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Dress Like the Duchess: Princess Cruise Leopard Print from Comptoir des Cotonniers

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kate Christens Royal Princess Cruise Ship

So, Kate's leopard print coat dress garnered very strong mixed reviews when she christened the Royal Princess cruise ship as her last public engagement before giving birth to George. Animal print does seem to be one of the most divisive fashion questions, and we were not deprived of many heated opinions. If you hated it, run now. If you loved it, perk up your ears. 

French clothes company, Comptoir des Cotonniers has a few pieces in their spring collection with a print that is very similar. I have loved everything I have tried on from this brand. My French teacher tipped me off about their great clothes and in a stroke of absolute serendipity when a rain storm struck me in Paris, Comptoir des Cotonniers was the convenient store offering cover. They can be a little pricey, but great quality! This particular animal print isn't an exact replica, but if you really loved Kate's coat, you could make these pieces work for you. I will say that I don't love/love the way that they styled their models. Those boots. Don't try them at home. I am serious. Do not attempt. 

Last week, right after the event with the Queen, it was reported that Kate was spotted at a church on Sunday, February 16th in Mayland, Chelmsford where she stood up as godmother to the son of a close friend from St. Andrews University. Quoted in the story from The Express, the minister mentioned that he got the impression that many of the congregation on hand for the christening were from St. Andrews. This would explain why no one snapped a photo and shared it on Twitter, which is unusual. A closed circle of friends and school chums will have a greater sense of privacy. Kate was accompanied by her husband William and of course, George, who reportedly behaved very well throughout the service.

Other than that, there is no real concrete news on Kate. I suspect she is prepping for her tour and relaxing with George and her family. I don't expect to see her in any official capacity until March, when we will no doubt see her at some St. Patrick's Day event, as well as other engagements. Check out Comptoir des Cotonniers if you are looking for that leopard print, though! Styled a little more classically, these could be super fun and do a certain justice to Kate's Princess Cruise look. You have at least one option. I can't help you with the helicopter. Sometimes, you have to be the real thing for all the princess perks...

Kate Waves As She Walks To Board Her Helicopter Leaving Southampton


  1. Thanks for such an interesting post, how do you do it? I liked this coat on Kate I thought it was fun and youthful and the fasinator worked lovely with it. I don't care for her clutch, it looks like a purse my 3 year old granddaughter would be playing with. For myself I only like small amounts of animal print, sort of as an accent, like a scarve, shoe or belt.

  2. Interested CanadianFebruary 22, 2014 at 5:57 PM

    Like you, Lauri, I liked this coat--think at the time it was described as a raincoat--very much. And like you, I thought the purse Kate was carrying juvenile, like something she might have borrowed from her 12/13 year-old Goldsmith cousin. Thankfully, it has not made an encore, and with any luck, it never will.

    I am not a fashionista, but I do know what I would never like to see on Kate again, and that would include Erdem. Yuk. Proud Canadian that I am notwithstanding. In my humble opinion, Kate would also be wise to forget dressing up like a national flag, when she visits Commonwealth countries abroad--both the Queen and Diana did the same. BUT, both the Queen and Diana have/had a much greater clothing allowance than does Kate. Kate needs to purchase pretty pieces which she could wear again, back in Great Britain.

    To a certain extent, Kate probably has no choice but to bow to the British fashion industry; however, this can be overdone. I have for some time thought that Kate does not have a typical British body--sorry, theres probably a better way to put it--but rather, a North American body.--She looked great in the DVF green shift dress, first worn in LA, and in the Ralph Lauren olive knit dress she wore to visit Centrepoint with William in 2011? Both were purchased off the rack.

    In sum, it is my view that Kate needs to stop wearing clothing with an eye to pleasing others, which may or may not include the Queen; she needs to start pleasing herself. She cannot do both--it comes down to money.

    Lastly--boy, I really am shooting my mouth off--Kate did not have the luck to be born into the aristocracy, nor the aspiring gentry, nor even the upper middle class; her mother was born working class, and given the little I have seen of Carole, it shows. The only time Carole has risen to the fashion occasion, IMO, was the day Kate was married. Carole was in no way suitable as the mother of a child bound to marry a future king, fashionspeak. Anyone who doubts this need look no further than Kates singular lack of jewellery, when she married, not to mention her singular lack of shoes, dresses, coats, gloves, purses--well, you name it, she didn't have it.

    Kate would do well to sidestep her mother, HMTQ, whose fashion sense seems stuck in the mid 20th century, and Camilla. She needs to find her own muse.


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