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Kate Wears Whistles Skirt to Shop at Gap

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kate was spotted shopping today at Gap. She looked to be dressed in a casual top and a skirt that does not ring a bell to me, but I believe it to be this Whistles skirt (the Maria pleated) currently on sale. It isn't a clear picture, but it seems a good match.

Although grainy, I think she may be wearing a pair of her flat black boots--possibly Aquatalia, or her Russell & Bromley Charge-Its.

Kate Middleton Shopping in April of 2011
Splash News

In April of 2011, then Miss Middleton went on a last minute shopping spree before her wedding, and while in the picture (above) she was holding a Whistles bag, Gap was on the list of stores she popped into that afternoon. While pregnant Kate was spotted shopping for jeggings at the Gap, so we know she has popped in now and again, but let's just say it isn't her most usual brand. I think it is more likely she was shopping for George from Gap's very cute children's collection, but that is based on nothing more than pure speculation. Kate has also been spotted in the past shopping at Banana Republic, owned by Gap Inc., but I have found the merchandise to be fairly different. It has been confirmed that Kate was indeed shopping for George, and she picked up some pretty cute duds:

From the way her bag was bulging, I can only assume she bought more than just these three items...or she picked up a blanket of some kind... It was reported that the Duchess picked up two pairs of slacks for herself in addition to other items not specifically identified for George. 

We are so close to this tour. Rest up, this Kate ride is going to be crazy! 


  1. Definitely the same skirt. Well done, jane!!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Yay I'm excited for the kate ride! I hope we will get a picture of her leaving! So close now

    1. I can't believe we are so close. I am just a tad nervous, and massively excited!


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