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Happy Monday! Champagne & Le Chameau Launch

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Monday, everyone! I am so excited because we are galloping up on three different engagements that the Duchess of Cambridge will be undertaking! The 11, 14th, and 17th!  While we wait a brief 24 hours more for her first engagement I wanted to quickly let you know that I have--with no small amount of trepidation--launched a personal blog! Just from my experience writing this blog, which has a very narrow (and so easier) focus, it was hard for the first few months to refine what would happen in this space and how it would all work. Champagne and Le Chameau is in that early awkward stage, like a gangly teenager stumbling through high school. Hopefully, after some hits and misses it will find its niche. If you have a high-tolerence for random, check out Champagne and Le Chameau at  I expect it to be quite radically changed four months from now, but I welcome your company along the way. I have also joined the addicting Instagram where I will blend posts from the personal blog with From Berkshire to Buckingham, handle jbarrstyle.

Can't wait to see you all here tomorrow as Kate attends the NPG Gala. Big question: will she go long, or will she go short? :)


  1. I vote long! Love that you've joined Instagram.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I just visited your new site and I love it!!!! I would have commented there but couldn't figure out too. I'm not very computer savvy! :) All the insight into Marie Antionette and the new Dior collection was great, love the eyeshadow!

    I hope Kate goes long and not the black lace Temperly (again). We really deserve to see some wonderful new frock as we've all been suffering from withdrawals for some time now.Lol Oh, maybe she might wear the blue dress she wore to the Diplomatic Reception that we only saw a little bit of!

    1. Hi Lauri! I am sooo happy to hear you enjoyed it (and that you will go back and read more ;)).
      I think we can pretty safely assume she won't wear the Temperley again. She really does need to retire it for some time. I expect a new dress, OR a very old recycle, so something we haven't seen in some time. I cannot wait. I can't believe it is mid-February and we are only now seeing her or the first time officially.

  3. Yay! I'm so excited for all the engagements this week. And I'm also excited for your personal blog because I love this one and have been following it for about a year now.

    I think kate will go long and I so hope she wears a completely new outfit!

    1. I agree: crossing my fingers for long and really hoping for a brand new one. I think the odds are in our favor. We'll see soon! Thank you so much or reading this blog, you have been a very faithful reader!!

  4. Hi Jane just checked out your blog and love it already! All the things I adore history, fashion, beauty and food. Will definitely be checking in regularly. How often do you think you will post?

    1. Ok, well, I am not entirely sure. At first I expect to only post two or three times a week. You know, I don't really know the blog yet. A new blog is like a new friend, and you sort of have to get to know it. It will take a while for me to find exactly what works and what does't and sort of find my rhythm. I appreciate you checking it out in these early stages, though!! It's good encouragement and motivation. :)

  5. Hello Jane ! I follow your blog on Kate since a long time, but I have never post a message ! I find it really really good, most of all because it is very fair : not just simply gazing with adoration to Kate, but also saying some true things sometimes. that's why I like it so much !
    I just read some articles of your new blog, and it will definitely be a favorite of mine ! i like the way you look at french culture !
    And as we say in France "au plaisir de te lire !"
    Anne Souris


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