the feeling that something was different when I saw William holding Kate's hand. I instantly thought "she has arrived!". But it didn't make a lot of sense at the time, until I read your post. Kate has done a terrific job since she married William. She carries herself with grace and class, and is naturally very regal. This year
    she gave birth to a beautiful son. What more could the Queen ask for? The days when the press poked fun at her
    for her patience, waiting for William to commit, are over. A new Kate has stepped into the spotlight. A confident and
    intelligent woman; respected, loved and supported by her husband. Let us not forget that Kate has only increased
    the popularity of the monarchy but has also established the Middleton family. We will see what the future holds. It
    has been fun watching this story unroll before us.
    What do you think might be going on behind the scenes? I'm sure there are some uncomfortable and envious royals
    in the family who may feel threatened by Kate's popularity.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! So happy you enjoyed it. I think it would be contrary to human nature if there weren't a few people with a little jealousy going on. Perhaps those who used to have the spotlight a little more, and are now have it less. That being said, this isn't a surprise for us, or them. William was going to marry someone and that someone was always going to take center stage. Anyone not in direct succession must start to fade a little as senior royals are increasingly redefined as time moves forward. Ultimately, Kate's popularity boosts the RF as a whole, so they all benefit. It is probably hard at times, but that's life, eh? :)

  5. Hi Jane happy boxing day.

    I really enjoyed seeing William and Kate holding hands. U rarely see it amongst royalty. Kate has brought a freshness and happiness to the monarchy also she's made y hem more relaxed. The Queen especially so. U can see she absolutely dotes on the young royals.

    The Queen was actually being overwhelmed with bouquets, and she called kate to help out. But your right Jane the crowd at Sandringham has certainly gotten bigger since William and Kate came along. Harry too is very popular. Every generation of royals are popular as was the queen and the young princess margeret in their day. Etc and Diana-mania.etc. It's like a soap opera and it's addictive. They become part of your family. I get all mushy when I see prince George. Babies are special.

    Looking forward to seeing the new year 2014 love to see kate carrying prince George maybe...and Harry announce an engagement to Cressida.

    Oh yes.....

    C-yah soon Jane thanks for the blog. Love it loads.


    1. Happy Almost New Year, Sam!! I am very, very excited for this coming year. We will have to see what happens with H & C. I feel like that could cut either way, but one thing is certain, it won't be dull! :)
      Looking forward to sharing lots of royal events with you!

  6. Hi Jane, you are absolutely correct, Kate has really come into her own this year and it's been wonderful to see! After having George she seemed a little unsure and anxious, but now that he is almost 6 months old, she seems to have found her footing again. The love and support she receives from her husband must mean the world to her and their little PDA on the Christmas walk really shows that.

    The only thing I would advise her to change would be her habit of holding her hands clasped in front of her when she is walking, I think it makes her look uneasy and less sure of herself. When she joined the Queen and Prince Phillip at an event for the Queen's Jubilee, where she wore that great teal dress and jacket, she walked with her arms at her side beside the Queen and I thought it made her look very confident and at ease.

    Kate continues to be such a wonderful role model for young women, and for those of us that aren't quite so young.:) I look forward to watching her grow in her role as future queen, wife and mother.

    1. Hi Lauri, glad you agree! Kate did seem to have that rough patch after George's birth, so it was so wonderful to close the year seeing her back on her feet and looking better than ever! I am particularly excited to see a little more of George in 2014! It will be an exciting year!
      Happy New Year! ~Jane


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