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Kate Jetted to Mustique with George

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I certainly don't usually say I told you so, but I am so giddy with excitement from the news that I can't help it. It was confirmed yesterday that Kate did indeed fly to Mustique last week with her young son George, joining her parents, sister, and brother on their annual tropical holiday. Prince William remained in Britain where he is studying at the University of Cambridge. In reality, I wasn't that clever at all in predicting that Kate would go on holiday. They always go, I am sure it is a highlight of the year for the tight-knit family, and given there are only three children, Kate's absence would have been felt pretty keenly.

Cambridge University

What reason would there be for her to stay home? It would be an unhealthy relationship indeed that demanded a partner not take a delightful holiday because the other was too tied up to get away. Kate and William can and no doubt will sneak away together in a few months, but he can certainly survive without them for a week or two. Besides, I still hold that the 8,000+ mile trip just to reach Mustique was a good dry run or him before the trip Down Under in April. 

Crystal waters and white sands of Mustique

Kate did join William in Anglesey with George after she spent a secluded few weeks at her parents' home in July, so this may not be the first time that George has technically been to a beach. Actually, in all technicality this isn't George's first visit to Mustique, either, but he didn't get a chance to get his delicate little four-month fingers in the sand the last time around. I expect this will be a better trip for mommy and baby. There is no better island than the extremely exclusive Mustique for the future king of England to kick off a lifetime of beach getaways. 


Chi Magazine
I am thrilled that Kate went. This holiday for royal watchers is a real staple of the old days, and it is nice to have some things stay the same. Although, with a gurgling little George along, it is impossible not to admit that some change is certainly a blessed thing!


  1. Hi Jane! Yeah you told you so, she went on a holiday, Im not sure of the outcome of this. It is really nice to go on a holiday but I think she is on a holiday for a long time now. Im a bit of tired to read all the pros and cons in connection with Kate and her work ethic, maternnity leave, clotheshorsing. So I think for me at least better to stop imagining that Kate will make a difference because she wont simply not that type, she got everything from life it seems like, no need to fight for anything, so thats why I put her a celebrity catagory from now on, and when she does sth noteworthy I will appreciate that but cant expect huge things from her. Sorry for being negative Iam not envy or at least a litle bit but rather hugely disappointed how she turned out to be! Thanks for reading!A.

  2. Thanks for the post Jane! I'm happy for Kate that she was able to join a trip which I'm sure is restorative for her.

    I've had a lingering thought for the past few weeks and I'd love your opinion on it. It seems that Kate hasn't been seen much in 2014. I know she appreciates her privacy but this period seems a bit untraditional. Do you think that she could be pregnant again and is trying to hide it? I noticed that during her first pregnancy it was pretty obviously early on that she had gained a tiny bit of weight (her face changes a tad).

    Or perhaps she simply wants to enjoy more private time with George, or wants to keep him out of the public eye.

    I'd love your thoughts! You always seem to have such a heartfelt take.

    1. Hi Tina!! Thanks for reading. I am so flattered that you ask! So, I don't think Kate is pregnant again. I mean, it is biologically possible, but since I think she breastfed George, etc, I think it is fairly unlikely. With the tour coming up and all it might be a little overwhelming. :)
      I think that it is very important to Kate that George enjoy a childhood that is as normal as possible. Diana, if you recall, wanted to give her boys the same thing, but that obviously didn't work out as well as she may have hoped. I think Kate wants to be with George, soak up every "first" thing he does, bond with him, etc. So, yes, I think it comes down to she wants privacy, she wants time with her child, and she wants him to have a normal upbringing. If Kate takes a cue from history and the mistakes of the past, I just don't think we will see her as active at say, Diana was. Certainly not at the beginning. I think it is good that she has the strength to resist the urge to put her child after her image in some sectors.

  3. I am sorry but after 1.000 days she made no impact at all. She just seems to be about hair and dresses. Used to like her but she is so vacuous.

  4. I'm so happy that she went and took george. I must admit through I didnt think she would leave William. I hope they have s wonderful time and it will be excellent practice for seeing how george copes with flying and the hot weather. It's ashame William couldnt join them, however they will all be in sunnier climes together soon! Nice to have a post after such a long time of no sightings. I have read that she will carry out two enagments in February, one on the 11th and one the 14th. I'm excited!

  5. Hi Jane thanks for this post! I can always count on you for the most up-to-date information on Kate.

    I agree with you, that Kate should be able to take a vacation with her family regardless of whether or not William could attend. My husband works quite far away from home and I have attended many family gatherings without him due to that. Kate is very close to her family and it's wonderful that they haven't been pushed aside as other royal in-laws have been in the past.

    While I'm sure she wouldn't have gone on this vacation without the permission from QE and Prince Charles, I can't help but think the timing of this vacation won't set well with alot of people. On other Kate-centric blog sites quite a few posts center on the fact that she hasn't done much lately, so why does she need a vacation at a time when the people of Britian are struggling with floods, bad weather, etc? I have to say I am a little disappointed in the fact that Kate really hasn't done much since her wedding. I really admired her and was very excitied when she stated in the engagment interview that she was looking forward to making a difference but, now I'm a little frustrated by her lack of substance.

    As you can probably tell from my post I'm conflicted as to how I'm regarding Kate these days. I do look forward to seeing what she will wear to her next engagements, but I'm disappointed that that's all I have to look forward to.

  6. Just discovered your blog; it's excellent!

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you found us. You are very welcome and I hope you return often!

  7. Edythe Caelwen, Western AustraliaFebruary 2, 2014 at 4:40 AM

    A good decision, IMO. See how George copes with flying and being in unfamiliar places before taking him on a big trip.
    She has her family with her while William is busy, and she can relax in the sun. Good for her.

    Time for me to take a holiday too. Shall I stay at home or go camping? Oh the decisions we have to make in life!

  8. No amount of fundraising, campaigning or public appearances will be more beneficial to the world as a whole than providing a loving, safe, and happy upbringing for the future king of one of the most influential nations in the world. Being his mom is more than enough, she doesn't need to bend herself to the public's idea of what she *should* be doing.

    Another note: From personal experience, becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most tiring, stressful, amazing and life-changing experiences a woman and her husband can have. Add on top of that raising the future king....that is a lot of pressure...and she is handling it all with tremendous grace. Children are beloved and life-consuming no matter what their future holds. I think she is doing a wonderful job and enjoying her child in privacy.

  9. I have to say, I cannot in anyway relate to this person. She is just a wealthy woman and we have nothing in common. Some people do charity and some people show up at charity events. The Duchess is the latter. It is not a coincidence that we get told she is vacationing in Mustique, but here are two charity events she will show up at! There really is nothing to admire about it.

  10. hi Jane, just saw pictures of George and Kate on the hello magazine site! Wow George has grown so much! Can't waite to see more pictures! Love youre amazing blog!

    Alexa, Holland

  11. Alexa, you are the best! I saw your message literally first thing when I woke up, so I immediately went looking for Hello!'s cover. Made my day. :) Thanks for the tip-off!


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