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Richard Ward or Rossano Ferretti?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Last week, The Telegraph's Mandrake reported that Kate was still a client at Richard Ward, despite being photographed during her pregnancy at Rossano Ferretti's more secluded salon in the West End. However, the MoS reported yesterday that Kate's beautiful and rejuvenated locks on Thursday were the result of hours of pampering at Rossano Ferretti after all. 
The 31-year-old Duchess arrived shortly after midday in a car with blacked-out windows and was whisked up to the VIP club suite on the third floor where she had her hair attended to in complete privacy by one of the salon’s leading colour technicians.

Staff were told that ‘a VIP was in residence’ and lift access was shut off to make sure there were no interruptions. When she eventually emerged at 6pm, the Duchess was back to her former self – her crowning glory restored to a mass of tumbling chestnut-coloured curls.
Both Carole and Pippa are reportedly customers at the salon. In March, Carole and Pippa grabbed lunch together in London, and Carole was holding the bag from Rossano Ferretti at that time. 

I think it highly, highly unlikely that Kate is going to both stylists. My guess is that Carole and Pippa, who can more easily move around salons, enjoyed the privacy of the Rossano Ferretti salon and suggested to Kate that a change might be in order. Most women change stylists every now and again, and Kate's increased need for discretion probably fueled the move as well. The Royal Family shy away from situations where the royal brand is being capitalized, as was beginning to happen with Richard Ward & Co. 
The Rossano Ferretti spa is quite different [from Ward]- occupying a discreet and innocuous building just off Hanover Square in the West End. The Regency-style property looks more like a house than a hairdresser’s, but once you step inside, you are in hairdressing heaven, according to regulars.
‘It is the most luxurious place I have ever worked,’ said a member of staff who asked not to be named. ‘The client has their own suite and it’s incredibly private.’
That kind of privacy will assure that no paparazzi photos emerge of Kate with curlers in her hair, as happened in 2011. 

I didn't mind the length of Kate's hair before, I just objected to the middle part, but it appears she has reverted to the tried and true. She looked fabulous last Thursday, and I am sure it was good for her to enjoy a day of indulgence at the salon as well. 
One witness who saw Kate leave said: ‘She looked amazing. She was dressed in a tartan cape and was made up. Her hair looked fabulous, really big and glossy, and it was flowing around her shoulders.’
If I had to bet what cape she was wearing, my money would be on the Zara she wore earlier this year on her Starbucks run:

After Kate was spotted at Rossano Ferretti's, claimed to have a sit-down with the stylist and asked him how we all can get Kate's gorgeous hair:
When we sat down Mr. Ferretti, there was one question we were dying to ask: “How can we get hair as perfect as Kate’s?” He explained that using Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil would do the trick! 
This multi-purpose product, which is sold and used in all of his salons, will leave your hair feeling polished and protected. It’s unique antioxidant-packed formula, which contains Camellia Oil, tames frizz while leaving your hair hydrated and silky, just like Kate’s!

Birchbox is selling the Shu Uemura for $68/150ml. Maybe something to put on your Christmas list...

If you thought that the motorbike was an interesting gift, it has emerged that a tribe in Kenya has gifted baby George a fattened calf and a little goat. After talks between the tribe and the Duke's representatives, it has been decided the bull will stay in Kenya and start a new "royal herd." Said herd will live on Lewa, which if memory serves, is where William proposed to Kate.  It remains to be determined if Prince George upon reaching an age of understanding will think this coincidence a cool or weird resolution for his birthday gift... :) 


  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for the scoop. Kate is known for her gorgeous hair and it was looking a bit tired lately, she needed the cut, treatment and color. Wow, I would love to have my hair pampered for 6 hours! I wonder how much that would cost? By the way, is that a Darwin jacket vest Carol is wearing? It looks just like Kate's Darwin coat.

    1. Apparently close to a thousand American dollars! Pretty hefty price tag. Obviously you are also paying for the celebrity treatment, the privacy, and whatever perks are included in royal pampering. Sounds great, no? :)
      Yes, LK Bennett had a gillet that was basically the same as Kate's coat. the Middleton women sure do share style. Pips was also spotted in something similar...

  2. So I guess no one will discuss the hair extensions???

    It's nothing to be ashamed of, and is an accepted part of life, and Richard Ward salon is famous for adding hair extensions.

    Her hair is beautiful, but it isn't all her hair when she attends events with it down. There is a very obvious fall (half wig) in the photo from sportaid.

    6hrs is about right for time needed to dye/cut/treat AND add extensions.

    Ditto the cost.

    Ps:- I work in a high end hair salon.

    1. Well, I don't think she has hair extensions. I am a professional model and I know the magic you all can work with hair. Kate's hair is naturally very thick with plenty of body, so I don't think it is unreasonable to think this is her hair. Additionally, I don't think that hair extensions are good for your natural hair, they can lead to thinning and ultimate hair loss, and I don't think Kate, who is predisposed to be more down to earth, would turn to hair extensions when she has such healthy beautiful hair already. I am not trying to cover anything up here, I just don't think it likely she is using extensions. :)


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