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Carole Middleton Looking as Beautiful as a Bond Girl Shopping in Chelsea

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mama Middleton was out and about in Chelsea. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. I love this woman. May we all be so awesome at whatever extremely young age she is. She is wearing some pretty loud stockings. I am 100% against fishnets. These are not fishnets, but they are...bold. Very bold. But, if there is anyone who can pull them off it is Mama Middleton. I will tell you one thing, I covet her booties. WOW! Can we see those on Kate, too please? This is what I mean about Carole. When do you look at a 60 year old and want to follow her fashion lead? For me, this does not happen often, but when Carole struts down the street, she sends me running for the department store. 

Carole also wore this ensemble to the St. Luke's Carol Service for the Henry van Strauzenbee Foundation. Remember that? Kate used to go to that in the first week of December. I remember that Kate all but disappeared in 2009. She was living in Anglesey and really almost never surfaced. She popped up at the carol service in chilly London and it was a rare and welcomed appearance!

Kate was again spotted at the service in 2010 shortly after her engagement to William. She looked chilly, but chic in Aquatalia boots. I think she had just discovered Aquatalia, because it was one of the earliest sightings of her in their boots.

Much to my disappointment, Kate has not been to the carol service since. I think it likely that she doesn't want to draw attention away from the cause, but it is tough to wave goodbye to the more down-to-earth days. Still, there are compensations for us now she is royal--hello, Down Under Tour 2014!  Anyway, so Carole attended the Carol service this year and looked awesome:

She looks great.  Love the coat, love the boots. Time to shop. Kate's birthday is tomorrow...don't forget!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly Jane, Carole rocks!! I can really see where Kate (and sometimes Pippa) gets her great fashion sense!

  2. Love those tights. Wonder where she bought them.

  3. Yep, I love Carole. A smart, successful lady who seems to have a happy marriage, a close family life, is a self-made successful businesswoman and always looks fantastic! Wow! I wish I had her style! x

  4. I also love carole she looks amazing! I can only hope I look as good as her when I'm that age. And of course today is the 9th Jan which means happy bday kate!

  5. Hello Jane,

    I must say, I actually like Carole Middleton. I think she's an exceptional woman. She has a lovely manner about her, and obviously accomplished in life, family, home and business.
    She looks great for 60....Yum. !!!! Great legs, fabulous smile. Reminds of Sophia Loren smile, the dusky former screen goddes..

    I think she handles herself well in-front of the paparazzi android the media in general. Being a former air stewardess in their glamour days, a job that required considerable people skills, she can handle them The last picture it looks like they followed her and slapped an instant photo. Some paps are pretty sneaky. I spoke to a paparazzi guy once who told me they make a lotta money for one picture, especially the continental media. Our press are more respectful, plus the royal family can take legal action now. Tragically Diana paid the price for their excessive ways.

    I think Carole was shopping for something for kate's birthday. Something simple but expensve. Could be a cashmere jumper, silk scarf maybe.?? Peter Jones is the department store is the sloane couture bespoke look, that Diana came from. She loved shopping in there. Kate ironically is more furyher down the road in the Kings rd of Next and Topshop or dare I say Jigsaw.

    Then but not now......

    Love to all.


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