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Duchess of Cambridge Attends Farewell Party for OB Sir Marcus Setchell

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Delicate Kate Leaves Edward VII After Morning Sickness Hospitalization
Matt Keeble/

Unfortunately, there are no pictures, but last (Monday) night the Duchess of Cambridge attended a farewell party for the doctor who delivered baby George.  The event was held at the Hyde Park Hilton and was also a fundraiser for Wellbeing for Women. Sir Marcus Setchell ostensibly delayed his retirement to deliver George. The London Evening Standard reports:

Sir Marcus Setchell has finally hung up his forceps. The Queen’s gynaecologist, who delayed his retirement to help deliver Prince George last year, said farewell at a party at the Hyde Park Hilton last night. The party was also a fundraiser for Wellbeing of Women — the charity is working toward a research training fellowship to support a doctor in obstetrics and gynaecology.

The Duchess of Cambridge attended in an unofficial capacity yet Setchell told guests that his most memorable arrival was that of sextuplets.
I guess it should go without saying, but Dr. Setchell was Kate's physician throughout the pregnancy. He was photographed leaving Edward VII after he attended to Kate during her first bouts of morning sickness in December of 2012.

Wellbeing For Women Facebook
Marcus Setchel far right...the only man, actually, not so hard to pinpoint...


  1. It was really nice of her to attend and probably very emotional too. Time flies.A.

    1. Yes. I thought it was very nice of her to attend. It also made me wonder how much behind the scenes care he may have given Kate? After all, she was very, very ill that entire first trimester. He was probably on call a lot for her.

  2. How lovely that he postponed his retirement to deliver prince George. I wonder how anyone gets the job of being the queens gynecologist?

    1. I assume he must have been top of his class somewhere. :) I have no idea how you get that job! I wonder if he will "come out of retirement" for Kate's second?


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