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What to Get the Anglophile on Your Christmas List?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Well, if you don't have all your gifts lined up by now, you are in a world of trouble, but for the disorganized or daring last minute shoppers, I have put together the shortlist of good gifts for the Anglophile in your life. 

With the rise of the blogosphere and internet news, there seems to be less of a need for hard copy newspapers and magazines, but I still relish rooting through and buying all number of newspapers and magazines in topics of interest. It is much more enjoyable to curl up with a beautifully put together magazine and a cozy cuppa than with your tea and a computer screen. A few of my favorite magazines that would be a delightful treat are:

Majesty Magazine.  Majesty is fabulous because their entire focus is on British royalty. If you really only follow William, Kate and the Senior Royals, this is the magazine for you. It always has wonderful cover photos and feature articles, mixing contemporary reports with historical pieces. Other royals are covered with less detail, which is just enough to keep you "royally literate" without wandering too far from GB. 

That being said, never stop reading your (cough, cough) favorite royal blog of all.

Royal cookbooks, are also a fun idea. Even the less domestically inclined can get into the spirit when there is a royal patina attached.

Right off the bat, we have to give a nod to Pippa Middleton's Celebrate. Until Kate releases her own entertaining book, this is about as good as we will get.

Another good choice, Eating Royally by Darren McGrady, former personal chef to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Bake & Decorate: Charming Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies by Fiona Cairns. From the charming baker who made Kate's stunning royal wedding cake comes a beautifully photographed cookbook of British cakes and sweets.

Increasingly, gifting movies has become a little obsolete as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Prime stream directly to our devices. Still, some of these have yet to hit Instant Watch.

The Queen
The King's Speech (Instant Watch)
The Duchess
The Young Victoria

Windsor Castle: A Royal Year is really fun! I completely enjoyed it and I don't think it is streaming anywhere! (P.S. Follow the Amazon ideas from this selection, and you will find all sorts of fun royal things to spend your money on!)

For those looking to splash out just a little more, a Kate favorite, Links of London, has lovely charms for a variety of moods and personalities.

Hello. Obviously, Downton Abbey on DVD. Some things one should own. Kate is a fan, and so am I.

If you are looking for a thoughtful hostess gift, a basket of UK and royal related goodies could be fun. Prince Charles has a whole online shop of Highgrove stuff you can buy. Think of it as a donation to Kate's wardrobe fund.

Speaking of shopping, I have got to go make some last minute purchases myself. Happy Christmas to you all! We will be back on the 25th for a Royal Christmas Report!

If you are baking cookies or wrapping presents, enjoy this King's College Choir concert from Christmas Eve 2011:


  1. Hi Jane, I really liked this post!! I was looking at the Buckingham Palace gift shop website yesterday thinking that I should have directed family members here as I would love the Coronation throw pillow! And the Duchy of Cornwall has some great looking foodstuffs. I hope you, Jane, and all the readers of your blogsite have a Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks, Lauri. I agree, I should have gotten this post up sooner so my family knew what to get me. ;) I am late with all these replies, as you can tell as I reply to several of your comments on various posts, but Merry Christmas anyway! ~Jane

  2. Jane, I wish you good humored and merry Christmas and success in writing;)
    greet and welcome:

    1. Thank you so much! I keep trying. Hopefully, not too many typos slip through. Have a wonderful New Year. Looking forward to hearing from you in 2014!

  3. Merry Christmas jane and a happy new year looking forward to your post on the 25th.

    1. Thank you! I am super late responding, but better late than never...

  4. Hi Jane.

    I watched 'Jane Eyre' yesterday on the BBC iplayer what a great movie. I'm guessing you would like it if u like period costume drama. I'll absolutely watch anything to do with royal history. I've seen all the films u lidted plus a couple more..".Elizabeth I, the golden age" and WE (Wallis & Edward) highly recommend. !!!!! Im trying to trace Mrs Brown starring Judo Dench as Queen Victoria about the relationship she had with John Brown a Scottish royal servant. I can't finds it anywhere.

    Jane can I recommend a traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey, with sage and onion d stuffing , roast potatoes, light boiled Brussels sprouts & carrots roast turnips/swedes. For afters Christmas pudding with custard. Ah beautiful. Then 3pm The christmas day 'Queens speech'. Where Her Majesty sends out Christmas greetings to the nation and commenweslth.

    I have never seen Downton abbey but i will watch it on Christmas Day because there's a scene where they visit Buckingham Palace. I didn't know our kate duchess watched it. I read somewhere she likes Bridget Jones movies and Mirands Hart the comedienne on the BBC. She's really funny.

    As a Anglophile I would definitely recommend u visit our shores next year Jane 2014. It'promises to be a big royal year. More prince George walking talking, prince Harry engagement I reckon. Plus there's so much royal history to see and learn about . U will absolutely love it. It's be in your element.

    All the best on this day
    Christmas eve. 2013.


    1. Kate has said she is a big, big fan of Downton! Pippa and Carole actually went as visited the set during filing, as you may know. I always enjoy when Mary talks about George and I think about Kate curled up on her sofa watching it with her George. The best!!

      I also enjoyed the Elizabeth movies--I have yet to watch WE. Hopefully, I will make it to London again this year. Certainly one of my favorite cities in the world! It can be hard for me to pick between Paris and England, though. ;)
      Best!! Jane


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