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Hacked Voicemails and 2014 Tour

Friday, December 20, 2013

Under Surveillance
Before the NSA, there was the News of the World... ;) Haha, sorry, mandatory joke. The phone hacking trial continues... It is funny, because as you listen to all the released details that they learned from hacking Kate's phone, you realize, "Wow, I wondered way back then how they could possibly know that!"  This week, the revelation was that William called Kate "Babykins." Again, a revelation that is more of a confirmation, since we all heard that forever ago. I have to say, the released voicemails were very cute, just highlighting this is a normal couple. Relax, I am not condoning phone hacking, but seriously, this has been out in the public forum forever.  You can read the voicemail transcripts at the Daily Mail here. In one voicemail, William calls Harry and leaves a message pretending to be Chelsy.
Hi its Chelsy here, I just want to say I miss you so much, and I think you’re the most – best looking ginger I’ve ever seen.
Although you really are quite ugly for a ginger, I hope you’re having a lovely time, I really miss you. It’s lovely out here in Africa and hopefully I’ll see you very soon, you big hairy fat ginger, anyway, speak to you later.
I am sure Harry was fooled :)

Also announced yesterday was the confirmation of William and Kate's 2014 overseas tour. We have known for months now they were planning a 2014 tour Down Under, but it is nice to have the details solidified. They will be in Australia and New Zealand for almost a month, and of course, they are bringing George with them. I can't imagine Kate leaving her little guy for that long! 

As a Kate fan I am so, so excited for this tour. As a blogger, I feel a little sick in the pit of my stomach. I think the tour will be almost as grueling for the blogging community as it will be for the royals. Keeping up with the Solomon Islands, etc Tour was pretty crazy. Am I starting to complain like Kanye West?  I am excited, I really am. We have two tours under our belt already, all will be well...

I like the historical continuity of going to Australia, just as Charles and Diana took William on his first overseas tour to Australia. Of course, it is also a very large commonwealth country, and I think, just as William and Kate went to Canada right after the wedding, the Royals like to send their stars to these big nations every now and again.


  1. Hi Jane,
    Wow! So I clicked the link you provided and read the article at the Daily Mail. I know the information has been made public, but it felt like eavesdropping. Poor William, I'm sure he is steaming angry. I have to say though, William seemed so smitten and by the way he reported in, it seems that Kate had him on check! William is always so
    serious and regal in public, but we forget that he is just a regular guy. On a side note, it saddens me to see the pic
    of Diana, Charles, and baby William. They looked like the perfect couple. What went so terribly wrong? Charles
    what were you thinking? His failed marriage to Diana will always loom over him. I wonder if he has any regrets, specially when he sees William and Kate.

    1. Well, perhaps because we have heard them all before it didn't seem as bad to me, but I started to transcribe them onto the blog and it felt super weird, so I just did the Harry and William one. Nevertheless, I myself read them all at the DM, and my rule on this blog is that I am not better than the rest and don't get to filter. If I read it or look at it, I share it with everyone else who may also want to read it. (Obviously, that does not apply to major privacy invasions, like the topless photos. I encouraged people not to Google it and I would never have shared them). I did kind of enjoy the voicemail. But, obviously, do not condone the hacking, obviously. Anyway, wavy line, but...
      I believe in letting go of the past, in forgiving sins, and moving forward. What Charles did to Diana was wrong. But, she is dead and he has married Camilla and the family has healed. Charles should never have married Diana and frankly, I am positive he regrets it. Of course, he doesn't regret his sons, so it must be a weird position to be. The world is certainly a hard place sometimes.

  2. Charles was always confused. He had no idea about women, let alone handling Diana. His father Phillip tried to "Man him up" many times but failed. He was lucky Camilla was around to save him at the expense of her way of life. She literally had to give up herself for England or else Charles would have fallen to pieces.

    Aristocratic women put duty before personal happiness. Diana had absolutely no idea about this or relationships. She was a virgin.

    What people don't understand is when the king comes calling, a woman generally has to follow. She can't refuse even though she can married. The husband literally has to step aside. Being a mistress to the king is accepted. Camilla is only playing the game, which Diana didn't know. It has nothing to do with love. Her family, and their future will be taken care off. In other cultures its called paying a dowery. Throughout royal history the king has had mistresses. Chinese emporers had as much as a thousand concubines. It's just how it is.??.

    William loves kate and they're happy together. Their match couldn't be more perfect. This is a great love story and everything around his parents is resolved .everything has moved on.

    1. Hmmm... Are you saying that because there is a royal precedent, that mistresses and concubines are acceptable? Do you think that it is humane to make vows of loyalty and fidelity with another human being, and then renege? Are women no better than toys, or game pieces, to be shifted according to whim and whimsy? Should a king's word even be trusted? If he can't be trusted for the promises he makes in his personal life, how can other promises he makes, be trusted? Who, O who, can trust him?

      And what is personal duty? Accepting belittling humiliation and betrayal, and then calling those battle wounds as dignified, and proper, is almost a comparison with the sacrifices that men do for country on the battlefield. They call these men hero's. What do you call the mistresses and concubines? A lot of men call them sluts. And still, we're told to put a feather on it, smile, and SHUT UP.

      "It's just how it is?!" I think that it is, just because men are bigger, and have been able to be bullies. As the playing field between men and women is are power differentials. Bullying won't even be proper for kings!

    2. I agree with wolfpup. Charles and Camilla remind me a bit of David and Wallis - they are both a little bit damaged emotionally. Charles did not have the greatest of parents - his mother became Queen at 25 and pretty much ignored him thereafter and Philip was pretty much abandoned by his own parents and had to figure out how to make his way in the world as a broke aristocrat and wanted to "toughen" up his son by forcing Charles into situations that were not good for Charles. They didn't encourage the individual that Charles was and he was pressured into a marriage to a young virgin. Did you ever hear any talk about Kate's virginity? What's pretty funny is that Charles, Wills, and Kate are big on anti-bullying and why do you think that is? Perhaps they deal with family members who fit the profile.

    3. I seriously do not know what being a virgin has to do with anything! It's not that hard to be a "good-lay"...all the parts are already there. She was raised in the aristocracy, so if the information was all around her; concerning how ruthless were the Kings of yore, who were doing all that; are we then to assume that she didn't understand, that this was also a modern tradition, as well? Shouldn't Charles have informed her before sacred vows were taken? Like telling her, that he didn't really mean them?

      I suggest this. Any woman, of any age, who is betrayed by her husband, will come unglued. In fact, most women are very aware, to give married men their space, out of respect, so they do not cause such grief to another woman. It's the girl-code. In Diana's case, she felt that the paramour, was a threat to her relationship with Charles and her children. And he would not give the woman up! I'll bet you 10 bucks that aristocratic ladies, are just as butt-hurt as the next woman, after such a betrayal. Look at all those young aristocrats who have been marrying in the last few years. They have love-googling all over their faces, for their spouse during the nuptials. I bet it doesn't even cross their minds, that they won't be living happily ever after...

      I am positive that Kate would be crushed, if William were to do that to her. There's so much that has changed from the past: slavery, civil rights, the woman's movement, nations that are struggling for democracy, to name just a few. I don't think that hurting another human being is ever right, even if one is struggling with baser desires. Surely bad behavior needs to be eliminated everywhere, and Kings and Queens have had to bow to the modern age as well.

      I promise that I'm not trying to attack you personally, Sam, these are just concepts that I feel strongly about, and I hope that you will see only that. Charles camp has put out so many excuses. That's all they are, rationalizations and excuses, ad infinitum...

    4. You miss the point about Charles being bullied into the marriage by his father. He was brought up in a pretty dysfunctional household. Think about it - do you all curtsy to your family members? Did your father send you to an all boy boarding school where you were constantly hazed? Charles had nothing in common with Diana and they were more then 10 years apart. Traditionally royal heirs didn't divorce because they become Head of the Church - so if a match goes sour - they didn't have the same options as everyone else. Historically, their marriages were based on assets and politics, not love. He seems pretty happy with Camilla - you never hear any rumors of him cheating on her. William found someone who makes him happy as well. Not sure why you are attacking Charles' camp and talking about "excuses". Perhaps all they are really doing is telling the truth. It was a bad marriage for both of them.

    5. Oh, I see. It's okay to cheat if you are unhappy. It's okay to be unhappy, if it is someone else's fault that you are. Good thing that I didn't listen to my mom when she told me who to marry...

      Geez, this gives me fodder for doing all sorts of things if I become unhappy. I don't need to be responsible in addressing my problems with a therapist etc...I can just act out! Poor, poor Charles, he had such a hard wonder.

      Charles and Camilla were very irresponsible and cold-blooded in my mind. On the other hand, Diana wouldn't be holding a grudge at this point, and neither do I. I just get tired of hearing stories to justify bad behavior. Why can't someone just say, I did wrong, I learned, I'm sorry, and I won't do it again?! Too humble, I guess. I believe once you allow others to use those excuses, you open the door for all sorts of nonsense from people who believe, well, if they can do that, then so can I, and everybody will understand, when I tell them that I was unhappy...

    6. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. It is okay to make yourself happy. It was okay for Charles, okay for Diana - who explored other relationships while married as well. I don't think anyone has to say "I did wrong". I don't think anyone has to pay professionals to figure out "how do I make myself tolerate this situation which makes me unhappy". Just find a situation that makes you happy. We aren't being graded at the end of our lives - your happiness is your responsibility.

  3. Hi Jane, I am so excited for the tour, all those outfits and prince George! Do you know when the tour will be? As for the phone hacking I think it is so crazy, and a terrible breach of privacy and completey disrespectful. Thank goodness that awful paper has been closed down! Thank you for the lovely post Jane

    1. Me too! I am feeling pretty excited right now. It is going to be a (very, very busy) ball! I am sorry, I thought I said in the post, but I see I didn't. The tour will be most of April, from what I have heard. Thank you for reading!!

  4. I didn't listen to the phone conversations because it makes me cringe but I think it's strange that nowadays some people in higher circles don't realize that they could be listened to. No wonder they didn't find much in Will's and Kate's conversations ... I adore that photo in the yellow dress, it has to be one of her best !

    1. Yes, it is hard, though, to wrap your head around the invasion of personal things like emails and cellphones, but it is the world in which we all now live. Unfortunately. :( That dress really grew on me. I wasn't a fan when she wore it, and now I love it, too. :)


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