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Kate and Her Fashion Queens: Who Is Queen in Kate's Closet? Guest Post Link Here

Thursday, February 27, 2014 for From Berkshire to Buckingham

Happy Thursday! I keep thinking it is Friday... :( As of now, Kate has nothing on her calendar (tour excepted), but I really am assuming that she will be at the Irish Guards in March, per usual, so keep your ears up for that announcement. Speaking of the tour! I have written a guest post all about Kate's style evolution and a little bit about what we shouldn't expect on the tour. Krissi over at Thoughtfully Dressed asked if I would write a guest post, which I have never done, but was super stoked to try! Krissi is a very talented stylist, a gorgeous woman, and best of all a very, very kind person. I was Googling looking for her blog, and I stumbled upon a guest post she had written about her fashion philosophy on someone else's blog. (I know, a lot of guest posting happening in this post, but stay with me.) I was really astounded that this beautiful woman had ever been bullied or told she was not lovely. I was struck by her resilience despite negativity as a child, her positive attitude, and how perfectly she has proved any naysayers wrong. It reminded me of the story of another person we are all very fond of around this place: Kate.  So, I was very excited to write the guest post, and I hope you enjoy reading it over at her blog, Thoughtfully Dressed, and enjoying her wonderful content, as well!  


  1. I really enjoyed reading your guest post :)

    1. Thanks, Rina! It was so fun to go back and walk through the years, even if quickly. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Jane, great job on your guest post, I really enjoyed it!!! I too have enjoyed watching Kate's style evolution over the years. I loved the sheath dresses she wore on the NA tour, I thought they were professional looking, as tours are her job now, but still youthful and relateable. In fact after this tour I started wearing similar dresses to work and received quite a few compliments. Lucky for me my job doesn't require me to dress like this all the time. lol The other thing I like about the sheath dress is no worries about the wind creating a Marilyn Monroe moment.

    I am so looking forward to the Aussie/NZ tour and the possibility of a tiara-worthy event! I would love to see the Lotus tiara in all it's glory, the teaser picture at the Diplomat's Reception just wasn't enough for me. I wonder if Kate will wear the Halo tiara ever again? I would like to see her wear it again without the veil so we can get a really good look at it. But maybe the Lotus tiara will be her go-to tiara, lol, wouldn't we all love to have a go-to tiara!

    1. I think she might wear it again. It seems that a lot of royals go back again and again to certain key pieces, but I don't think we will see Kate in her wedding tiara for a while. I could be entirely wrong, and I really have nothing to base this on other than my own reaction. I don't think I would rewear it for a while...That being said, I am not even sure if she could wear it even if she wanted. Wasn't it in Paris a few months ago? Whether it is back home or still on tour somewhere, I do not know. She has a long royal life ahead of her, so anything is possible!! Frankly, given all the beautiful pieces the RF has, I hope she just keeps debuting new ones for every occasion! :)


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