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Kate Wears Red For Queen's Pre-Christmas Lunch

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Today the Queen hosted her pre-Christmas lunch, bringing the wider British Royal family together at Buckingham Palace to toast the season before HM and her immediate family remove themselves to Sandringham to celebrate in a little more intimacy. 

There were the usual car pictures. William, Kate, George, and Nanny Webb all arrived together in their Range Rover with William at the wheel. Kate was in red, but there has been disagreement on what exactly she is (re)wearing. 

Grazia reported that she was wearing the red Armani from William's passing out as well as when she was pregnant with George, but I think the lapels would have shown more, the fabric has a rougher nature, and is too loose to be what Kate is wearing today. Not to mention she would need a perfectly matching shirt underneath. It is clearly not the Armani.

I thought it might be the Catherine Walker that Kate wore in Canada, but the neckline is too deep on that dress.

@AnnieElizabethN thinks that this is the red McQueen from the Thames Pageant, and I tend to agree right now. It has the same snug looking fit, color, and neckline. It was a beautiful dress, and would be a nice choice for a Christmas luncheon. It is possible it is something new, or something not considered, but for the moment, this seems the most likely choice.

The Royal Family are always very punctual for events with the Queen, but William and Kate were a solid five minutes late and stayed only two hours. 

This must have been George's first time being introduced to many of the extended members of his family. After all, he was born in July, William and Kate secluded themselves in Berkshire and then Anglesey, his christening had a very slender guest list, so this is really the first big event where he would see all these people. Or, more exciting, they get to see him. We can only speculate what he wore, since he isn't visible tucked away in his carseat behind William. It was reported recently that Kate had picked up a cute little Christmas jumper and a t-shirt for George at Trotters, maybe he was wearing one of those?

William and Kate are expected to spend Christmas with the Royal Family at Sandringham and we should see them walk to church Christmas morning, but I will be shocked if they bring George with them on the walk. 

More photos and details of the afternoon at:
Daily Mail
The Express


  1. Hi Jane, I'm so glad we saw Kate today. I too think the dress was the McQueen. What a shame we didn't see a full length picture, but never mind something is better than nothing. Would love to see a picture of prince George now, I bet he is adorable! Do you think they will release some pictures of them all together at some point? I know Diana and charles did with William but these two are not Complete followers of tradition!

  2. I am in for the McQueen dress. It is such a beautiful dress and such a beautiful color! William, oh dear, he seems stressed. Maybe it is the photogs??

    1. Dear Countess,

      Yes, William seems a little exasperated, maybe he's stressed because they are running late. One musn't be late for the Queen. lol

    2. Right so! Must be punctual for the Queen, perhaps little George doesn't understand that yet.. ;)

  3. can you really blame him for hating paparazzi taking his picture while driving? It makes sense to me

  4. Hi Jane, it's so nice to see the family making their to great-grandma's castle for lunch. I'm sure Prince George and little Maud were the centers of attention! It was kind of funny seeing the police officer with a cheat sheet to who's who in the royal family. :) I was thinking that we might get to see the Queen's christmas card, as I was hoping it would have a picture of her holding little George, maybe taken at his christening. Well it's not Christmas yet so there's still hope.

    I too think that Kate is wearing the Jubilee McQueen dress, it would be very appropriate for a Christmas lunch. It was stunning on her the first time she wore it and I'm sure it looks just as wonderful now that she's a mom. It seems to me that the earrings she is wearing are the leaf ones she wore with the McQueen hibiscus dress in Malayasia, they would work beautifully with the red dress.

  5. Hello Jane! It's the first time I comment here but I've been reading this excellent blog for the last few months. Thank you, and congratulations, you're doing a fantastic job here. Great posts, very well written, and awsome photos, I love this blog :) Keep up the good work.

  6. I don't think it's the McQueen jubilee dress as the dress pcitured today does not have quite the same neckline, and the sleeve detail seems different. I think it is either something we have not seen before, or perhaps borrowed from Carole. Carole wore a red dress to Pippa's book launch that matches Kate's dress today a little better in neckline and detail. You can see a picture of it here:

  7. Hi Jane! I tend to to think she 's wearing McQueen but could it be something new in your opinion?

  8. Jane, I found a pic that shows kate on one side and you can see better the outifit! I'm not convinced it's McQueen anymore :-(

  9. I always enjoy the posts about the cute things that William and Harry do, and probably Kate is involved too. They are still young people, and I really enjoy their antics... I think that alone makes them accessible to others. Who is there that can't appreciate a good joke?


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