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Kate & William Have Hired a New Foreign Nanny?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jessie Webb Leaves George's Baptism Chatting with Michael Middleton

As you know, I do not post for just any random Kate story. It has to either be substantiated or interesting. This story is interesting, with the distinct smell of truth. But, the latter will be confirmed only with time. The rumor is that Kate and William have hired a foreign young woman (rumored to be 22) to be George's new nanny. 

Rumors have actually been circling all week about the Cambridge's nanny hunt. Jessie Webb was only supposed to fill the part-time role for a limited time period. It was, after all, a role she took on as a favor to her former charge, Prince William. With George no doubt getting more ambulatory by the day, and a grueling trip Down Under on the horizon, it is time to bring on more hard-core help. 

The hubbub is arising from the story that the alleged new nanny is foreign, not the usual for a royal nanny. I say, why not hire a foreigner? If you are going to have any outside influence on your child, why not make that influence someone who can bring a fresh and new perspective, a broadening influence? I would absolutely want to hire a foreigner. French, German, Italian...someone who can help out with a second language, someone who sees the world a little differently. It's healthy--particularly for a future king.

The rumored age is also interesting. I think it is good that Kate is (may be) hiring a younger individual. The fact stands that older women who have had lots of experience can bring a certain authority and opinionated position. Kate is going to remain a hands-on mom, (No, "it was an hour every day" à la the Dowager Countess) and it is probably best for all concerned that Kate maintain the high-ground in the house so that everything proceeds on her terms, and not the "tried and true" experience of another.

If true, this will be confirmed sooner rather than later. 

Also in the news, and shared with me by Jackie C, is this article about former royal hairdresser Denise McAdam. Although she has never styled Kate's hair, she has worked with many other members of the family, including Fergie's wedding look. She caused a stir when she commented that Kate's hair can be "a little over done." To each his own--I have not seen Kate' hair ever overdone... :) 

The TOUR!  We hear the itinerary tomorrow! Stay tuned, kids!

Lastly, if you are a Downton Abbey fan, see today's post on my Champagne & Le Chameau here.

Until Tomorrow!

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