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Kate Wears Whistles Skirt to Shop at Gap

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kate was spotted shopping today at Gap. She looked to be dressed in a casual top and a skirt that does not ring a bell to me, but I believe it to be this Whistles skirt (the Maria pleated) currently on sale. It isn't a clear picture, but it seems a good match.

Although grainy, I think she may be wearing a pair of her flat black boots--possibly Aquatalia, or her Russell & Bromley Charge-Its.

Kate Middleton Shopping in April of 2011
Splash News

In April of 2011, then Miss Middleton went on a last minute shopping spree before her wedding, and while in the picture (above) she was holding a Whistles bag, Gap was on the list of stores she popped into that afternoon. While pregnant Kate was spotted shopping for jeggings at the Gap, so we know she has popped in now and again, but let's just say it isn't her most usual brand. I think it is more likely she was shopping for George from Gap's very cute children's collection, but that is based on nothing more than pure speculation. Kate has also been spotted in the past shopping at Banana Republic, owned by Gap Inc., but I have found the merchandise to be fairly different. It has been confirmed that Kate was indeed shopping for George, and she picked up some pretty cute duds:

From the way her bag was bulging, I can only assume she bought more than just these three items...or she picked up a blanket of some kind... It was reported that the Duchess picked up two pairs of slacks for herself in addition to other items not specifically identified for George. 

We are so close to this tour. Rest up, this Kate ride is going to be crazy! 

Happy First Mother's Day to Kate!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kate marks what I am sure is a very special day for her, as we arrive at her first Mother's Day.   I don't think it was entire coincidence that she marked this milestone by releasing the third family portrait of the little family. 

It is obvious how much Kate loves children, and friends often recollected how she chattered away about having a family during her school days. 


We have only gotten glimpses of her thus far as a mother, as the Cambridges have kept their precious little baby fairly closeted from the public eye.

As George gets older, and she interacts with him more in the public forum, we will get to know her better as a mother, in addition to the ways we already know her as a girlfriend, wife, and royal. I am very excited to see more of "Kate: the Mother" on this upcoming tour. Nevertheless, in the small glimpses we have already gotten, it is clear she is a perfect natural. 

Hopefully, William is spoiling the new mommy this morning on her first and very special Mothering Sunday!


Kate Recycles Temperley Blouse For OZ/NZ Tour Photo

Saturday, March 29, 2014

You know what I hate about royal watching? This kind of day. Not all the news, but the fact that we sat for a week twiddling our proverbial thumbs while absolutely nothing at all happened. And then, Kate is spotted at a wedding, KP releases adorable photos of the whole family, and all hell--pardon, heaven--breaks loose in this media frenzy of excitement. Which way to turn? what direction to focus? Perhaps they do it on purpose. Kate and William know they will be the subject of the wedding, so they schedule the release of the family photo to steal the headlines. Well played, you sneaky royals, but we will focus on both despite your best efforts. But, they did steal the front page:

I wonder about Kate's blouse? I am going to go out on a limb here, all by my nervous self, and say it is the Temperley blouse from the Canada tour. (I am not going to be nervous about this. I boldly know it is the Temperley.) That is what I think, although I welcome alternate theories. :)

Kate and William on Canadian Tour

When I saw the family photo, it had no accompanying attribute and it was from a questionable source. (I believe someone had broken the embargo.) I wasn't sure if it was a fake. I knew I hadn't seen it before, duh, and it is oddly vintage. I kept zooming in on their necks trying to see if it was photoshopped. I was pretty convinced it was real, though, because it is hard to fake George's dark "Middleton eyes" and little pudgy cheeks. Sure enough, an hour later, the headlines broke. It was legit--the official tour photo. I love it. I love Kate's sense of humor putting him in a little jumper that says "George."

I was intrigued that they chose a photo where George is in profile. I think it is for two reasons. Obviously it is cute the way he is looking at Lupo, clearly a beloved member of the family. But, also it continues to protect his privacy. A profile shot is just not the same as a face forward. It is more elusive, more mysterious. Since we don't know George all that well yet, and have not seen him since his baptismal photos, this side view is not the same as a square-on photo. Obviously, we will get fun photos of the little prince on tour, but I think there may have been some conscious calculation here. 

Kate Joins William & Harry for Meade Wedding in Recycled Missoni, Whistles, and Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Co.

Kate Attends a Wedding on March 29, 2014
Splash News

I had written an entirely different post about how there has been no Kate, and then...this! Excitement overdrive. These are the BEST sightings. The unexpected...I love them the mostest. And, as luck would have it, she wore a coat of which I have been hoping and expecting a rewear: the blue, fringed Missoni. She recycled the Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Co. hat, as well.

Kate wore this coat first with the Queen and Camilla in March of 2012 on the St. David's Day appearance at Fortnum & Mason. I loved this wear better than the next time she wore it. Accessories can help or hinder, and the grey suede pumps she paired with the blue, the pop of color from the traditional daffodils, all really made this a standout appearance:

iamond Jubilee Event in March of 2012
From that same day, I love this picture. This little guy seems to be thinking, will you be my princess if I present you these flowers? Too late, buddy. See enormous sapphire ring on left hand...

Three Queens: March 2012

Kate recycled the coat again in July of 2012 for a Diamond Jubilee event in Nottingham. 

This time she aded the Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat that she debuted at the Irish Guards. (picture to refresh your memory)

Irish Guards in 2011

I loved this hat with the McQueen at the guards, but it didn't pair so well to my mind with this Missoni. Or, perhaps, I didn't like the angle at which she wore it with the Missoni. It is a beautiful hat, it just sat awkwardly on her head that day. In any event, I preferred the Missoni on St. David's Day.

William, Kate, and Harry were at St Mary's Church, in Marshfield, Gloucestershire for the wedding of good friends Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett. You can just see a bit of the dress peaking through beneath her coat. 

Kate Attends Wedding on 3/29/14

I love the little detail of the daffodils in these pictures. Not that this was planned, but great continuity from St. David's Day, and as I say, that yellow with the blue is entirely perfect. 

We have also seen this Sylvia Fletcher hat two three times before, and again, Kate wore it magnifenctly once, and then switched up the angle for less stunning results, and lastly it was barely visible. I loved it the first time she wore it. Kate was genuinely stunning from head to toe when she joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to kick off the Diamond Jubilee festivities. Remember that? I could almost hear Professor Higgins saying, "she is...a princess":

The stunning Duchess of Cambridge in Leicester 2012
The second outing for this hat came at the Aldershot Barracks for the St. Patricks Day Parade in 2013 when she was pregnant with George. She changed the angle and put her hair up. I just didn't love it. 

Kate at Aldershot in 2012
In September of 2013, on a visit to the Queen on her Balmoral estate, Kate was photographed on her way to Crathie Kirk wearing this hat...and the Moloh coat. No comment. The hat looked great. I wish we had gotten better may have even given the Moloh a chance to redeem itself...but I doubt it.

September 2013 En Route to Crathie Kirk, Scotland
Splash News

Today she looked fab. I would still like to see this hat just a fraction farther up on her head, but I mean only a fraction, and I think having her hair loose and glamorous also helps to balance the heaviness of the hat. Otherwise, she looked picture perfect to me. Kate has always been a lady who mixes blue and black fearlessly, and always with outstanding success. Her court shoes were sensibly black to match the hat, although I do miss those suede pumps. This shot of the royal trio, with the lovely garden walk and the cheerful surrounding spring flowers, could not have been more perfect. I don't think we are going to see Kate publicly before the tour, but this makes up for it, oh so, so much.

I'll work on ID'ing the dress, but I know you all are anxious to see the pictures, so I am posting now...
The dress is Whistles--thank-you Amanda for your fast ID! When I looked at the print, it seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it. It is the Whistles she wore the Olympic closing event. When I said I was "busy" in that post, that is Jane-talk for in France. Let us just say I was not as focused as I ought to have been on Kate's clothes. 

Unfortunately, this is one of those dresses that also didn't get a completely "fair wear." The only shots we got were with low lighting or through masses of people. We have yet to see it to its best advantage, but every guest at the wedding just got to...

William, Harry, and Kate at Meade Wedding March 29, 2014

Kate Hard At Work Decorating Anmer Hall

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anmer Hall undergoing renovations last year

Most women like to decorate. It combines creativity and artistic sensibility, shopping, and personal taste. And certainly, like fashion, decorating is a huge outlet through which women express themselves.  I have always been particularly interested in what Kate's personal interior decorating style might be, partially because for so many years she was very present, but so silent. An enigmatic figure who we got to know very, very slowly by interpreting her careful actions to piece together a map of her personality. We watched Kate shop all last year as she hustled to kit-out her Kensington Palace apartment before the birth of her little boy, and the tidbits that slipped out were interesting. Kate was buying fairly contemporary items and much of what she seemed to be purchasing was in very neutral and tan colors. From the Star quoted in this earlier blog post:

Kate picked out beige and brown English handmade fabrics that cost £131.76 a ­metre. She also went for a cream and light brown traditional herring-bone stripe for the ­curtains in a corridor. And for a sofa covering she ­preferred a ­darker, co-ordinating beige and terracotta herring-bone design that she pored over in a samples book.
Now, she has another huge project to work on: Anmer Hall. Nestled in Norfolk, technically on the Queen's Sandringham Estate, the large manor house that will serve as the Cambridges' country get-a-away has undergone major renovations and is now ready for Kate's feminine touch.

Kate Middleton Returns to her London Aprtment

People is reporting that Kate has been hard at work sourcing pieces for Anmer Hall. In January, she was at Simon's Knight's antique store--which was covered here ever so briefly-- looking at Turkish rugs that would work well in bedrooms. Via Knights Antiques website:
Knights Antiques is owned by Simon Knight; this unique business is located in the internationally renowned town of Henley on Thames, famed for its rowing regatta and festivals.

The rugs and carpets are all personally selected by Simon Knight, they range from fine antique tribal rugs from the Nomadic tribes of Persia; such as the Qashqa'i, Khamseh, Afshar, Lori and Baluch. There are always a good selection of antique Turcoman, Caucasian and Turkish weavings on display in the gallery; where the rugs are displayed for easy viewing.
People has more fun details:
"She was looking for things for bedrooms," he said, "so she wanted softer pastel shades rather than strong colors."
After first doing her research online, she came into the store armed with the specific stock codes.
 "She knew exactly what she wanted to look at, as she had looked at my website," said Knight. "She is very hands-on and down-to-earth, helping to get things out. She really wants to be involved."
Mr. Knight does indeed have a pretty thorough website, which Kate utilized, and it includes a list of rugs he has sold. Perhaps something now gracing the floors of Anmer Hall is humbly listed... If Kate had her heart set on pastel Persian rugs, she would have had to be pretty selective. They all seem richly hued to me.  This beautiful rug is still in stock, but it seems lighter and more feminine. He certainly has enviably gorgeous pieces. Maybe Kate will come back for this:

Knights Antiques Website

Knights Antiques Website
Kate has been spotted shopping fairly regularly in the Norfolk region over the past year. A decorating/furnishing project as large as Anmer Hall will take some time to complete, and she has been at it for some time already. People also mentioned her trips to Chelsea Harbour (blog post on that here):
The princess has also been spotted at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, a one-stop shop for home furnishings that offers 500 designer brands in a three-story, modern showroom. "I think she likes to pop in every now and again to look for inspiration," a source there tells PEOPLE. "She is always by herself and very low-key. She browses and stops for a coffee."
Apparently, Kate popped into Mulberry Home at Chelsea Harbour and looked through the their fabric selection, "she was particularly taken with a jade green and teal paisley stripe material."
The website only lists two paisleys remotely fitting the People description. It could be one of these, or it is possible they have more stock on site:

The Duchess also popped into Sanderson and was absorbed in the Morris & Co fabric patterns. No details on which particular patterns she was most focused on, but just from their website you can see they have lots of beautiful stock. I love all of this stuff. Quality, traditional British design.

She was also looking at lighting at Vaughan. Gosh, busy girl, I am tired just writing this... :)

Remember that Kate can also pull from royal collections. Undoubtedly, the duchess has the help of her mother, whose taste is clearly equally impeccable. Carole also decorates in a fusion style of traditional and modern, blending classical beauty with modern convenience. Hopefully, someday we will get a peak into both the Cambridges' homes, but don't hold your breath. That could be quite a ways down the road. In the meantime, I will keep an eye out for any décor tidbits we hear!

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Kate Spotted Leaving London/Mouret or McQueen?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Kate has left London for the weekend, it would seem. A very lucky Tweeter spotted the Duchess of Cambridge in her Range Rover heading for the open road, followed by her protection officers in another RR behind her. Although, the gentleman who spotted her chivalrously declined to reveal in which direction Kate was headed, if it is an exciting or newsworthy destination, I am sure the story will turn up. She could be heading to Berkshire, or she may be on the way to a weekend wedding. 

On Monday this week, Kate, William, and Harry attended a chairman's dinner for their foundation at Buckingham Palace. It was reported that Kate wore a white dress. Although, some have suggested that she may have worn the lacy McQueen...

Kate Wearing Her 2nd Tiara

I think it is far more likely the Duchess wore her white Mouret....

Roland Mouret

On the scale of formal dresses, the McQueen is very formal, and it would be much easier to wear the Mouret which is stunning in its own right, but more easily dressed up and down, without going entirely overboard. It was a dinner, not a ball. No photos were released, so it is hard to confirm, but that is my educated guess.

Because I know you want to know, it turns out the nanny is 43, which explains how she could have the reputed twenty plus years of experience without being worked as a child. 

Still nothing on Kate's calendar, although William has added engagements. I haven't given up hope, but the forecast is not entirely bright. We shall see... 

Nanny's Name Revealed as Kensington Palace Complains About Park Pictures

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It was inevitable that the name of George's new nanny would be released, and today Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo was the talk of the town as Kensington Palace confirmed her identity, remarked that William and Kate are delighted she is joining their team, and asked for privacy for the nanny...which, of course, was immediately ignored. 

Ms. Turrion Borrallo studied at Norland College, a prestigious institution founded in the late 1800's that trains nannies for the rich and famous.  The Daily Mail reports:
The institution's students are known for their distinctive uniforms and are schooled in all aspects of looking after youngsters during their three-year degree course. The training costs £36,000 in total and the college in Bath recently added martial arts training and stunt driving to its curriculum to cater for modern clients - many of whom are celebrities and the super-rich. Tae Kwon-Do is believed to be the martial art of choice - which has been specially adapted to include how to dodge a potential kidnapped with a pram.
Nannies are also trained in how to deal with paparazzi and are taken to Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire to perfect their driving skills and learn how to drive at high speed in any weather condition. Driving away from pursuing photographers being the main reason for the training.
I seriously have no idea if that last comment was tongue in cheek, but I sincerely hope so. The last thing I would want would be an overly zealous nanny with a few "advanced driving" courses under her belt, using tactical evasion driving skills to shake the paparazzi. Have people forgotten Paris 1997? 

The upside to all this is that William and Kate won't have to cart George to Tae Kwon-Do class; they can handle that in-house now. Which will cut down on media exposure and hopefully reduce the need for all that tactical driving. 

In what is a possibly deliberately delayed reaction, Kensington Palace is now complaining about the pictures taken of George (or I should say his pram) and Nanny Maria just before William and Kate headed to the Maldives. According to royal reporter Peter Hunt, KP say says the photos were "taken in contravention of Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997." So, I looked at said regulations wondering if there were some by-law about photographing strangers--and if so, why the palace hadn't trotted this law out a little earlier in Kate's defense. The infraction is in this list:

I quit at (9) No playing music in the park? How entirely unromantic. Whoever wrote this law has not been to Paris.  Lest you think the photographer was playing an accordion to lure the nanny in range of his lens like some kind of odd Pied Piper, let me set the record straight. KP has turned this situation over to the Royal Parks Police citing...(1), interfering with plants and fungus! Is it the first day of spring or April 1st? 

I guess the photog was hiding in a fungus bush...

[Update: I am disappointed happy to say that the law that was broken was not in fact the fungus, but #18

Fungus would have been more fun.  What isn't entirely clear to me--as we have been discussing in the comments--is why this hasn't been used in Kate's case. My guess based on little information, is that the paparazzi shots of Kate make a delicate battle that they only go to the mat on in certain instances, but that they are trying to crack down early for the nanny to hold the line there. That is also why I said that I think the timing of the nanny's name and this complaint is deliberate. Other theories welcome.. ]

Well, you now know what I know and are...up-to-date with Kate! 

Dress Like the Duchess: Maternity Wear

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I never did a fashion recap of all of Kate's pregnancy looks, but recently a reader emailed me asking that I put one together to provide some inspiration for pregnant bridesmaids. I am going to skip items Kate wore while pregnant but not yet showing, because how helpful is that for dressing your pregnant self? Not so much. I will also be skipping her casual looks--this post will feature only dresses. I felt that Kate really struggled finding her fashion feet during this pregnancy, which surprised me, but going over this list made me realize she did better than I remembered. This is not an exhaustive list of every Kate appearance while pregnant, but it does cover all her public engagements for which she wore a dress/coat.

February was Kate's first appearance really starting to show. She visited Action on Addiction's Hope House wearing a grey and white MaxMara jersey dress. This was fabulous for her body at the time--and I argue would be perfect throughout a pregnancy. Jersey dresses are naturally very, very figure flattering for any shape or size, and as long as she bought a dress designed with extra fabric to accommodate "the bump," this style would have carried her through July 22nd. 

March saw Kate and William in Arosa, Switzerland for the wedding of friends. Kate recycled another MaxMara that she first wore in Cambridge. For both events we only have pictures of the dress peeking out from under her coat. From the dress on a model, it seems that she probably could have adjusted the belt to make it a little more of an Empire waist, and the fabric and structure would have been very flattering on her still fairly unobtrusive stomach. Animal print is not everyone's cup of tea, but this style is entirely elegant and would have looked lovely on the Duchess.



On her visit to Grimsby, Kate recycled a Hobbs coat that she still fit into, and underneath wore Great Plains' Cezanne dress. A pleated crepe frock that, much like the MaxMara from Cambridge and Switzerland, would have been very low-maintanence and easily reshaped for her. We have no photos, but mental extrapolation provides a sense of the look.

By mid-March, on a visit to Cheltenham, Kate was starting to push the envelope just a little. I honestly think she did not want to spend money on a piece that was purely maternity wear, which was working up to this point. This coat worked, too, but it was looking just a little strained despite have obviously been altered for the pregnant Duchess. This recycle was a hit with me, and a good silhouette for Kate. The coat was stiff and straight enough that she was able to get away with the short length.

Kate altered her Emilia Wickstead from the year before for her annual appearance at the Aldershot St. Patrick's Day parade. It wasn't as beautiful as the first wear, mostly because that belt really added a lot, but it was still a great repurpose. I am not sure what she was wearing underneath. It could have been any number of pieces. I did determine it was not the turtleneck dress from Valentine's Day 2012, but that is about as far as I got. 

William and Kate visited a child bereavement center where Kate wore a white coat by Goat, which wasn't entirely to my taste. For her expanding waistline, it didn't have enough structure, it looked like a lampshade to me and didn't really do anything for her figure. Underneath, however, she wore a lovely black Zara dress with a sweet Peter Pan collar--very à la mode. This was a great pregnancy dress. Still short and youthful, but straight. The one thing that emerged throughout Kate's pregnancy was that flared and short does not mix well with pregnant figures. This will be expanded on as we continue...

To join the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the Baker Street tube station, Kate debuted a new and very beautiful coat by Danish designer Malene Birger. There were elements of this coat that I might not have chosen myself, but it was a hit for me and was very flattering on Kate. The tailoring was perfect. No strained buttons, no stretch, just the right length for an a-line. This was certainly one of her big pregnancy successes.

To immediately contrast the bad with the good, Kate wore her Moloh coat in Glasgow Scotland in April and it was one of her worst pregnancy choices. I am just calling it like it is--this was terrible. First of all, it was too small. The buttons were straining and I chose flattering photos for my post because I love Kate. It was too short for an a-line. I am sorry, but this combo gives me that nervous feeling when I am walking a raised runway with a thigh skimming skirt. Am I putting on more of a show than people paid for? Usually not, (gosh, hopefully not) and Kate didn't reveal anything either, but it is the uncomfortable trip the mind takes that makes me call foul on the length here. If it had a more narrow circumference that would have helped. Although, I love plaid this might have been too much for her six-month figure. Remember, color and patterns can add or detract. Certain patterns are slimming, while others aren't. I just found this unflattering and drab. Anywoo. Some people loved this dress and Huffington Post named it one of her best looks. I hate it, and now you know why.

On her second day in Scotland, she recycled her Armani coat from William's passing out. It worked. It was not sartorial splendor, but, it worked. 

Kate's pastel green Mulberry coat worn to Windsor is one of my favorites of her pregnancy. This silhouette really works for her. She likes short, so structured and straight is the way to pull that off, and she did just that on this appearance. Although snug the way Kate likes most items of clothing, it was a piece she bought with pregnancy in mind, and the tailoring was immaculate. No straining to be seen. 

Kate followed up her Windsor win with another success in patterned Erdem. As often happens, this dress has grown on me. I didn't love the pattern when I first saw it, but it wasn't because it didn't suit her, just that it didn't speak to me.The colors aside, the pattern was very flattering, the length was very flattering, and the straight cute of the dress were all very, very flattering. This was right in line with earlier successes, such as the black Zara. It was a hit,.

Kate proved the third time is the charm by adding another success with a bespoke Emilia Wickstead when she visited the NPG. By this time, Kate had to buy for a pregnant body, she wasn't stretching and making a recycle work, or trying to fit her pregnant, albeit petite, frame into a dress that wasn't designed for it. I truly believe that made a big difference. This dress acknowledged her pregnancy without making it the complete center of attention.  The light material, longer length, and fitted bust allow the skirt to be a-line without erasing all hint of the feminine form. 

On a visit to the Warner Brothers Studio, Kate wore a polka dotted TopShop dress and an unidentified, but oft worn, black jacket. There is disagreement on whether it was a regular sized dress in tall, or if it came from TopShop's pregnancy line. Given how much Kate was showing, I personally believe it was from the maternity line. This was borderline, proved by the fact that I liked it on this wear and hated it shortly after when she wore it to a wedding. It is combining a lot of no-nos, but frankly I still think she pulled it off at the studio. Despite the breezy nature of the skirt and the relatively short length, it fell straight instead of a-line, and that was its saving grace.

Kate went apricot in Tara Jarmon for a visit to Naomi House on her wedding anniversary. It isn't contending for best pregnancy look, but I liked it. The coat was long enough to make the ensemble work. 

In May, Kate once again pulled of an a-line with a yellow Emilia Wickstead for a garden party at Buckingham Palace. The careful length and sturdy structure of the coat gave it the grounding it needed.

Kate's crowning glory moment of her joinery through pregnancy style came as she returned to Westminster Abbey for the service to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation. In a custom Jenny Packham ensemble, Kate really peaked. Hard to match this performance. Every box is meticulously ticked. Just the right length, empire waist to give her definition, straight lines, tailored perfectly for her. It isn't too tight, it isn't too loose. Then of course, the stylistic aspects like fabric and color were also in perfect taste, but the essential building elements of the structure were in place and were perfect. 

Although many didn't like leopard print, the Hobbs coat that Kate wore to christen the Royal Princess was a flattering piece. Straight and snug, just the way I think it should be, and in keeping with her past successes. The pattern of the leopard print was also the flattering kind, à la the Erdem (primary school) rather than say...the dreaded Moloh. Vertical patterns that lift and lengthen, rather than horizontal or just random patterns that take the eye in every wide-which direction.

The last time we saw Kate before she introduced us to her tiny son was at the Trooping, where we could only see half of what appeared to be a very flattering pink coat. It seems to be in keeping with all my requirements, and my sense is it looked as lovely full-length as it did showing only partially on the balcony. 

In addition to her many designer label pieces, Kate bought a fair number of pieces from Séraphine Maternity. On their website, they list the pieces she wore. Notice they all adhere to the general style of the grey MaxMara she first wore, and are great on almost any frame. Kate wore one leaving Kensington Palace and heading to Berkshire with William and George, she wore another in the first pictures released that were taken at her parents' home by her dad, and we can only hypothesize about the rest, but I wrote about them here. Another accessible brand that Kate wore was ASOS Maternity. She was spotted shopping in a very flattering blue ASOS with purple sweater.

Dress Like the Duchess: Maternity Side by Side

I have compiled some of my favorite Dress Like The Duchess: Maternity options from two providers that Kate has been spotted wearing. While the dresses almost universally take inspiration from Kate's pieces when not pregnant, all items are from maternity wear lines, whether noted or not. Starting with ASOS:

Séraphine also has great repliKates. They seem to stock a lot of pieces that are very reminiscent of Issa, an erstwhile favorite of the Duchess. I have only listed some, but they have many variations and multiple colors, so certainly browse their website.

I want to thank my bride-to-be reader for providing the impetus to get this post written and up! I hope it proves helpful to your bridesmaids and to all women in the midst of a pregnancy looking for chic options. One thing I learned from writing this post, there are a lot of great options!  Good luck!