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Pippa Gives First Speech: WACL at the Savoy, London

Monday, February 24, 2014

Kate gave her first public speech sometime ago, but tonight her sister Pippa got her first crack at the podium when she delivered the keynote at a dinner for Women in Advertising and Communications London. 
Women in Advertising and Communications, London (WACL) has been in existence since 1923. It currently consists of 130 of the most senior women in the UK’s marketing communications industry, drawing its membership from advertising and digital agencies, media agencies/owners and the marketing industry.

The event was held at the Savoy in London, and from the pictures I believe it was in the Lancaster Ballroom. The hotel describes the room:
The Lancaster room is the largest of The Savoy’s banqueting rooms. It has a completely clear floor space with no obscuring pillars, perfect for dancing. Uniquely for London it also has its own stage. Named after the Duchy of Lancaster, this is one of London’s prime spots for grand receptions, weddings, conferences, luncheons and dances. The Lancaster Room is often used in conjunction with the adjoining Parlour Room. Designed by RenĂ© Sergeant after an 18th century Parisian salon, the Lancaster Room officially opened in December 1910. Anna Pavlova danced here as part of the entertainments at a costume ball held a year or so later, and it soon became the venue of choice in London.
It is an absolutely beautiful room, and appropriately named. The Savoy is actually named for a medieval palace, The Savoy, whose white, crenelated walls sparkling along the Thames, and lavishly decorated interior, made it the most beautiful castle in London at its time. It was the primary residence of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster, and housed many of his priceless tapestries, paintings, and other treasures. During the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, the Savoy was sacked by the angry mob and burned to the ground. John never rebuilt it, but the land remained part of the Duchy, and when his son Henry Bolingbroke usurped the throne from his cousin Richard II, the Duchy of Lancaster was joined to the Crown estates. 

All the tweets I have seen describe the event as a complete success. I hope we can glean further details about her dress at some point. Perhaps there will be an article in the Mail with pictures of her arriving. The dress looks lovely!  Several weeks ago, rumors were swirling that Pippa and Nico had split, but they spent a romantic get-away weekend in Edinburgh just this past weekend, so we can safely assume that all is well for the moment. 


  1. Hi Jane ,

    Great article...

    I've never heard Pippa make a speech, although I have heard her speak. She has a nice voice sounds clear, confidant and outgoing... I wonder if she can help her sister Duchess kate overcome her nerves when she makes speeches. Helping her with preparation or simple practice, because I can tell kate is terribly nervous, when she speaks at a podium, but I don't see why.? The engagements will come thick and fast from now on starting with the Aussie tour, and off course her official duties later. I've notice too, the dad Micheal is shy kate takes after him, and the mum Carole is more outgoing and Pippa takes after her.

    What do you think Jane.? At the recent national portrait gallery kate just about got through her speech and stumbled at the end, but still got over the line with a clever adaption. On her first major overseas speech in Malaysia, it seem she got through that one also. If I was coaching her, I would simply tell her to focus on the words on the page, instead of the crowd, and be herself. I sense she minds her P's & Q's professor Higgins style. That too I can tell. I don't think Pippa suffers from the same nerves naturally. I would've liked to hear her speak for real.

    I've seen the Savoy hotel. only in passing but never been inside. It has great history. I once saw a documentary on it, and has amazing history almost everybody but anybody of the 20th century icons have stayed there. Absolute amazing stories connected with it too.

    Till next Jane


  2. IMO it is well past time for websites such as this to ignore Pippa Middleton who has done inestimable damage to her sister, Kate.

    1. Well, respectfully, I must disagree. I think the tight knit Middleton family is an asset to Kate and to the BRF. She can be a little wilder than her elder sister, but Pippa has a tough, albeit privileged, road to hoe. I am happy to see her pushing forward.

    2. Hear, hear Jane. Soldier on & write as you please. You are certainly appreciated here - all facets.

      Most warmly,

      Glad to read what you write, no matter the topic

  3. You used the wrong "there" up there in the article, but otherwise thanks for this blog!

  4. Please do not make this blog about Pippa.

    1. Not to worry. This blog is most assuredly remaining about Kate.

  5. Please do not make this blog about Pippa.

  6. Nice article. I don't have any problems with Pippa, so I like seeing what she's up to.


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