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Kate Walks George in a Pram Through Kensington Park, Lupo in Tow

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kate took to Kensington Gardens today to stretch her legs and get some fresh air. She indulged in some "off-roading" as she was photographed casually pushing George in his pram both on a sidewalk, but also through the grass. Lupo was not left behind, and was seen loping around keeping close to his family. Kate is a woman of many hats: fascinators both large and small, lace and feathers, neutral to black; she has worn cowboy hats; she has worn fedoras, and baker boy caps. She very rarely wears a ball cap, so it leaves a lasting impression. This hat looked soooo familiar and then I remembered. A polo match in 2008, Kate wore a baseball cap very much like this one. Dark with indistinct lettering:

Upah, is that William's ex, Jecca Craig, saying hello to Kate? Indeed it is:

They were celebrating William's birthday and it was raining, so they ended putting up a tent, which royals aren't that good at, but are sure cute trying:

Success at last. (Note Harry and William are wearing matching hats. :)

We are getting off topic. Anyway, it certainly looks like the same hat!

These are almost more fun than the tiara photos, although, those were pretty exciting. I love casual Kate doing every day things, looking so awesome.

She looked absolutely stunning in her skinny jeans, sweater, and Barbour jacket. Although, the Duchess wore a baseball cap, it is hard to go incognito with a pram that big. The size certainly provided one function, though, and that was to shield the baby prince from any prying eyes. George was snugly out of sight. William and Kate are modern royals, but they do love tradition, too. From the le Chameau wellies, to the Barbour coats, to the... Silver Cross perambulators. Silver Cross have been the stroller of choice for the royals for generations. Perhaps since they were first made in 1877? Thankfully, they have become a little sleeker over the years, but this is certainly impressive and fit for a royal, no matter the model.

I love her infinity scarf, too! She looks very chic in her casual outing today. The perfect unwind after her glamorous night yesterday! PopSugar has many more great photos of our favorite princess. Check them out here

Tomorrow is the Mandela film premiere!


  1. I think the gloves are from her visit to st andrews with william before they were married when she wore the red two piece, you can just see the hint of red along the edges. Never expected to see thise again! Great post jane, very fast!!

    1. They may be! I can't see close enough, but you are probably right! Thank you, glad you came by and read it!! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the great post Jane, you are so quick with this things, how do you keep up with it all? I love these unexpected photos of Kate and Lupo! She looks great, just like any young mother taking her baby for a little walk in the park.

    1. :) Well, as this very late reply is evidence, I sometimes don't keep up. This holiday season was so, so busy. These candids are my favorite. I just love her looking casual!!

  3. Gosh, those people are beautiful ! Fancy-American-ad beautiful ! x

  4. I LOVE Kate's off-duty looks. She looks so British country chic!

    1. YES! I am with you. I just love, love, love it. Where are my wellies, I need to wander in the woods after these pictures.

  5. My word! She is just so beautiful. She looks especially beautiful in that last picture of the set in which she and Wills are in the tent.


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