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Kate Celebrates Birthday With Quiet Dinner Party

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I woke up this morning to find that it was snowing...again. We are already covered, and it appears that mother nature isn't planning to let up yet. I was a little irritated, snow is all well and good at first, but after a while it gets old planning every day's outfit around the same pair of snow appropriate boots. Still, there are worse problems, like needing to get to the hospital with snow covering the roads. I am sure my feelings were nothing compared to Carole Middleton's 32 years ago today when her part of England was experiencing a "Polar Vortex" of its own. Katie Nicholl recounts in her book, Kate, that one of Carole's friends remembered Carole Middleton was concerned she wouldn't make it to the hospital because of the heavy snow fall. Her doctor even assured her he would send an air ambulance that could land in the field next to her house if it came to that. Thankfully, she made it to the hospital, everything went smoothly, and here we are 32 years later celebrating the day a future princess was born into obscurity in Berkshire. Isn't that part of why we love Kate? :) Now we have calendars that mark her birthday...

Late last night and a little this morning, I sifted through Twitter and Instagram using hashtags #katemiddleton, #duchessofcambridge, and #happybirthdaykate to see the various outpourings of excitement and good wishes for Kate's birthday today. It was awesome to see so many normal (aka, not accounts dedicated to Kate and the royals) Twitter feeds and Instragram accounts that took a quick break to throw a shout out to the Duchess of Cambridge. It struck me again that the Kate-mania that fuels the magazines sold, royal documentaries watched, YouTubed videos uploaded, blog readers, and blog writers, etc are all real people touched by this lovely woman.  Her perfect execution of her duties and her impeccable sense of style really do inspire us all. Through her fashion, her philanthropy, and her family, Kate touches people all over the world.

We have William to thank for bringing Kate into the spotlight. Speaking of her handsome prince, he was spotted leaving Cambridge (where he has already begun his 10-week course) and hopping a train back to London to be home in time for dinner. He was wearing our absolute favorite trainers... Kate spent her birthday today at KP and it is reported to have held a quiet party with friends this evening. I am sure that George was excited to play with the wrapping paper from his mum's presents!

Happy Birthday Kate! We all love you! 


  1. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Duchess. Lat's hope William was "good" to his Duchess on her birthday. Wonder what he bought her????

  2. Happy Birthday to Kate! I have this fun! I spent last evening watching one of the movies that came out in the run-up to the wedding. So much has happened since then and yet I think one of the qualities we all love most about her is that she hasn't changed. She is true to herself, her family and her friends, confident of who she is and secure in a loving marriage. She truly is an inspiration!

  3. Happy bday kate! I have a feeling that at her next special engagement we will she her sporting a new piece of jewellery and then we will know what William bought her for her bday! I hope she has a had a lovely day.


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