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Cambridge Incorporated

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Splash News
Kate Middleton Returns to St. Andrews with Fiancé Prince William
When Kate isn't seen for a protracted period, that is always the time when the ingenuity and creativity of royal bloggers and reporters are put to the test. Some efforts are more successful than others. The Daily Mail "broke" a 60/40 today.  60% was interesting and 40% we already knew. That is actually a pretty solid split, so major kudos. The news that the Cambridges incorporated their brand didn't make a significant splash while royal news was busy, but now that we have almost nothing to talk about, and the Mail adds some fun details, we are all ears.

James Whatling/Splash News
The Countess of Strathearn in Scotland for the Order of the Thistle Installation Service

So much more fun than the initial news blurb, the Mail reported the names the two chose for their companies! Kate's company in charge of protecting her brand is CE Strathearn. Guess the CE? Catherine Elizabeth. Strathearn is obviously her Scottish title. I wonder why she picked this? I think they both chose names that had some personal meaning. My bet is that Kate has a very soft spot for Scotland. After all, she is the Countess of Strathearn because she met William at University of St. Andrews. They fell in love in Scotland, vacationed in seclusion at the Queen's Scottish estate, and returned to St. Andrew's as part of their engagement tour. So, in many ways, Scotland was the start of their romance, and the start of her life as she knows it today. Solid choice. 

University of St. Andrews/Splash News

William picked APL Anglesey, Arthur Philip Louis. An interesting insight into these two. I can see them relaxed on the couch coming up with their names. William's particularly highlights how happy he must have been throughout his Anglesey years with Kate, living what was probably the most normal lifestyle he has or will experience. And of course, it was in Anglesey that William and Kate started their marriage with such joy:

William and fiancée Kate Middleton in Anglesey, Wales
Splash News
Also, surfacing today was a great interview in the Telegraph with Mario Testino where he discussed his work with Diana, Princess of Wales, and also photographing William and Kate. 
When, in 2008, Kensington Palace asked him to put on a show of Diana photographs, he invited the Princes. “I approached them without knowing them, because I felt that they had to give me their blessing for an enterprise like this. I myself am so close to my mum, I felt I couldn’t do anything about their mother without their approval. They came to view the rooms with Kate [Middleton] and Chelsy [Davy, Prince Harry’s former girlfriend].”...The Duke of Cambridge “is more like his mother, there’s a kindness and a gentleness there that instantly wins you over”. He was, Testino felt, completely “in love with Kate. I knew they would stay together”.
Testino had solid relationship radar, because the two obviously were in for keeps. (Side note: As absolutely beautiful as Cressida is, I still miss Chelsy.)  Of course, we all know that Testino was asked to take William and Kate's engagement photos, which were superb. Again I wonder, did William ask Testino because of his iconic work with Diana? Although, the couple chose another (royally connected) photographer to take their wedding day snaps, for this more intimate occasion, Testino's talent was perfectly suited.
“I waited a long time, an hour or two, to make that picture perfect. But I wasn’t totally satisfied. Then, when I’d finished the shoot, they were about to leave and they suddenly hugged in front of a radiator. I took my camera and that was the picture that ran everywhere — it was spontaneous emotion … you could see they were completely in love.”
I thought his final comment about Kate was quite right.
Does the Duchess of Cambridge remind him of Diana? He shakes his head: “Kate, she is beautiful in a different way: she radiates happiness. She is comfortable in her love.”

So, what are William and Kate up to? William is still trucking along at Cambridge University. We are fast galloping up on the Middleton family holiday in Mustique, which usually takes place the last week of January and/or the first week of February or so. The big question is, will Kate go? I can't imagine William can slip away from a program designed for him that only lasts ten weeks. So, assuming he can't make it, will Kate take George on his first tropical holiday without Dad? I would die if I were Kate and had to miss this holiday. My gosh, everyone wants to be somewhere warm and sunny right now. It would be good practice for George before flying Down Under in just a few more months, too. My money is that Kate will go. We shall see...


  1. I don't think she will leave William even though he is at school during the day. I have heard (please correct me) that he is commuting daily so he can still be a daddy to baby George and not be away from Kate. Not sure if this is true.
    And I would think she has alot to do before their trip down under in a few months. She & William can get away together at another time.
    But I am sure having Duchess

    1. Yes, I am certainly having some withdrawals myself. :)
      Well, I am sure William would miss them, but a week and a half isn't so bad, and frankly, I think the Middletons would miss not having Kate along. They are such a close family and with only three siblings, I think it is pretty important for everyone to show. I can see arguments for why she would skip as well, but I hope she goes. She could use the rest before the tour, and there is something to be said for a dry run flying with George while her mom is there to help before the madness of the official trip. All will be answered soon!

    2. Use the rest before the tour ? Just read the papers and see that her popularity is taking a hit because she does hardly any work. Diana did hundreds of engagements every year. Kate does (maybe) one a month and needs a rest ? Just my 2c.

    3. I think papers move papers with those headlines, but nothing corroborates the story. She seems to be an ever increasing sensation. Yes, she could probably use a rest before the tour. Today we often just say we need a rest, but in more archaic terms people would say, "I need a change of scene." Change is healthy for all people. Whether you have been reading a book for three hours and need to take a walk outside, or you have been in all day and should really drive to a coffee shop just to see the outside world, or if you have been in the rainy and chilly northern hemisphere throughout the fall and winter and could use some sun and sand. Change of scene and pace is a healthy thing. Some of us can only afford to take a drive to the local coffee shop, others can jet hallway 'round the world. Who am I to judge? If I had Kate's millions I would be in Paris tonight. Or Santorni...I can't decide. I am not saying she is an overworked factory slave, just that she is a new mother who could probably use some pampering like anyone else. Furthermore. Like most families in first world countries, the Middletons take a family holiday or two a year. This is there family holiday. I have written a little on the topic of Kate's work ethic if you care to peruse is:

      So, those are my thoughts. Diana may have worked more than Kate. I would ask when? and was it healthy? Whatever our answers may be, ultimately, it isn't our concern. It is wholly up to Kate and William. It is her choice how present she will be raising her child(ren).

      I hope none of this comes across as too pugnacious. :) I appreciate that you weighed in! Obviously, I have strong opinions on the topic...

    4. Anonymous is talking rubbish. All the "just read the papers" stuff (daily fail) are mainly republic anti royal ppl, who log onto all the royal stories, using the same tired phrases. It's probably the same person (s) using different psudenisms if u notice they use the same buzzwords over and over. They target DM because they report on a lotta royal news. It's obvious.

    5. You are very loyal but on issues like this the count issued by the palace at year end indicate how hard each royal works. There is the group that feel Kate puts in more behind the scenes times and it could be possible. My theory is not that she is such a super mum but rather she has post partum depression perhaps caused by the move to London.

  2. No mention of Zara's new baby or Prince Harry's quitting his job for a desk one? Pretty interesting family news!

    1. No, if there is a large family shindig (aka christening) at which all members of the BRF are present, I may cover parts of it, but here my focus really is on Kate and her immediate family. Unfortunately, the same goes for Harry. Now, if he gets engaged, I will certainly cover that. :) There just wouldn't be time in the day to keep up with everyone...

  3. Hi Jane

    I was surprised to hear Kate worked briefly with bmw in and around the grand prix circuit, mainly marketing and promotional work. She met Autumn Kelly work and introduced her to Peter Phillips in Montreal. They subsequently dated and got married. Kate and William attended their wedding, before "royal wedding". Etc etc.

    Kate has always been busy. She worked right up until a couple of weeks before she gave birth to baby George. It's well documented.. she's probably at home right now breastfeeding and at the same time organising paperwork for her charities. She's in the process of setting up an office to coordinate her and William and Harrys plans. That too is well documented. She is also William's wife people forget. She can't be a separate entity just to feed a voracious media . I am glad she and baby are carefully maneged. I enjoyed ur write up Jane. I miss her too.

    All the best..

  4. Interested CanadianJanuary 19, 2014 at 2:51 AM

    Like yourself, Jane, I believe that Kate deserves to vacation with George and her family in Mustique, particularly now that William is spending so much time in Cambridge. It cannot be easy for Kate in London, under the constant supervision/watchful eyes of protection officers, perhaps cameras and listening devices in her home, and, worst of all, if Mortons book on Diana and Fergies autobiography are to be believed, under scrutiny by the men-in-grey-suits/courtiers/nowadays known as staff in the employ of her father-in-law. How she stands it is beyond me; it seems to be the equivalent of a Chinese torture chamber: absolutely no privacy. Her freest moments, ironically, are likely those when she is out conducting public duties, particularly during walkabouts.

    However, I absolutely believe that the ignorant amongst us, and they are legion, will hold any such vacation against her. It is totally unfair, but fact.

    Were I Kate, I would not venture to Mustique unless I knew in my bones that I had Williams absolute backing, and by absolute, I mean his willingness to speak out to the press in her defense. Anything less would result in bad press. Kate would have to be either very brave or very foolish, aka Diana, or utterly desperate, which too smacks of Diana, to fly to Mustique with George otherwise.

    Such is the wretched state of the life Kate has chosen, a psychological imprisonment.

    1. Totally agree! I'd be surprised if she did go on vacation without William but if she did (with his support like you've said) then I don't see anything wrong with that. This "it's her job to be with her husband" business is a bit ridiculous!

  5. Hi Jane, its so nice to read a Kate post after so long! where has she been, normally theres a small sighting of her even going to the shops or something. Perhaps she is enjoying having a rest and spending time with George while William is busy with his course. I hope we see her on an offical engagement soon. I think it would be wonderful for Kate to go away with her family and take George but I have a feeling she wont. Im really looking forward to a new year of engagements, hopefully more joint ones, seeing more of George and that tour in April!

  6. Maybe the Middleton family vacation will be put off until William finishes his course. It's only ten weeks long. Maybe they'll have a ski vacation in mid-March. Me, I'd go for Mustique, and I'm sure any time of year would be great. I just don't see Kate going off without William.

  7. Jane- I think the Middletons have to realize that Kate is a married woman now and her job is to be with her husband. Everyone talks about her family and how close they are and I can ubderstand that. I was very close to my family but I would not think about going on a vacation with my family and leave my husband even though he is going to school. We do not know how much commuting William is doing. I can not see him staying in Cambridge away fron his family all week. This is just my opinion.

  8. Hi Jane!! Thanks for a great post. I love the names William and Kate selected for their companies. Like you I can picture them relaxing and bantering back and forth as to what to name their companies. Selecting the places that mean so much to them and figure so prominately in their lives shows how much they loved living a simplier life out of the public eye. As to the vacation, I doubt that Kate would go without William as she has said in the past how much she misses him when they are apart.

  9. You know, it just occurred to me that perhaps she can't just take the heir to throne out of the country any time she wants. There are all kinds of security problems with that. But I agree with the above poster that you generally don't leave your husband to go with your parents on vacation somewhere. He's just taking a few courses for 10 weeks - he's not deployed overseas.

  10. Jane, Have you written a post about Princess Diana's jewelry? That necklace she is wearing in this post is very striking and makes me wonder who received her jewelry when she passed? Has Catherine worn any of her jewelry and if not, do you think she might in the future? Thanks!

    1. I have never written a post on Diana's jewelry. I do make mention of her sapphire collection that became synonymous with the Princess of Wales. I believe Kate's sapphire drops are re-worked form Diana's, but could be new. I did have an interesting article on the division of Diana's estate, and I will highlight that in a post soon so you can look it over again!


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