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Kate Recycles White Roland Mouret Gown for Mandela Film

Thursday, December 5, 2013

William and Kate attended the Mandela film premiere this evening at the Odeon. Kate recycled the Roland Mouret (French designer!) she wore to the Thirty Club dinner in May of last year. I wasn't in love with it that time. I thought her hair needed to be swept up give the neckline and shoulder detail. It was missing something. She hit it out of the park tonight. 

Not only is her hair up, it is a "new-do." She debuted this (most certainly professionally styled) modern pony with pieces framing her face. There is a nice almost retro lift to her hair at the back as well, and I notice she wore a black velvet ribbon that perfectly coordinated with William's velvet shoes and her own. This isn't a fashion blog about William, but those velvet shoes sure caused an uproar in the fashion community: a negative uproar. I love her hair tonight, wow. This is unusual and very sexy. 

Kate added bling with an inexpensive--but oh sooo sparkly--crystal collar from Zara. The new hair style, combined with this statement piece literally transformed this dress. The dress had plenty of potential, it just finally realized tonight.  It is a stunning dress, and if I may say this, Kate fills it out a little better this evening. I think that helps as well. Notice the ribbon in her hair in the picture below:

This dress has that slit that gives it its zing, but makes for a tricky car exit:

Video of the couple walking the red carpet:

It was announced, while William and Kate were in the movie, that Nelson Mandela had passed away in South Africa. That's some amazing timing for you. All and all, a very successful night for the Cambridges. Kate looked absolutely radiant, William was dapper as usual; they were royalty at its best.


  1. The first time Kate wore this dress, wow, hot, hot hot! This time I thought the look was so fun and flirty!! I love her hair, very retro and on trend and the necklace really adds a bit of fun and bling to this dress. Her and William look very happy tonight and while it's said that he is wearing velvet shoes I can't really tell by the pictures, to me it looks like he is wearing the dress shoes he normally wears. For me the only thing to complete this outfit would have been a small pair of diamond stud earrings. Thanks Jane for such a great post. I wonder if any announcement was made during the screening about the passing of Mr. Mandela? Such a great loss.

    1. I just saw William's shoes and while I like the idea of him wearing velvet slipons, his pants really need to be lengthened, they are way too short.

  2. Hi Jane,
    Wow less is more! I love Kate's simple and classic style. This dress was a perfect choice for this event. We hoped to see her in a floor length dress, with an up do, a bit of glam and here it is. But I wish her hair didn't look so messy and that she had worn a different pair of shoes and clutch, perhaps in a different color like gold or silver. Not a home run for me.
    On a more serious note, I'm saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Mandela. We rarely see leaders like him.

  3. Love the dress tonight I think kate looks amazing in cream. The necklace was beautiful too, however for me the hair looked abit 'I'm nipping to the shops and have just shoved my hair up'. I think she should have worn it in a lovely low chignon with side parting. I do wish she would wear a slightly darker shade of lipstick to these evening events as well. But overall she looked beautiful as always. Thank you for your post jane your always so quick! R.I.p to Nelson Mandela he was a true hero and how very poignant that he should pass on the night of the film premier about his life.

  4. She needs to learn to swivel on her backside and put both feet out of the car at the same time. Diana was a pro at this.

  5. Apparently Idris Elba went onto the the stage at the end of the film to announce the passing of Nelson Mandela. I don't think the Duke and Duchess were aware of smything because his granddaughter Zinzi attended the premier. If she had known I doubt she would have attended the film.

    What people forget is this was a night out at the pictures. Kate can dress how she chooses although yhe black shoes didn't go with the dress. Something light or silver opened toed and glam. Her hair was finally off her face and elegant but a little more glamour would have been nice. She has to get comfortable with looking like a dream, because her every appreance photographed anf millions of people are waiting with excitement. She must spare no expense in her appearance. It doesn't matter if her haters complain. They will criitise anyway. She must face "the enemy with confidence.

    They say she's not like Diana. But Diana was 30yrs ago..!!! Or Kate doesn't do Aids or landmines or other big global issues..??? But her charities are relevant to todays issues like addiction cyber-bullying and childrens hospice She is also a wife and mother. William is in fact on paternity leave from his job. He is a modern king. Will be.

    He they William and Kate work" on behalf of the country. That's their job. Kate will take a little more time to get into it because she wasn't born a royal. Every one is hanging their dreams snd hopes on her. She's the most searched item on the Internet the ones who hate her should really look at themselves instead of projecting all their insecurities onto her.

    Thanks Jane.


    1. Hi Sam. Sorry to inform you but William is not on Paternity leave. First his leave was only two weeks so he returned to his RAF duties sometime near the end of July. Then Kate & baby George joined him in Angelesey. And future more he is no longer in the RAF. He retired in September of this year.
      He, Kate & baby George are now living full time at KP in their new apartment 1A.

      And I do have to say I really hate it when the try and compare Kate to Diana. As William said in their engagement interview Kate is not replaceing his mother but will make her own way. And she has done a great job so far and blazing her own path.

  6. photogs that try to get "up skirt" shots are despicable and disgusting. i like this look a lot, as well.

    1. Yes, thankfully, I don't think most photographers are out for that kind of shot, but if they are, Kate is pretty good at stepping out of the car. :)

  7. I like this dress but ultimately, I think this look is unsuccessful. The black shoes and bag look too heavy and compete with the silver tones of the necklace. Silver accessories would have unified the ensemble. An elegant up-do would have shown off the neckline of the dress and been more appropriate for the occasion. Between the disparate accessories and messy hair there are too many things going on.


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