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Cambridges "Down Under" Tour Itinerary

Monday, March 3, 2014

Duchess of Cambridge with children in Tuvalu
James Whatling/Corbis via
I lied a little bit yesterday. I didn't mean to. When I said I would come back and write a post on the released itinerary for the Australia/NZ tour, I genuinely thought I would. The truth is, I didn't find it that exciting. The TOUR is exciting, but reading the itinerary line for line is not quite as riveting. So, I have cut and pasted it from Hello! (Thank you, Hello!) Take a quick gander:
The itinerary in full:
New Zealand
Monday 7 April – Wellington – arrival at Government House in Wellington, New Zealand.Tuesday 8 April – day to recover from 25-hour flight at a private residence.Wednesday 9 April – Wellington – mother and babies meeting with the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.Thursday 10 April – Blenheim – war memorial service; exhibition of World War One aircraft.Friday 11 April – Auckland – meet base personnel at Whenuapai air force base; yacht races with the Duke and Duchess on separate yachts.Saturday 12 April – Waikato – Duke to visit Pacific Aerospace while the Duchess visits a children's hospice; visit to a war memorial; visit to the national velodrome.Sunday 13th April – Dunedin and Queenstown – two-day trip including Palm Sunday service; watch Rippa Rugby festival; wine tasting; experience white water ride through canyons.Monday 14 April – Christchurch – visit city and see plans for future rebuilding.Tuesday 15 April – free day for the family.Wednesday 16 April – Wellington – visit to the Royal New Zealand Police College.
Wednesday 16 April – Sydney – reception at Sydney Opera House.Thursday 17 April – Blue Mountains – visit to fire-damaged areas and meeting with community leaders.Friday 18 April – Sydney – Royal Easter Show; children's hospice and surf life-saving display.Saturday 19 April – Brisbane – Duke to visit RAAF Amberley; Brisbane Reception.Sunday 20 April – Sydney – Easter Sunday church service; visit to Taronga Zoo.Monday 21 April – day off for the family.Tuesday 22 April – Uluru (Ayer's Rock) – visit to National Indigenous Training Academy and Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, afternoon tea and tour.Wednesday 23 April – Adelaide – tour of Northern Sound System and Adelaide reception.Thursday 24 April – Canberra – National Portrait Gallery; Prime Minister's reception at Government House; tree-planting at the National Arboretum and Governor General's reception.Friday 25 April – Canberra – ANZAC Day March and Commemorative Service at the Australian War Memorial.
The important bits are that first of all, they aren't going until the 7th of April! Which means I will be booking myself on a quick weekend vacation the 4th-6th before the delightful and truly wonderful madness. :) I suggest that you, too, take a rest before we all collectively OD on Kate. 

Statue of Queen Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand--First Stop for the Cambridge Family

Next important factoid: No black-tie events. We will not be seeing a tiara. I do hope this puts some theories to bed. There is no dark conspiracy on the part of the Queen to radically change the Cambridges. They are a laid back couple, and the tour reflects that in the relaxed nature of their plans. I am bummed we didn't get any black-tie event. Given how important Australia is, I did think at least one... C'est la vie. 

Sydney, Australia 

Obviously, George will be accompanying his parents. (Did anyone, anywhere ever think otherwise?) There will be several events where the Cambridges will bring him along, the rest of the time he will stay "at home."  All events center around the same spots, so William and Kate come back to the same location in the evening, where George will wait for them, rather than when they moved from one place to the next without returning, as has been the case with other tours. It has been described as a "wagon wheel" operation. A hub, events are on the spokes, and back to the hub.

Perhaps most surprisingly to me is that they will be on the road for Easter, a fairly large family holiday. On the other hand, plenty of people vacation for Easter, and they get Easter Monday as a free day. In any case, lots of fun events look to be planned, which I will know more about when they actually happen, and I have to say that this does get me pretty excited for April. Fun, fun times ahead. 


  1. I can't believe they're only in Brisbane for one day.. I suppose it's because the last time William was here he toured Queensland after we had a massive flood and then other parts had a cyclone and more flooding! I live about 5 minutes from the RAAF Amberley base though so I might have to be one of those people who will be out trying to catch a glimpse. I didn't expect there to be a tiara event so I'm not disappointed at that. We're too laid back for all that :P . Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Princess Mary wore a tiara here when she visited late last year.

    1. Hey Rina! I am sorry the stop in Brisbane will be short, but gosh I am stoked you are so close to the RAAF base! If you snag a picture send it me!! :)
      I didn't think there would be a tiara, but I thought a floor length gown for certain.

  2. I know I just commented but now I have more! I would imagine that Sydney is their hub so I wonder if it will just be William visiting Brisbane or if Kate will come too. I hope it's both of them. Also, I hope they take George to Uluru. I know he's too little to understand how amazing it is but it would be great to see (and for them to have) photos of them all there. Ok, I'm done!

    1. No worries. This is worth getting excited about, particularly for all you Australians who know all the areas, etc. I would be out of my mind excited if they were coming close to me.
      I think they note places where they will split and do separate engagements, otherwise, I would think Kate will be along for all engagements. George will only "undertake" a very few.

  3. Hi Jane thank you for posting the full itinerary! The tour does seem very informal and I can't believe there are no black tie events! I was hoping for a showstopping (New) McQueen or packham!

    But nevermind this will be a truly exciting time and I cant wait I will be checking in every day at least twice! So excited to see George as well.
    Thank you Jane love this blog!

    1. Yep. those are the breaks, I guess. I am still hoping she will dress something up and wear a long dress, but actually when she was on tour in Canada I don't think she wore a long dress at all. Only when they went to the BAFTA event in Hollywood. Anyhow, having George will be pretty special.

      Thank you for reading! I do appreciate all the people who take the time to come on over here.

  4. Thanks for the post Jane! Looking at the itinerary it seems like they have lots of fun but I'm actually a little disappointed not having more charity work done. I can accept they do not put up their own itinerary but you can still say C'mon lets do some work too. Looking this way I can't see the point of the trip really? What DO YOU THINK? A.

    1. Well, honestly, I think the point of the tour is for William and Kate to see the country and meet the people, and for the people to meet them. A charity event where they are actually doing something, like a day working with kids or something, frankly takes too long. They are traveling a long way at great expense and the more ground they can cover the better they are able to meet people. Also, it is good for the host nation, because people all over the world will be exposed to so many different facets of the country. I was amazed by the beauty and diversity of Canada when they visited. Taking a virtual tour with the Cambridges gave me a much better insight into my northern neighbors and I still stop and think, I'd love to vacation in the Canadian Rockies, after seeing how stunning they are--even more than the American Rockies. So, I think it is good for the host country, good for the people who all want to see them, good for them to visit and see many different people. The charity work is better left to UK engagements when they haven't traveled half a world. I don't know. Those are my initial thoughts. I am happy to have a discussion on it and would be happy to hear any further thoughts you have.

    2. Yeah maybe you are right, after traveling that much they want to cover more land. But do not get me wrong I did not expect them to do charity every day and by the way an event like this takes what 2 hours I just hoped they put more emphasis on causes they like. Instead of this everybody will fall for them as a family. They show up PG whom we have not seen for a long time. I think it is completely different kind of tour than the other two before and lots of people expected similar- me too- but I'm sure seeing them out and about everyday for what 20 days will be a nice treat for us. Lovely to talk to you. A.

  5. Hi Jane,

    I really like your blog and your style of writing. You seem to find bits of information that no one else has.
    There was one small thing that I had to point out in your last Aus & NZ Tour post.
    There is a photo of some beautiful limestone stacks with the photo credit for Sydney (New South Wales). Unfortunately this lovely picture is from the state of Victoria (Melbourne) and called the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road - which the Cambridges aren't visiting. We are most disappointed that they aren't visiting us.
    There is a bit of a rivalry between our states and as New South Wales (Sydney) are courting the young royal family I couldn't let this miscredit pass in good faith!
    Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to reading more about the upcoming Aus & NZ Tour.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello, Nerida! Uh oh! I actually pulled that photo from Wikipedia commons and when I did it crossed my mind that I had no idea if the caption was indeed correct! For all I knew, it could be somewhere off the coast of an African country, I mean I literally had no way of knowing. I hoped for the best. :). I am scared to replace it and end up with another wrong landscape, but I am loath to leave a rivalry with an unfair win. :) I am glad you told me! I will certainly look for a new and more accurate shot.

      I would be pretty disappointed if Kate came so close, but then missed my area. I hope you all get to participate in the excitement despite it!

      Thanks for reading--I am so happy you enjoy the blog!!

  6. I hope they have a photo shoot with George like Diana and Charles did with William.


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