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Happy First Mother's Day to Kate!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kate marks what I am sure is a very special day for her, as we arrive at her first Mother's Day.   I don't think it was entire coincidence that she marked this milestone by releasing the third family portrait of the little family. 

It is obvious how much Kate loves children, and friends often recollected how she chattered away about having a family during her school days. 


We have only gotten glimpses of her thus far as a mother, as the Cambridges have kept their precious little baby fairly closeted from the public eye.

As George gets older, and she interacts with him more in the public forum, we will get to know her better as a mother, in addition to the ways we already know her as a girlfriend, wife, and royal. I am very excited to see more of "Kate: the Mother" on this upcoming tour. Nevertheless, in the small glimpses we have already gotten, it is clear she is a perfect natural. 

Hopefully, William is spoiling the new mommy this morning on her first and very special Mothering Sunday!



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